CCT Fruit of Life Soul Chart

CCT Fruit of Life Soul Chart


Fruit of Life Chart (Sample)

This CCT Soul Chart is primarily used to release distorted energetic patterns from the
developmental stages of a project, company, relationship or a person’s journey on this planet.
It’s all about GROWTH.


Anchoring In Intentions for a Calendar Year

When we decide that we want to see significant changes in a given year, this chart is the BEST way to bring those intentions into manifestation.  This chart can be started any day of the year, and runs throughout the following 365 days, although there is typically a ‘sale’ offered at the Gregorian Calendar New Year (January 1st).

As you can see, there are 13 circles in this CCT Fruit of Life Soul Chart.  The 12 circles in the inner and outer circles each hold the energy for one full month of the year, while the circle in the middle holds the energy for the entire year.  When you purchase this CCT Soul Chart, we first have a discussion about what you would like to see manifested during the following year.  After all your intentions are written down, I then do the CCT Soul Chart, and afterwards provide you with the original chart, plus a thorough write up of each circle/month and what you are/will be working with each month.  Other intuitive information that comes up while doing the chart is provided in the write up.

Lastly, as your year progresses, you can add intentions to this chart!  This allows it to be a very ‘current’ chart as the year progresses, so if something unexpected happens, or an additional need comes up, your yearly intentions can be addressed immediately.

Total Cost: $350


Developmental Stages of  A Project, Company, or Relationship

Every new undertaking has a mountain of possibilities behind it.  Whether it’s a new business, a new project, a new relationship, or your own personal path on this planet, there are literally a limitless amount of potentials possible.  As you progress down the path you take, there are different stages that must be fully realized in order for the project, company, relationship, etc. to move forward.  And, at each stage, there can be hangups too!  This CCT Soul Chart is absolutely ESSENTIAL to the success of an undertaking of these kinds of importance.

Each of the 13 circles represents the 13 Steps of Creation.  The cycle of 13 represents the progression of the soul through the Zodiac, the 13 moons of a year, and the 13 major joints of the body that allow for movement.  The 6 circles on the inside of the chart represent different stages of working internally with a project, company or relationship.  This is when the idea begins to take shape in our minds, and there are several steps that must be taken before our idea can manifest in the outer world.  Any number of possible thoughts, actions, or scenarios can derail us from bringing an idea out into the world.  This chart ensures that there is a CCT Session happening for each of these stages.

When we are ready to move out into the world with our idea, (company, project, etc.) we move to the 6 outer circles, and begin to move through the outer manifestation of the creation.  Again, any number of possible thoughts, actions or scenarios can derail us from fully actualizing our initial idea.  This chart ensures that there is a CCT Session happening for each of these stages as well.  In the final circle, the inner circle of the chart, we fully assimilate all of the experiences of the first 12 steps of creation so that our next act of creation begins at a higher level.

When you purchase this CCT Soul Chart, we first discuss your creation and determine the correct intentions for it.  After we are solid with these intentions, I complete the chart and provide the original copy to you, as well as a write up explaining each and every stage of the 13 Steps of Creation.  This allows you to watch as your project grows and comes into being, and gives you a TON of information to help you on your journey, along with setting up the Energetic Grids of the project itself, so that the physical components of the the project go smoothly and efficiently.

Total Cost: $350


Anchoring In Soul Purpose

We all have a Purpose for being on this planet.  Actually, we have MANY purposes for being on this planet.  Purpose is a funny thing.  Right now, your “Purpose” is reading this text.  In a moment, your Purpose will be whatever you are doing then.  At any given moment, you are doing whatever your Purpose is.  The truth is that we have many many MANY options for fulfilling our Purpose.  When we choose one thing over another, we are determining what Purpose we are fulfilling.  Sometimes, though, we can be derailed from fulfilling the HIGHEST potential of our purpose.  As human beings, we have a tendency to avoid fulfilling our Highest Potential Purpose for a lesser one, mainly because it is easier and there is less chaos to move through.  But, this can leave us feeling empty and unaccomplished.

Other signs that this chart might be the one for you is a feeling of being ‘lesser’ than others… jealousy, bitterness, anger, depression when someone is doing what they love and loving what they do… feeling like there is something more out there, yet to be found… unrelenting ‘pushing’ towards a goal, only to find that reaching the goal didn’t satisfy your needs…  these are all indicators that this is a chart for you!

When you purchase this CCT Soul Chart, we first discuss what you have been experiencing in regards to your Purpose.  You want to be clear about your intentions for Anchoring in your Soul Purpose.  You do not need to know what your Soul Purpose is, it will come after the chart is completed.  I then complete the chart, and provide the original copy to you, along with a write up of what happened during the energy work.  Then observe what shifts and changes for you in regards to your Soul Purpose… who comes in to your life?  Do you suddenly get a new job?  Do you move to a different city, state, country?  Does a sudden and intense desire to participate in something pull you?  All of these observations cue you in that this CCT Soul Chart is working for you!

Total Cost: $150


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