CCT Group Circle Soul Chart

CCT Group Circle Soul Chart


Group Circle Chart (Sample)

 This CCT Soul Chart is primarily used for healing and transforming Group Energy,
although there are a number of uses for this chart.


Group Energy Healings

When I say I work with ‘Group Energy’, most people think I’m referring to working with a bunch of individual people at the same time, i.e. in a “Group Setting”.  But that is VERY different than working with ‘Group Energy’.

Every person on this planet belongs to certain Groups, and each of those groups has it’s own energy that defines the Group.  For instance, as a human being, I am in a Group with ALL the other human beings on this planet.  I am also in a Group with the humans that live in my city, as well as being in a Group with those who live in my neighborhood.  I am part of the biological family Group, as well as my non-biological family Group.  I am in the Group with those who rent space in the office building where my office is located.  When I go to the grocery store, I am in a Group with the other shoppers, and when I go through the checkout, I am in a Group with the cashier and bagger.  When I drive anywhere in my car, I am in a Group with the other drivers on the road.  ANY time I am with at least one other person, I am in a “Group”.

Each Group that I belong to has it’s own energy too…  For instance, the Group Energy for my biological family is VERY different than the Group energy at my office.  The difference lies in the “Collective Wisdom” of each Group.  For instance, when I am with other CCT Teachers and Practitioners, the Collective Wisdom that we share is MUCH different than the Collective Wisdom that I share with my biological family.

Sometimes (ok, a LOT of times…) the Group Energy can become distorted, which is when Groups start to experience chaos and disharmony.  This can show up as:  Communication issues; manipulation; gossip; working against each other; hurt; blame; disagreements; yelling; control; fear; doubt; anger; etc.

There are three places where Group Energy comes together:  in the 3D (represented by the Trunk of the Tree above); in the “foundation” of the group (represented by the Roots of the Tree); and in the ‘Group Energy Field’ (represented by the Branches of the Tree).  Distortions, like the ones listed in the last paragraph, can occur at any or all of these places.  When I do a Group Healing, usually around a particular topic (i.e. “Our group doesn’t Communicate effectively like we used to do.”), distortions that exist at each of those centers are released, and the intention (“Clear and Effective Communication”) is anchored in at all three levels as well.

If you have a Group that could use a healing like this, contact me today and we can discuss it!  Every Group Healing I do comes with some coaching prior to doing the chart, to determine what is really needed with the Group.  This usually takes between 15 minutes and half an hour to discuss.  Then I do the CCT Protocol on Group Chart with everyone involved in the Group.  No one needs to be present or even to necessarily know about the Healing, although it can be EXTREMELY beneficial when everyone in the Group contributes their own Intentions to the Group Circle Chart.  After the Chart is complete, you receive the original copy in the mail, along with a written description of what came up in it.  This is usually a page to two pages long.  If further information is realized while doing the chart, I will provide that as well.

The total cost to have this Group Circle Chart done for you and your Group is $150.
To expedite the process, here is an easy payment link:


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Other Uses for this Chart


Individual CCT Session

This Group Circle Chart can also be used for an Individual Session as well.
The same information that applies to an Individual CCT Session applies to this chart.
(Click the link to learn more information).

Total Cost: $150



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Clearing Your Crystalline Energy System

At some point in the near future, every human on the planet will have what’s called a Crystalline Energy System.  This System is made up of your Water Element, your Connective Tissue, and your Mineral Salts in your body.  When these three components work together, they create a POWERFUL System that can handle and process information much faster than any bodily system in existence.  All children born today (and a majority under the age of 20) were born with a Crystalline Energy System already in place.  And there are some adults who have a Crystalline Energy System as well.  As I mentioned, everyone will have a Crystalline Energy System in place.

Periodically though, your Crystalline Energy System (CES), if you have one, needs to be cleared.  It can pick up and retain energetic “gunk” or “junk” from your surrounding environment and people.  The process for Clearing your Crystalline Energy System is fairly straight-forward.  Having this chart/session done for yourself comes with the chart itself (mailed to you), plus a explanation of what came up during the clearing.

Total  Cost: $50



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Balance Ancestral with Spiritual Energies

If you feel pressured by your family to do one thing, but your own Spiritual Guidance is leading you to do another, then this chart is for you!  Our families mean well, but they don’t always know how to support us as we need when we’re growing.  And this can really cause some distortions within ourselves that make it difficult to move forward at all.

Using this chart, the Roots represent the Ancestral Energies, the Branches represent our Spiritual Energies, and the Trunk represents the coming together of the two within us.  If any distortions exist anywhere, they are released, and your intention to Balance them is anchored in.  This chart/session comes with the chart itself (mailed to you), plus an explanation of what came up during the Balancing Session.

Total Cost: $50



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