Are you always supporting others with their needs?

Do others support you with your needs?

Do you ever feel like you are doing all the supporting, and not getting enough support back?


Throughout my life, I have been extremely accommodating and supportive with just about everybody I meet. This wasn’t as prevalent in my pre-professional career, but as soon as I got my first job, I realized how good it felt to help others. I liked being of service to people, helping them with what they needed, getting them connected to solutions. At first, I was primarily in industries that were “product” focused, so my helping people came in the form of finding the right products that they wanted or needed. Whether it was “stuff” (music, movies, books, etc.) or food (I managed a Subway restaurant for 3 years), I assisted people with their needs, and generally my customers found that I excelled at supporting them. As a florist, I started to realize that I wasn’t just selling flowers (i.e. the ‘product’), I was supporting them on their ‘big day’ (weddings), I was supporting them with their final goodbye tribute to a friend or family member (funerals), and I was supporting them with any multitude of other ‘big events’ in their lives. I realized that buying flowers was an emotional connection, and with those emotions, sometimes my customers needed more than the flowers themselves, they needed… Support.


As I began my spiritual/energy coaching practice, I realized just how much people really do need Support in their lives, and as a coach, I have become a primary Support ‘pillar’ for many people. This also happens in my personal life too… a lot of my friends and family members come to me looking for Support, and because I am able, capable, and willing to do so, I typically jump right in and provide for them whatever they need. I’ve always considered my ‘willingness’ to help others to be a good thing… they have a need, I can fill that need, so let’s get it filled and move on!


Here’s one of the problems though…

I typically didn’t receive the kind of support I gave! I was almost always the one who was supporting someone else, but even when I asked for it, I rarely got the support back that I needed. I typically asked people “What can I help you with?”, but it was RARE that anyone asked me the same question. And… when I would reach out and ask for help from others, they would typically be unable or unwilling to help me in return. I was constantly helping support others, but didn’t feel like I was being supported in return.


Example Support Chart Picture


This chart works by balancing two fundamental concepts with each other… “I Support Myself” and “I Allow Myself to Be Supported”. When we balance these two energies, we experience the correct amount of “self-support” and support from others!


One of the most unique things that I’ve noticed since I did this chart for myself is a HUGE shift in who is part of my support system. I ended up having random conversations with some of the people who I thought were part of my support system, but found out that they could not support me like I supported them… like I ASSUMED they would/could/should support me. I made some pretty big assumptions that certain people in my life could support me in the ways I needed, but I never took the time to ask them what they could or were willing to support me with. Just because I view somebody as ‘capable’, doesn’t mean they feel that way, and it doesn’t mean that they want to do it either! When I stopped trying to pigeon-hole someone into being a part of my support system and released them from that unspoken, un-agreed upon contract, ACTUAL support started to come in from the most bizarre places. After a short while, I have a whole new set of people who are more than willing to support me with my needs! And I have better relationships with the people who used to be in my support team, especially now that there wasn’t this weird energy between us anymore.


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Back in January, I experienced a resurgence of a pattern that keeps showing up in my life… not being and/or feeling ‘supported’. I have regularly had experiences where I feel like I support others with their needs, but I don’t get that support back. I value Support so much, and I understand how it helps to a very deep degree, so I am usually more than happy to help support someone with whatever they need. I’m capable of doing it, and they need it, so I jump right in! Yet, time and time again, I have not had the Support that I need or ask for from others. I expect that others should, would, or could be able to help me in the same way I help them, but it just doesn’t seem to happen.

Why wasn’t I receiving the Support I needed?!

There are many reasons why we aren’t or don’t feel supported. For me, a lot of them applied! I (sometimes) neglect my own needs to help someone with theirs. I expect that others should/would/could be able to help me in the same way that I help them. I have a belief that I can do it better than someone else anyway, so I’ll just do it myself. I’ve been focused on supporting others for so long that I don’t allow it to come in to support me. I’m good at supporting myself, so I do, but that doesn’t allow for someone else to. I don’t want to “bother” anyone else with my issues, so I’ll just deal with them.

Have you noticed a similar pattern in your life?

