CCT Level 1

Crystalline Consciousness Technique – Level 1

Awakening to Your Energetic Self



This class introduces you to your Electromagnetic Nature and

the Crystalline Energy Field.


It provides a technique for creating Greater Levels of

Protection from outside Energies,

Connection with Yourself and Others,

and Clear Energetic Communication.



How do you want to experience your day?

Do you want to experience today in the vibration of fun and Play?

Or is today better suited for focus and accomplishment?

Or do you need Appreciation and Love today?

How about Trust and Safety?

No matter what you need or want, you can use CCT to get you there!


 In the CCT Level 1 class, you learn about your energy and your vibration in terms of energy ‘fields’.You learn how to increase your vibration using a simple protocol and how to use it in different situations.Set vibrational fields for any area of your life… home, work, leisure, sleep… the possibilities are endless!  A Crystalline Consciousness Energy Field provides stronger Protection and better Connection and Communication, all while allowing you to choose what vibrational field you want to live in.You can set up vibrational fields for yourself, and… any group that you are in as well.Help keep group energy focused and productive!It can also be used to enhance other energy modalities or strengthen traditional medicine practices.
This class is an absolute necessity for people with chronic illnesses, who often suffer from no electromagnetic fields at all, slowing down healing and even diagnosis. It’s also ideal for parents wanting to create a more harmonious home atmosphere, business leaders promoting team spirit, and healing arts professionals for better results with their clients.


During this class, you’ll learn about and directly experience your own electromagnetic energy fields, then learn about and directly experience the crystalline energy field. You’ll also receive an activation that allows you to access the high vibrational field of Crystalline Consciousness Technique and use it to “set up” your crystalline energy field. At the end of the 3-hour class, you’ll be able to set up your own individual energy fields and well as any group you are a part of.


This Class:

—  Is a tool for yourself and any group you’re a part of  —

—  Is taught in a webinar or in-person format  —

—  Introduces You to Your Energetic “Self”  —

—  Protects your Energy Field  —

—  Works with the Crystalline Energy Field  —

—  Allows you to create Group Fields for Ease of Connection,

Harmony & Belonging in families and other intentional groups  —

—  Reduces sensory overwhelm in “masses” of people or places

(such as malls, grocery stores, etc.)  —

—  Has 1 CCT Healing Session  —

—  Has 1 CCT Activation  —

—  Comes with 30 Days of Online Followup  —




 Classes Available

Friday, May 19, 2017
(Deadline to Register: April 19)

Class taught as part of the CCT Level 2 class…must take both classes together.


9:30 am-12:00 pm EST

In Person, Toledo, OH

Free Followup Webinar: TBD




Total Cost:  $125

 Minimum $50 Deposit Required.

Final payment due on first day of class.

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(Instruction manuals provided)

Participants in the Become An Empowered Being Study Program  or the
Expanding Your Empowerment for Core Transformation Study Program can take this class for free!




 Already taken this class and want to audit it?

Participants in the Become An Empowered Being Study Program or the
Expanding Your Empowerment for Core Transformation Study Program can audit for free!
(Please indicate which class you want to attend when you make your payment.)

Cost: $35

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For more information on CCT, visit the national website at:



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