CCT Level 3

Arising to Crystalline Consciousness

Moving From the Science of Crystalline Consciousness to The Art of Living It.


In CCT Level 3, we begin to look at using CCT in Advanced ways.  We build from the basic protocol learned in Level 2 to the Advanced Protocol introduced in Level 3.  Even though the same powerful 3-phase protocol that was introduced in Level 2 is used, there are Advanced Components and Intentions that we begin to work with.  We also introduce a CCT Divination Deck of Cards, and most importantly, CCT Soul Charts are introduced and used throughout the 8 week class, so students are VERY familiar on the ways to use each chart after the class ends.


When working with CCT Soul Charts and deeper levels of intentions, there is an important aspect of healing and transformation that is taken in to consideration.  When we work with intentions, it will move through three stages, if needed.  The 3 stages are:


Healing:  If there is something that needs healing that involves the intention, it will go through a healing process first.  It will seem like revisiting the past when you thought you were done with it, but this is a necessary step in the Transformation/Manifesting process.  You cannot bring baggage forward (specific to an intention) if you intend to manifest something different than you’ve experienced in the past.  Repeating patterns and traumas need to lift up and out in order for us to fully step in to manifesting what we intend.


Transforming:  The shifting within to the vibrational level that reflects what you want in your life is the next step that happensr after healing occurs around your intention.  We experience new levels of conscious awareness and recognize how we are moving into greater levels of growth and change.  There is an energetic self-aligning to conscious awareness, which is the heart of what true transformation is.


Creating/Manifesting:  The appearance in the external world of what you intend is the final result of an intention moving through Healing and Transformation.  This ‘appearance’ can be either a shift internally within you, or something new that shows up in the external, what we call a new external “form”.


Below are pictures of each of the CCT Soul Charts… click on them to learn more about them!


Group Circle Chart (Sample)                              Infinity Chart (Sample)
Group Circle Chart                                                      Infinity Chart     

Seed of Life Chart (Sample)                              Fruit of Life Chart (Sample)
  Seed of Life Chart                                                   Fruit of Life Chart

Tree of Life Chart (Sample)
Tree of Life Chart


Learn how to do ALL of these processes for yourself and others!



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