CCT Infinity Soul Chart

CCT Infinity Soul Chart


Infinity Chart (Sample)

This CCT Soul Chart is primarily used for Balancing Two Opposing Forces,
or for Creating a Bridge from “Here” to “There”.


Mastering Dualities

The world is full of many types of Dualities:  Thinking vs. Feeling; Left Brain vs. Right Brain; Giving vs. Receiving; Individual vs. Group; Work vs. Home, etc.  When one of these opposing forces is too strong for too long, it can create a negative side effect.  For instance, if your work life is taking up too much of your time and you don’t get to spend time at home, you become burnt out, upset, and/or jaded, and your family can feel the same way too.  This chart helps balance the dualities so that a more even experience can be had.

When you have one of these charts done for yourself, we first have a discussion of which duality you would like to have addressed.  We want to make sure that the correct energies are being worked with.  In the situation above, a “Mastery Over Work/Home Life” intention may be appropriate, but there may be an underlying duality that needs to be addressed first, such as “Mastery Over Giving/Receiving”.  “Mastery Over Giving/Receiving” may be a duality that touches on many areas of your life, one of which being the balance between giving too much at work and not receiving enough time off.  After we determine the best duality to Master, I complete the CCT Soul Chart, and provide you with a written explanation of what came up while doing it (you also receive the original chart in the mail).

Total Cost: $95


Balancing Individual Energies with Group Energies

As mentioned on the CCT Group Circle Soul Chart page, we all belong to several different Groups on this planet.  Sometimes, a Group can hold us back from moving forward in the way in which we want (and need) to move forward.  Sometimes, a Group we are in is more powerful than we are individually.  Sometimes we are more powerful than a Group we are in.  When any of these happen, and we cannot leave the Group, it is important that we Balance our Individual Energies with the Group Energies, so that we can exist in Harmony with the Group.

When you purchase this CCT Soul Chart, we first have a discussion about you and the Group you are a part of, to ensure the correct Balancing of Energies is what we work with.  I then do the CCT Chart, which you receive the original copy of afterwards, along with a write up of what happened during the session.  As with the CCT Group Circle Chart(s), other members of the Group do not necessarily need to know about the work being done; it is about YOUR experience being in the Group.

Total Cost: $95


Transitioning From One “Place” to “Another”

The world we live in is always in transition, and therefore, we are also always in transition.  Most of the time, we recognize “physical” transitions, such as moving from one house to another, changing jobs or careers, changing schools (i.e. High School to College or College to Graduate School, etc.).  But we also go through other changes as well.  For instance, from Young Adult to Adult, or from Adult to Senior.  One of the biggest transitions we will EVER go through is transition from being “alive” to “deceased”.

Sometimes transitions like these can be smooth and easy; sometimes they are difficult and painful.  If you are going through a major transformation in your life, this is the CCT Soul Chart for you.

This chart works by creating an Energetic Bridge, so that you can transition from one “place” to “another place” with Grace, Ease, Love and whatever else you want to experience during the transition.  When an Energetic Bridge is created, it’s like sending a whole team of workers ahead to where you are transitioning to, and they take special care to make sure everything is in place for you, so that when you show up, everything is exactly as it should be.  Talk about a weight off!  This chart makes transitions easy and smooth.

When you purchase this chart, we first discuss what transition you are going through, and what you would like to experience during it.  I then do the chart, and after provide the original copy, as well as a write up of everything that happened while doing it.

Total Cost: $125


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