CCT/Reiki in Use

Reiki In Use

One of the best places to get news articles and current information about Reiki is the international website for Reiki, They have a monthly newsletter that you can sign up to receive, which gives you the latest and up-to-date information about Reiki and how it is used. Great ideas, every month!

Here is a great video about Reiki and its benefits from ABC News. I should mention that the video shows hands above the body, but Reiki is generally practiced with the hands directly on the body. Of course, whatever is more comfortable for the parties involved will work just fine! One thing mentioned in the video is a Reiki Circle. If you are interested in participating in one please send me an e-mail and I will be sure to send you some information about the next one!

Read this great article from the New York Times that describes the benefits that people suffering from dementia experienced.

Crystalline Consciousness Technique in Use

For information on Crystalline Consciousness Technique, please refer to the organization’s website, Here, you can get all sorts of great information on CCT and its benefits!


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