If you knew that you have the power to create a life for yourself that is happy and fulfilling, what would you do?  Would you OWN it?  Would you wake up every morning motivated to make the most of everything you experienced throughout the day?  Would you create, love, appreciate, give, cherish, trust and inspire?  Most of us would say “Yes!”, but that’s not always easy to DO, is it?

I believe it IS possible to take what you know and see in the world and have the power to create a better environment for yourself (and others) to live and grow in.  I have a strong calling to assist others in empowering themselves every day to be better and more positive people, happy with all the benefits of living a good and giving life.

This is the foundation for Ray of Life Healing!

Scott Profile PicHi, I’m Scott McBride, and I’m a Crystalline Consciousness Technique Master Teacher and Transformational Energy Coach.  I am drawn to transformational energy healing because I believe in the overall and inherent good in people.  I believe that you possess the power and the desire to bring about change in your own world, and thus, the larger world around you, by doing and creating good.

Ray of Life Healing is one source that you can turn to that will help you experience life in the way in which you want.  I work with a system of energy called Crystalline Consciousness, and I want to teach you how to work with it too, so you can empower and enrich your life.  Heal what you’ve been carrying with you, transform your current experience, and experience life to the fullest extent possible. 

If this resonates and you want to learn more, take the first step towards a better life and explore my site a little.  There are three main pages that I encourage you to check out: 1) The Sessions Page, 2) The Classes Page, and 3) my Blog.  Each page contains important information on what I do and how I can help YOU!

I hope you find this site inspiring and return often to see and learn more.  There will be many updates and changes, as well as new classes and blog posts.  Thank you so much for reading thus far, and feel free to send me a message and tell me what you think of the site!

With Love and Crystalline Light… Scott McBride