Bringing Light Into Your World

Sun Shining

Spring is a perfect time for LIGHT!  The Sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and the weather is beautiful.  Our world is waking up from its “long winter’s nap” and we are ready for growth and new beginnings.  But how do we grow?  How do we manifest new things in our lives?  We take a page from nature’s book, that’s how!

We are organic human beings, made up of and surviving on the same things our world survives on.  We consume energy, transform it to an energy we can use directly, and excrete the remainder.  We assume that this ‘consummation’ is strictly food related, but this is not the entire picture.  There are many forms of energy consumption that we undertake on a daily basis, and one that I have been especially privy to in the last couple months is the energy of Light.

Whether you followed the energetic changes that we underwent at the end of 2012 and beginning of 2013 or not, you may have noticed that light looks a little different than it has before.  I have noticed that I have been gravitating to light (especially the Sun) and other objects that carry and shine light look brighter to me.  This is different than the normal “first nice sunny day of the year” that I typically experience in Spring… this is a new connection to light that I have not experienced to date.

The Light quotient in our bodies is increasing in energy, as our planet increases in energy too.  As we grow and release old yucky patterns of being (hate, judgment, criticism, etc.), light is replacing and filling us up!  We ARE beings of light, and it’s important to soak in as much as possible.  Light comes in many forms, not just from the Sun.  When we choose better habits, healthier foods, better media stimuli, positive attitudes… we are allowing the Light in.

Starting this month, make a conscious effort to soak up Light in your life…  Go outside and be in the sun (wear sunscreen!); stand at an open window and absorb the energy from outside; volunteer at an animal shelter; read a book that teaches you something; teach a child to read.  The possibilities are ENDLESS!  The best advice I can give… simply INTEND to have Light fill your body.  Your intention is the primary driving force.


What do you do to bring in Light into your life?  What are you going to start doing?  Share!

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