Individual CCT Sessions

Individual Transformative Healing Sessions are a popular choice for people who want to address something in their lives… Using a combination of reading energy, energy coaching, and Crystalline Consciousness Technique and/or other energy modalities I practice and teach, I can help you release what is no longer serving you, so that you can move forward in the direction you want to move.

When you book a session with me, we dive deep into the “why” of whatever you want to address, and adjust the underlying energetic components and structures to enhance your life, so that you can experience what it is that you want to experience.





When you work with me, we will…


– heal the past –


– transform the present –


– and manifest into the future –




Here’s what an Individual Transformative Healing Session is all about…


An Individual Session is the perfect transformative healing process to release old distorted energetic patterns that no longer serve you.  These distorted energetic patterns can cause repeating traumas and negative circumstances to happen over and over again. Whether it be the exact same circumstance, or different circumstances with a similar theme, patterns are apparent when you start to look at the energy behind life events.




An Individual Session releases these old recurring patterns and moves past blocks by working with what is called The 3 Phases of Transformation. The 3 Phases of Transformation, also known as the Golden Spiral, is an inherent process of growth and abundance found in nature. By working with this powerful and natural process, you can shed what was created out of harmony, and bring in a more conducive and supportive energy paradigm for yourself.




An Individual Session works in three ways…. 1) It heals what was once wounded (the original trauma); 2) it transforms the energetic distortions into a more ordered and organized state of being; 3) it manifests an array of positive benefits, such as more vibrant health, wealth, and well-being. What manifests is based on what your intention is for your healing session.




An Individual Session dives deep into the cause of “what’s wrong”. We live in a culture that wants quick fixes, and to medicate everything through a pill. An Individual Transformative Healing Session does not simply put a band-aid on an existing problem… it gets to the root of the matter and shifts it so that the problem that is noticed at the surface doesn’t just go away, it goes away for good.




An Individual Session not for you if you are looking for a quick fix to a problem. Sometimes, one session can shift your life so dramatically that it takes a while to catch up with the work that was done. But most of the time, it is important to grow steadily and consistently, addressing things as they come up.




Rome wasn’t built in a day… neither were you! Who you are today is the culmination of years of successes, failures, trials and tribulations, learning experiences, pain, laughter, happiness, sadness, and oh so much more. Scheduling your first Transformative Healing Session is just the first step on the road to right alignment, abundance, and success.




Individual Transformative Healing Sessions last approximately 90 minutes.  Most sessions are done online in a private video sharing platform, however I do usually practice in-person sessions where I am.  Use the “Book Now!” button below to set up your session, and the “Payment Button” for payment (must be provided before session).
For my refund and cancellation policy, click here: ‘Refund and Cancellation Policy





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