CCT – Healing the Earth (January 17-18, 2016)

Calling All ‘Creatives’!


Are you a highly creative person?
Do you enjoy fine-tuning a skill, craft, or trade?
Do you look forward to starting new art projects?
Do you want to take your ability to the next level?

If you answered ‘Yes’, then the CCT Healing the Earth Class is for you!

The truth is, everybody has the ability to ‘be creative’, but… some can do it better than others!  No matter how you view yourself, YOU have the ability to create some pretty amazing things in life.

I have always been fairly creative… one of my art pieces from the 1st grade made it to the county fair that year… I once won 2nd place for a floral arrangement I submitted when I managed a flower shop… I won the equivalent of MVP in my high school band class 3 years in a row for playing the saxophone.  I’ve always enjoyed the creative process and how fun it feels to create something new!

A number of years ago, I took a class that amplified my ability to create to levels I couldn’t even imagine, and it still amplifies that ability every day.  That class is called ‘Healing the Earth… What are you here to do?’  In it, I learned a simple protocol that I do every time I work on a creative project, and because of that, I have created things that I never dreamed I would.  It is amazing what setting the right energy does for your focus and abilities!

I now teach this class, and I would love to have you experience it first-hand like I did several years ago.  Join me on Sunday & Monday, January 17th & 18th, and learn how you can utilize this tool to take your own creative endeavors to heights you can’t yet see. 

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