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You have just signed up for the study course, ‘Become An Empowered Being’!  I will review your application, and if accepted into the program, you will receive an e-mail or phone call from me with details on how we will move forward with this individualized program.  We will review the currently available and upcoming classes available to you, set up your first Individual Session, and discuss your monthly payment information. 

Also, you will receive a package in the mail in approximately 30 days with 3 CCT Manuals (Level 1, Level 2 and Healing the Earth).  You may read through these if you wish, but please do not practice any of the protocols or processes you see before you take the classes.


If you have any questions, please call me at (419) 705-5384,
e-mail me at,
or use the contact form below.


Looking forward to your transformation!


Scott McBride

Crystalline Energy Coach
Certified Crystalline Consciousness Technique Master Teacher

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(For Course Cancellation Information (Refund Policy), please click Here.)



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