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Crystalline Consciousness TechniqueTM

Using Energy, Vibration and the Power of Intentions to Heal, Transform and Manifest!


Every person and every living system is energy, even down to a single cell.  Our thoughts can direct energy in powerful ways.  When the energy in and around us harmonizes with our thoughts, we can experience rapid and profound shifts in form!


Crystalline Consciousness Technique™ is one of the most powerful and incredible energy healing techniques in the world!

Heal the Past, Transform the Present, Manifest your Future!


CCT is a new, accreditedevolutionary tool that uses vibrational and energetic components for accelerated healing and transformation for both individuals AND groups.  This accelerated healing is occurring as
CCT works simultaneously on all levels of our being.
We each have a mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual component that work together, and this CCT healing works with all of them through our energetic body. It promotes greater levels of
balance, clarity, and coherency throughout our energy anatomy.


Here is how most of us currently operate:  we bring information into the physical and mental body through one of the many systems of the body.  For instance, when we watch the news or a movie, we are visually seeing the images, we are hearing the spoken words, and we experience familiar emotions with regard to the content.  We bring in even more information when we are able to interact with similar stimulus, such as walking in the park.


Here’s the problem: there is so much information coming in that it overloads our CPU’s (the brain and cerebral cortex) as well as the other systems in our body.  In 2008, the University of California, San Diego Global Information Industry Center (UCSD, GIIC) reported that on average, every person in the world received 34 gigabytes of information on a DAILY basis!  To give you a reference for this amount, an average iPhone has only 32 gigabytes TOTAL.  “Information” comes to us from all sorts of stimulus, from words, colors, sights, sounds, food, advertisements, phone conversations, products in the grocery store and in our kitchen and homes, e-mails, magazines, newspapers, street signs, billboards, books, etc.  Couple that with the entire existence of history available to us on the internet, and the new advances and information produced every day… it’s more than we can handle!

When we experience that much information, our body tries to process ALL of it.  We become overloaded in all sorts of ways.  Our bodies simply cannot keep up, which results in all sorts of issues…  conditions such as Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (information overload), heart disease (emotional overload), headaches and migraines (mental or spiritual overload), muscle aches and pains (energetic and physical overload).  The central nervous system becomes overloaded with all the information it has to process, so our adrenals begin to produce cortisol, which if it continues to produce it, is the pre-cursor to all disease.  The lymphatic system then becomes overloaded, and at that point all heck breaks loose.  All of this happens as we try to use the body to process the information we have to process every day of our lives.  We become so defended, using our own personal energy to block and process all of this informaion.  Why are we seeing such an increase in the need for medical care now?  Why are we seeing more incidents of cancer (1 in 3 females and 1 in 2 males)?  Why are wee seeing unexpected health diagnosis’s and new diseases?  It’s all because we have more and more ‘stuff’ to filter and protect ourselves from…more than at any other time in history!


Here’s the solution:  Setting up a Crystalline Energy Field every day,
coupled with activating your Crystalline Energy System.


CCT tools help you move into using your Crystalline System as
the primary information processor
so you’re body can finally do what it needs to do to thrive!


Your Crystalline Energy Field (CEF) is a field of energy that you create by stating the CCT Level 1 Protocol (taught in class).  Your CEF steps in to protect your own personal energy fields (Electr0-Magnetic Fields, etc.) from being overwhelmed with the above mentioned stimulus/information.  When you consciously choose to set up this field of energy every day, you are choosing to give yourself the ability to release your defendedness and experience the world in a better way.  Your CEF also raises your own personal vibration (experienced through thoughts and emotions) so that you can live a happier, healthier life.


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Your Crystalline Energy System (CES) is an amazing tool that will transform your inner being-ness, in an even more powerful way than your Crystalline Energy Field will!

Your Crystalline Energy System is comprised of three working components in your body:
1) Water (70%)   2) Connective Tissue   3) Mineral Salts

When these three components work together in a more organized way (through the CES Activation or the CCT Level 2 class), they are able to take on the main processing function of your body, so the rest of your bodily systems do ONLY what they are meant to do, instead of being overwhelmed all the time.  You begin to communicate with your own inner sense of direction and consciousness in a way you’ve never experienced before!


If you’re wondering if you already have a Crystalline Energy System and aren’t sure,
here is a list of questions you can ask yourself:   Click Here! 


If you read the questions and you answered “No.” to some or all of them, you can Activate your Crystalline Energy System by listening to the free Activation here:  CES Activation Recording


If you decide to listen to the Activation or not, knowing how to fully USE your Crystalline Energy System is learned in a Level 2 class (Level 1 Prerequisite).



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Whether your focus is on releasing defendedness, more clear awareness/observation, healing and transforming your body or mind, manifesting new or different intentions, or making a change in the world, CCT provides you with the support to your greatest potential.

CCT is currently being used in spas, medical facilities, prisons, courts, tribal councils, businesses and churches as well as in individual healing practices, coaching, and creating art.

List of Benefits

Although each person responds uniquely, those using CCT energy framework have found that overall benefits include:

Releasing of pain and discomfort
Healing of chronic health issues
Clearing of longstanding, chronic patterns
Improved mental/emotional state
Lower blood pressure
Improving sensory integration and overwhelm from environmental sensitivities
Rapid manifesting of desires, dreams, and goals
A greater sense of ease in groups, malls or crowds
A sense of contentment, peace and inner well-being
A sense of empowerment about the ability to set the course of one’s life
Personal and spiritual growth
The ability to create positive, lasting changes in communities and work places

Who is Practicing CCT?

Healing Arts Practitioners
Massage therapists, acupuncturists, and yoga teachers heighten the effects of their treatments and classes when incorporating CCT.

Dentists and Surgeons
Can be used receiving or giving to lessen the trauma of dentistry or surgery.

Veterinarians and Animal Healers
CCT helps calm animals and heighten communication.

Parents and Teachers
Those who are working with children with special needs, autism, ODD, dyslexia and ADD/ADHD find support for themselves and valuable tools for helping children learn and grow.

CCT lends itself beautifully to creating potent and powerful weddings and other ceremonies.

People with Chronic or Undiagnosed Illnesses
CCT can be learned and applied at home to supplement alternative and traditional medical care.

Business Leaders and Social Visionaries
CCT creates positive team dynamics and anchors in the energetic blueprint for the business plan, creating ease in manifesting.

Artists and Writers
CCT helps create with ease and joy.

Nurses and Doctors
Helps relieve burnout in intense work situations as well as speed healing

For more information, visit the National CCT Website…



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