CCT Expressing Your Purpose

CCT Expressing Your Purpose
For Creatives, Empaths, Introverts, & Intuitives

What Are You Here To Do?




This class helps and supports empathic and creative souls… businessmen/women, writers, actors, painters, artists, musicians, teachers… express their creative ideas with ease and flow.  Also, for people who live with ADD or ADHD, or if you are energetically sensitive and overly empathic people, have found this protocol to help them with sensory overwhelm.  It allows people to hear their own inner creative voice instead of being inundated with other people’s energies and thoughts.


CCT Expressing Your Purpose is an AMAZING class that focuses on providing support for any and all creative projects you are working on.  Whenever we are creating or manifesting something in our lives (whether it be as simple as getting dressed in the morning to as complex as starting a business or mastering an instrument) we are doing what we are here to do:  learning, growing, experiencing, and manifesting. 

When we are doing these things, we are connecting with our Life Purpose, the whole reason we’re here.  When we are not doing these things, due to overwhelm, stress, mis-alignment, imbalances, etc., we are actually doing more harm than good.  ‘CCT Expressing Your Purpose’ aligns you directly with your Life Purpose and Mother Earth to allow you harmony and support in creating and manifesting, and cuts out all the rest!


CCT Expressing Your Purpose is a simple 6-step protocol that takes only a couple minutes to do, and moves you directly into alignment with your creative project so you can create and manifest, without outside distractions or issues.  It is the perfect protocol for people with Empathic Sensitivities, regular overwhelm, ADD or ADHD, and many other concentration struggles!  Never again will you be pulled aside and distracted from your to do list.  Never again will you struggle in not knowing the next move to make.  This tool will get you there in minutes and keep you there for as long as you want!


This class:

—  Heals old traumas around Creativity  —
—  Connects you to your Life Purpose  —
—  Protects your Energetic Body from Outside Energies  —
—  Guides Creative Energies from the point of view of your Life Purpose  —
—  Aligns your energetic self to right alignment to Earth  —
—  Uses a simple protocol to ensure the flow of creative expression at any time  —
—  Works with 5 types of Creative Energies  —
—  Creates a heightened listening stance to YOUR creative voice  —
—  Protects your Creative Energies from creative “vampires”  —



 Available Classes



Saturday, April 11, 2020
(Deadline to Register: Sunday, April 5)

9:30am – 4:00pm EST





$325/one time payment

(or… Two payments of $175/each)

(or… Three payments of $125/each)


(Instruction Manual & Divination Deck provided!)


Participants in the Become An Empowered Being Study Program or the
Expanding Your Empowerment for Core Transformation Study Program can take this class for free!


(Already taken this class and want to audit it?)

Cost: $75



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