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From very early on, ‘Groups’ play a profound role in our lives. We all like to feel a sense of belonging in the world. This sense of belonging develops when we are still children, primarily as we enter in to school, and start to meet and interact with people who are in and come from other groups. We start to realize that there are other types of groups out there that we aren’t a part of… other religions that people follow; other races; other nationalities; other beliefs. We start to understand groups as we join up with friends that have common interests and group dynamics as us… we sit with them at lunch time, or play with them at recess.


So what happens when a group gets ‘off track’? What do we do when the groups that we’re in start to become discombobulated, disenfranchised, or disharmonious?


We have been plagued for a long time with this dilemma… we either fight the group, which creates internal battle energy and power struggles, or we can leave the group, but this also can create internal struggle for us as we are not connected with the group that we want to be in.


The clear answer for me is to TRANSFORM Myself and the Group.


Transforming a Group is something that takes some time to do… there are many facets and components in a complex group of people that all contribute to where a group is. For groups that have been in chaos for a while, solving any issue can seem insurmountable. That’s why, with this program, we will take active and steady steps towards resolving Group issues for the Group you select to transform. The beauty of this program is that other members of the group do not need to be actively involved in the transformation process. Over the course of 28 weeks, we will address the following Group attributes approximately every week:



–Week 1: Discussion of Your Group–

In the first week of the program, we take time to discuss the Group you are looking to transform. We will discuss what you notice in the Group, and what you are hoping to see transformed over the course of the program. We’ll discuss how to observe the shifts and changes in the group you’re focusing on. And we will also activate your own individual Crystalline Energy System.


–Weeks 2 and 3: Transform Relationships–

Relationships are the first step in addressing the energy in the Group. The first two weeks are dedicated to looking at and resolving issues between individuals within the Group.


–Week 4: Heal Ancestral Groups–

Groups are either in the “Old Energies” (the Piscean Age) or they’re in the “New Energies” (the Aquarian Age). This week is designated to resolving issues from the ancestral groups that are still affecting us from the Old Energies.


–Week 5: Heal Religious Groups–

Another ‘Old Energy Group’ commonality are those distortions caused by and from religious groups. Religion has played a very important role in the development of Spirituality in the new energy paradigm, but we can still carry trauma and distortions from interacting with religious groups in the past.


–Week 6: Master Aquarian Groups–

We need to master the new types of groups that are forming on the planet… Aquarian Groups. This week will help you master giving and receiving contributions in the group you’re focused on, as well as mastering new levels of thriving and communication.


–Week 7: Discussion of ‘Roles’, ‘Perceptions’, and ‘Projections’–

Every Group has common Roles, Perceptions, and Projections that happen within Groups. There are many of each, and it takes a little bit of time to understand them. You will be encouraged to look at the roles you play in groups, as well as recognize what roles others in the groups play. We spend some time processing emotions around this topic, and universalizing the patterns, roles, and perceptions.


–Week 8: Release Negative Group Patterns–

We will start to transform the patterns discussed from the prior week. This week we focus on the negative group patterns that show up in the group.


–Week 9: Release Archetypal Roles–

This week we start to transform the Archetypal Roles discussed from week 7 that show up in your Group.


–Week 10: Release Negative Perceptions–

We’ll start to transform the Negative Perceptions from week 7 that show up in your Group.


–Week 11: Break–

Observing what is shifting and changing in your group is an important part of the transformation process. We take a break from additional information or energy work to assimilate the energetic transformation that you’ve gone through so far.


–Week 12: Release Negative Geometric Configurations–

Negative Geometric Configurations are basically like a big knotted ball of energy that can’t untangle or unwind. They become repeating patterns that show up again and again and again.


–Week 13: Release Projections of Negative Geometric Configurations–

Projections that can happen in groups when a negative geometric configuration is affecting the group are addressed.


–Week 14: Discussion of Vows, Contracts, Curses, and Spells–

Discussion is an important part to transforming our Grups. This time, we discuss Vows, Contracts, Curses and Spells. There are many versions of each, and we take time to discuss the variety that have shown up in Groups.


–Week 15: Discussion of Pacts, Negative Unjustified Karma, and Bindings–

We continue our discussion from Week 14, where we discuss Pacts, Negative Unjustified Karma, and Bindings.


–Week 16: Release Vows, Contracts, Curses, Spells, Pacts, Negative Unjustified Karma, and/or Bindings–

Release all the Vows, Contracts, Curses, Spells, Pacts, Negative Unjustified Karma, and/or Bindings that show up in your Group from the discussion in Weeks 14 & 15.


–Week 17: Metatron’s Cube–

We will use what is known as Metatron’s Cube to demonstrate the highest potential of your Group. It creates all of the sacred geometrical shapes that are the make-up of all life on the planet. Your Group will be aligned to Metatron’s Cube and Sacred Geometry this week.


–Week 18: Discussion of Family Roles–

Family roles are often projected on to us, which are called ‘expected roles’. The Divine Core Powers are the essence of an individual, our true nature. We will discuss the different family roles that exist.


–Week 19: Discussion of Divine Core Powers–

Divine Core Powers are the make-up of each individual in the new group. Each power has an empowered aspect and a shadow aspect, and these aspects are discussed.


–Week 20: Shift from Personality Sleeve to Core Essence–

We will focus on the shift from operating in your personality sleeve to your Core Divine Essence, as discussed from the previous two weeks.


–Week 21: Transformation of Divine Core Powers–

The intentions that we will work with is to Give and Receive the gifts of the Divine Core Powers; Communicate and relate from empowered Core Essence; and Release competition between Divine Core Powers.


–Week 22: Break–

It is time for another break, where we will discuss what you have observed and noticed that is changing in the group. Assimilation of the energetic transformation that we’ve gone through so far is also discussed.


–Week 23: Resolve Conflicts Between 2 Individuals–

As we move through this program, a lot of stuff has been lifting up and out within the group. We will check in and see if there are any conflicts that have or are arising between any two members in the group.


–Week 24: Resolve Conflicts Between an Individual and the Group–

We will check in and see if there are any conflicts that have or are arising between an individual member of the group and the whole group itself.


–Week 25: Release Conflicts Between Groups–

We will check in and see if there are any conflicts that have or are arising between your Group and any other Group.


–Week 26: Reset the Transformation Cycle–

There is a certain transformation ‘cycle’ that each group has…We reset the transformation cycle of the group. Each group needs to move through the natural transformation cycle, and this ensures that the group will continue to transform in a healthy and steady way.


–Week 27: The ‘WE ARE’ Meditation–

You will experience a mediation designed for the whole group, which connects the group to the Highest Purpose in the Aquarian Age, while honoring each individuals connection to the Divine.


–Week 28: The ‘We Are’ Group Circle Chart–

An additional session for the Group that supports the activation from the previous week. Additional attentions are added to the Group session.






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