You may keep attracting the same kind of boyfriend/girlfriend/boss/acquaintance who doesn’t support you with your endeavors…

You may be consistently frustrated because you don’t have what you need when you need it…

You may neglect your own needs to help someone else with theirs…

You may think you can ‘do it better anyway’, so you just do it yourself…

You may have been supporting others for so long that you don’t know how to let someone support you…

If one (or most or all!) of these sound like you, this CCT Soul Chart is the ticket out of these patterns! When I did this chart for myself, I noticed HUGE changes in my life. Let me help you fix the energy around it by doing this chart for you, and be able to move forward in your life being supported in the ways in which you want!

AND… when you take this step towards bringing in more Support for yourself, I will also provide you with some FREE tools and techniques that will help support the energy work being done through the chart!

Read Even More about Support

There are MANY facets to this issue… As I have moved through this self-discovery process, I have slowly come to understand how the energy of ‘Support’ can be distorted, and how it has affected me time and time again. One of the biggest facets of ‘Support’ involves a stance that I didn’t realize I had until I took time to think about it. Essentially, the stance was “I can do it better!”.

One of my “gifts” is that I am a really fast learner. If I put my mind to something, I can typically learn it quickly and easily. And because of that, I have mastered a lot of things in my relatively short life. That’s one of the positive aspects of excelling quickly. One of the negative aspects is that I think I can typically do something “better” and “faster” than others. So, whenever someone in my past had offered to do something for me, a lot of times I’ve told them “No.” and just did it myself! I could think of plenty of times where I had done this… with cooking, laundry, chores, tasks at work, etc., etc.

Well, after a pretty short time of me doing this, people just completely stopped asking me if I needed help… and I don’t blame them! I wouldn’t want to keep asking someone if they wanted or needed help if they ALWAYS said “No”.

I decided to transform this energy into something that was MUCH more supportive for ME. The first step in my quest for Support was to do this CCT Soul Chart for myself. The next step was to observe what shifted and changed for me in the months following this chart. As I mentioned above, my support system that I had before I did the chart completely changed into a new and different support system, which met my needs in a MUCH greater level! Another thing I noticed was that people just started to randomly ask me if I needed help with something, even when I hadn’t asked them for it. Friends, family and acquaintances started reaching out just to tell me they were thinking about me, or checked in with me just to see how I was doing! And low and behold, I started to have what I needed when I needed it. One of the best things that happened was that all of a sudden my schedule opened up a little bit so that I had time to address my needs, either by myself or with others! This was probably the greatest blessing of all since doing this CCT Soul Chart… I found I wasn’t neglecting myself or my needs anymore, because I finally had time to address them.

If you’re not receiving the Support you need, and you want your life to be easier again, give yourself the Support you need and purchase this CCT Soul Chart for yourself today. You’ll not only receive the energetic transformation needed to balance Support in your life, you’ll get my free helpful coaching techniques to help you personally navigate this tricky conundrum.

Oh, and you still get the free Grounding and Clearing Your Energy Field Exercises too!

How This Chart Supports You Physically

I’ve noticed something very interesting (and fantastic!) about this chart and how it’s been working for me, specifically on a Physical level… my back doesn’t hurt anymore!

I’ve had back issues for quite some time in my adult life. My neck has crinkled and cracked regularly, right in between my shoulder blades always seizes up, and I have had to (almost daily) sit in a chair and twist my torso to crack my lower back. I’ve seen several chiropractors, as well as energy practitioners, and I always get temporary relief, but that’s the thing… it’s just temporary.

I’ve known for a while that my back issues have been related to my feeling a lack of support. It makes sense, right? I mean, our backs support us in a physical way, so it’s not hard to see how the two are related to each other… if I don’t ‘feel’ supported in an energetic or emotional way, it’s very easy to see how that would show up in my back as pain or being out of alignment.

Well, I’m happy to report that my back no longer has these issues! My neck doesn’t crinkle and crack anymore (seriously, if you ever heard it before, it was LOUD!) My mid-back feels FANTASTIC. And I haven’t twisted and cracked my lower back in I don’t know how long. I just don’t feel the need to do it anymore!

If you have physical pain in your back or neck, and it doesn’t seem to ever TRANSFORM, consider letting me do this soul chart for you. There are so many ways that it can help, on so many different levels! You owe it to yourself to put yourself first and address the issue before it becomes worse (and yes, it can get worse!).

And remember, you’ll also get my coaching ideas and suggestions for other amazing ways you can help yourself with this issue!

 (After you complete your purchase, be sure to click all the way through to
the Ray of Life Healing landing page to get your copy of the FREE helpful coaching suggestions!)

(I will contact you within 24 hours of your purchase to get the details of your situation)



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