A Summer in Retrospect… The Diamond J Ranch

Wow, what a summer!  What a year….

I arrived at the Diamond J Ranch in Ennis, Montana on May 17th.  Exactly 5 months later, I am leaving…  a changed person, a new man….  from ‘Chaos’ to ‘Mastery’.  This has been a summer I will ALWAYS remember and cherish as one of the best of my life.

As you may know (if you’ve read other blog posts or know me personally), my partner of 10 years, Larry Murdock, passed away on Valentine’s Day morning this year… right in front of my eyes.  It was the single toughest thing I have ever experienced in my life.  I was lost.  I was confused.  I was hurting.  I was MAD.  Asking God, “What the f***?” has never come out of anyone’s mouth more often than it did with me those first couple months.

Luckily, I have a KILLER Support System, that being Crystalline Consciousness Technique, and my friend and mentor, gia combs-ramirez.  gia owns the Diamond J Ranch, and is the founder of Crystalline Consciousness Technique (CCT), so, naturally the headquarters for the modality are located there.  I don’t know what I would have done if I didn’t know her or have had this opportunity to come here.  gia, thank you so much for having me here.  It has been such an honor to watch you work your magic and to learn from you directly.  I am never ceased to be amazed by CCT, and especially YOU!  From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!

You see, this isn’t just a ‘Dude Ranch’ like it used to be before gia developed CCT… this place is a ‘Support System’ on its own.  When you come here, you are held in an EXTREMELY high vibrational container so that you can process and go through what you long to shift in your life.  For me this summer, it was grief and anger and doubt and confusion.  I had the time and the freedom and the…. SPACE… to shift this tremendous burden and negativity that I was feeling when I came here.

Many people I talk to ask, “What have you learned this summer?”… I could no sooner explain this than explain how the cosmos work (although I’m working on both!).  This is the type of summer that I will learn from for the rest of my life.  When I’m old and gray, and am sitting reflecting on my time on this planet, I will have new realizations about what happened here this summer.  The biggest advice I can give right now though is, when something happens in your life, and you find yourself at a loss, ask for help!!!  Have a support team of people who can help you move through the Chaos so you can find Mastery for yourself.  Don’t be afraid to ask for help… people WANT to help you, so accept it from them.  You don’t need to be brave or self-sufficient during those times… no one will look down on you, no one will blame you, no one will be put out by helping you.  THIS is the meaning of Community… this is how we grow and share and love.

This summer, I have met some truly amazing people.  I have worked with even MORE amazing people!  Victor Ramirez, gia’s husband, has been such a fun and loving person to be around and learn from.  I have thoroughly enjoyed sharing my time (and some beer!) with him!  Sue Butterfield, I have a new life-long friend in you… thank you SO much for you kindness, generosity, support, wisdom and love.  You ALONE made this summer a truly special one for me!  Amy Hamilton, I have had so much fun with you this summer, and as always, I learn a TON from your wisdom, patience and guidance.  I couldn’t have picked a better CCT Teacher or friend in you!  Christine Therese, I am so happy and thankful you were able to come and be a part of my summer… I wish you could have stayed longer!  Your friendship means the world to me, and I want to thank you for looking after me (and for your AMAZING meals!).  And then there are my three friends from Mexico… Jorge, Alan, and SWEET Ana (Petunia!)… thank you for bring Love and Light to the ranch this summer!  I have enjoyed spending time with you ALL!

As I look at moving forward on my path, I am mostly excited for what is coming, and also a little sad.  I don’t think I will ever have a summer quite like this one!  It feels like I just got here, and looking at a mostly empty room, I know it is time to leave, but also wish I had a little more.

Here are some pictures of my time here at the ranch… some are one’s you may have seen, others are new.  But they all show not only how beautiful this place is, but what I see when I’m here.  I am looking forward to coming back every summer to learn and grow more, and even have my own retreats soon!  Enjoy!

Ennis 4th of July Day Parade

4th of July Bus!          4th of July Parade (13)

4th of July Parade (1)          4th of July Parade (8)

4th of July Parade (2)          4th of July Parade (11)

4th of July Parade (7)          4th of July Parade (6)

4th of July Parade (5)         4th of July Parade (3)

4th of July Parade (10)          4th of July Parade (12)

Abby and Bonita, my two furry girls! (Playing fetch!)

Abby and Bonita          Abby & Bonita Chasing the Ball!


Wildflowers (7)                    Wildflowers (5)

Wildflowers (6)     Wildflowers (4)

Wildflowers (3)                    Wild Iris

Wildflowers (2)          Wildflowers (1)

Some of the flower arrangements that I made from the Wildflowers…

My Flower Arrangements

My Flower Arrangement (1)          My Flower Arrangement (2)

Our Night at the Follies!
(Victor and I got some ‘special’ lovin’!)

 The Follies! (4)          The Follies! (5)

The Follies! (2) The Follies! (1) The Follies! (3)


A Beautiful Night Super Moon… on my Birthday!

Super Moon! (2)          Super Moon! (1)

  Super Moon! (4)          Super Moon! (3)

Caught in a Sunny Rainstorm!

Sunset and Rain (2)

Sunset and Rain (3)          Sunset and Rain (1)

The Spa… One of my favorite places
(I am intending for my future home to have a dry sauna…)

Spa     Spa (3)

Spa (2)


One of many rainbows…

Rainbow in the Sky (3)           Rainbow in the Sky (1)

Inside the Lodge!

Lodge (2)     Play Room (2)

Kitchen     Dining Room


The Grounds…

Path in the Woods     Scenery (2)

Scenery (4)     View of the Barn

Sky (2)

Aspen     Aspens (2)

Mountains and Valley     Mountains (4)

Mountains (3)     Mountain

Mountain Goat     Mountain Goat (2)

Hilltop and Elk     Dorm and Gazebo

Dear, Bear, Honeymoon and Antelope     Cabins

Aspens     Beautiful Day! (2)

Beautiful Day!     Barn

Colorado     Horseback Ride

Horse Sculpture     Fire Truck

A Beautiful Evening!

Night Sky     Night Sky (4)

Night Sky (3)     Night Sky (2)

Night Sky (1)


Ahhh….. The Mountains!

Mountains     Mountains (5)

Mountains (2)     Mountains (1)

Mountain (3)     Mountain (2)

Ennis Lake, Mountain Perspective!

Ennis Lake (3)

Ennis Lake (2)     Ennis Lake (1)

Some Selfies! (Buffalo and Portabella Mushroom Burgers)

Me!     Grilling Buffalo and Portabello Burgers!

Butterfly     Butterfly and Me!

Jinny’s Lake

Jinny's Lake (8)     Jinny's Lake (4)

Jinny's Lake (3)     Jinny's Lake (2)

The many places of Jack Creek

Scenery     Jack Creek (9)

Jack Creek (10)     Jack Creek (8)

Jack Creek (7)     Jack Creek (6)

Jack Creek (5)     Jack Creek (4)

Jack Creek (2)

My favorite spot to sit on Jack Creek…

Jack Creek (3)

The road from Ennis to Bozeman, early morning…

Bozeman to Ennis (4)

Bozeman to Ennis (2)     Bozeman to Ennis (1)

And this is what I looked at and went to bed to most nights…

Beautiful Night Sky (1)     Beautiful Night Sky (2)

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