(Right) Closure

Have you ever had a relationship end suddenly,
with no indication that it was about to happen?

Have you ever been fired, laid off, or let go of a job unexpectedly?

Have you ever felt like you didn’t get closure about something,
which has prevented or inhibited your ability to move forward in life?


It doesn’t matter what kind of relationship it is, when they suddenly end, especially when it’s unexpected, it can create a void in your life.  Whether it be with a romantic partner, a friend, a job you have, or a group that you’re involved with, if all of a sudden you find yourself without that person or group anymore, it can be deeply unsettling.  The absence of that person or group creates a void of space, which our minds fill with doubt, worry, fear, questioning, anger, frustration, and sadness.  And if this has happened more than once with you, it REALLY creates a disharmonious feeling inside!


The questions that we ask ourselves after something like this happens are legitimate questions… “What happened?”; “What did I do?”; “Why didn’t I see this coming?”; “Could I have made it better?” “Why didn’t they talk to me about this sooner?” “How could someone do that to me?” …  But unfortunately, there usually isn’t anyone there to answer these questions!!  We try and try to get our questions answered, but since we’re still reeling from the abrupt change in our lives, we’re unable to step outside the pain to see or hear the answers.  And because the people who have the answers to our questions are no longer in our lives, they can’t help us lessen the pain we feel either.


Example Right Closure Chart Picture


The answer to this conundrum is this CCT Soul Chart!  With this powerful CCT session, we can get you the closure you need on an energetic level, so that you can move forward in life.  When we utilize this chart and the intention “Right Closure” with you and whomever you need it with, the results can be quite miraculous!  The way that this happens varies for each person who receives this CCT session… you may receive a letter or message that helps you forgive and move on; you may release your need to find the reasons “why” something happened to you; you may feel a sense of redemption by being invited to a new group, or by getting a new job; you may suddenly have a deep understanding as to why that event happened… the possible outcomes are extremely numerous, but are equally amazing.


When you choose this CCT Chart, you receive your actual chart in the mail, along with a detailed personalized description as to what the chart is specifically helping
you with (3-7 pages).


You’ll also receive FREE helpful coaching suggestions and ideas from me with physical things you can do to enhance your intention and the work being done by the CCT Chart.
*BONUS* You’ll also receive my FREE “Grounding” and “Clearing Your Energy Field” Techniques!


If you’re ready to bring something that has been plaguing you for a while into ‘Right Closure’, purchase this chart from me right here ($95):


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I will never forget the first time I did this CCT Chart process for myself. It was 2013, early summer, and I was struggling. I had been let go by the flower shop I had managed for 7 years the previous summer. My leaving was abrupt… although I was planning on leaving at some point in 2012 or early 2013, my time there was cut short. I had already mentally begun to make the shift out, and I had taken a rather large step back with my available hours, but I was still unprepared for the actual ‘letting me go’ meeting that occurred that summer. After I was let go, I had a TON of anger, resentment, and bitterness towards what had happened, and I just couldn’t seem to let it go. I consulted others about my dilemma, sought out healing and advice, and some things helped, but I kept going back to my anger and bitterness.

I didn’t know what to do.

Finally, after nearly 7 or 8 months of muddling through my misery and despair, I stumbled across these words in a CCT Level 2 class… ‘Right Closure’, and suddenly I had an epiphany. THAT was what I needed! I didn’t get the right kind of closure (for me) regarding that situation! My ex-boss was resolved around it, but I was not. There was a definitive energy that I was holding on to, because I just couldn’t get past it. So, out came my tools, and I did the chart for myself.

About a week later, and seemingly out of the blue, I noticed that my business all of a sudden started to pick up! I had quite a few people reach out and ask for help from me, and I was able to dive into that work. I wasn’t thinking about the flower shop, or how angry I was, or how it was an injustice… For me, I was able to move on, because the energetic pieces that had kept me in the same holding pattern for almost a year were no longer there. I was finally FREE of anger, bitterness, jealousy, rage… all the things I had been feeling, preventing me from moving forward.

It’s easy to say, “Maybe you were just ready.”, or “Time heals all wounds.” And yes, you would be right! If I hadn’t been ready, it wouldn’t have happened. But… it happened because I transformed the energy that was in place by doing a CCT chart on it. I chose to let the chart I did work. I allowed myself to let CCT do the work for me, and in return, it did a BEAUTIFUL job with it! I was able to move forward, which had been my intention for the better part of a year, but was actually able to do it because I got the energy ‘part’ right first.

If you find yourself thinking about a situation or scenario that has happened to you in your past, where you were abruptly ‘cut loose’ from someone or something; if you find you still have unresolved negative thoughts, feelings or emotions about it; THIS is the chart for you! Let me help you fix the energy around it by doing this chart for you, and be able to move forward in your life in the way in which you want!

AND… when you take this step towards bringing in Right Closure for yourself, I will also provide you with some FREE tools and techniques that will help support the energy work being done through the chart!

Read Even More about Right Closure

One of the things that I love most about myself is that many things come very easy to me. I typically can watch something one time, and repeat it without much of a problem. I hear a random fact or read a story, and I remember it pretty well. I may not know the answer to a question or to something I don’t know, but I can usually use a combination of using my energy-reading skills, my knowledge and reference points about similar situations and circumstances, and my innate wisdom to locate the answer. Because of this, my life can be very smooth and easy, and I prefer it that way… it’s a gift that I cherish very very much!

One thing that prevents me from accessing this gift of mine is when things are still hanging around that have been tidied up in a nice bow. If I’m stuck somewhere, whether it’s in my head or elsewhere, it drives me CRAZY! It’s like my ADD gets together with my OCD and they drag me with them to wherever it is that I’m stuck, and I’m pretty much there until it gets resolved. As a Mastery/Exceller, this is NOT appreciated nor ‘ok’ with me, lol.

How can things be smooth and easy in my life if I can’t let something go? How can I access my gifts and abilities if I’m thinking every day about something that happened to me years ago?

Well, now I don’t have to worry about this conundrum anymore! I am free to live my life and not get tangled up in what happened yesterday, last month, last year, or last century even… I can now make sure I’m not inadvertently focusing on what I don’t want to focus on. I can make sure that I’m using my gifts and abilities for what is presently in front of me, or for what I’m creating in the future moving forward. I can’t tell you how EASY things have been in my life since I started doing this chart for myself!

If you’re ready to move out of the chaos of not having closure about someone or something, do yourself a favor and make your life EASY again… don’t waste another minute fretting over a love lost, or a job you were fired from, or a group that you’re no longer a part of.

Oh, and you still get the free tools and techniques too!

 (After you complete your purchase, be sure to click all the way through to
the Ray of Life Healing landing page to get your copy of the FREE helpful coaching suggestions!)

(I will contact you within 24 hours of your purchase to get the details of your situation)



Are you interested in learning how to do this chart for yourself?
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