CCT Seed of Life Soul Chart

CCT Seed of Life Soul Chart


Seed of Life Chart (Sample)

This CCT Soul Chart primarily works with the harmonics of 7, including
The Chakras, The Days of the Week, and Balancing the 4 Subtle Bodies.


Clearing, Healing and Balancing the 7 Main Chakras

The human body has 7 main Energy Centers, called ‘Chakras’.  They exist in 7 different places in the body, and they all control certain aspects of our human-self.  When these Energy Centers are strong, we are healthy, vibrant, loving, peaceful and powerful.  We feel capable of almost anything, and are open to learning and growing.  When these Energy Centers are weak, we can feel physical discomfort, pain, and even have traumatic injuries happen.  We close ourselves to Love, Openness and Growth.  We struggle in life, and are confused by our own thoughts, emotions and feelings.

The 1st Chakra exists at the base of the torso, and is also called the “Root” Chakra.  When we are grounded and feel supported by the earth, it is healthy.  When we are un-grounded, feel unsafe, or struggle to feel comfortable with ourselves or around others, our 1st Chakra is weak.  When we are too grounded, we are unable to move forward in our lives, and doing the simplest of tasks seems impossible.

The 2nd Chakra exists at what I call the “low belly” and is also called the “Sexual/Creative” or “Sacral” Chakra.  This energy center holds our ‘Creative Energy’, which we use on a daily basis.  It also holds our ‘Sexual Energy’.  When we have a healthy 2nd Chakra, we feel free to create and revel in creation.  When we feel ‘blah’, un-motivated, or dull, our 2nd Chakra is weak.  When this Energy Center is too strong, we have a higher than normal sex drive, we can’t “shut off our brain” from thinking about creating, and we tire ourselves out by constantly being on the move.

The 3rd Chakra exists at our Solar Plexus.  This energy center holds our ‘Will’ and ‘Power’ Energies.  Self Discipline/Responsibility is also located here.  When strong, you “know what you know” and don’t have any qualms about it.  Your “gut instincts” are strong and alert.  When it is weak, you’re unsure of yourself, you let others control or manipulate you, and you second guess “what your gut is telling you”.  When this Energy Center is too strong, we dominate others with our own Will or Power.  We become too responsible (overly stressing about minuscule things), and can experience things like stomach aches and ulcers.

The 4th Chakra exists in the center of the chest, and is also known as the “Heart Chakra”.  Our Heart Chakra is the center for our Love and compassion for ourselves and others.  Empathy exists here.  When this Chakra is strong and healthy, we are free to love without condition, completely open to potential.  When it is weak or closed, we cannot receive our own Love or Love from others.  When it is too strong, we manipulate or smother others with our Love, and we can experience some pretty serious chest pains!

The 5th Chakra exists at our Throat.  This energy center controls our ability to voice our opinions, speak our minds, and express ourselves in other ways.  When this Chakra is healthy, we are able to express freely what we want to express, and feel confident in doing so.  When it is weak, we hold back from speaking our own truth (sometimes physically unable to speak at all!).  We give in to others’ ideas or actions.  When it is too strong, we say things we don’t mean, we over-step our boundaries, and can hurt others with our words.

The 6th Chakra exists in the middle of our forehead, and is called the “Third Eye Chakra”.  This Energy Center controls our Psychic Vision and Clarity.  When we intuitively “know” something and don’t know “how” we know it, it is because of our Third Eye Chakra.  When healthy, we receive information and guidance through this center.  When weak, we feel closed off to the world around us, and unable to make intuitive decisions for ourselves.  When it’s too strong, we can become overloaded with information, which can cause headaches and migraines, eye-sight problems, and can make us tired all the time.

The 7th Chakra is located just above your head, and is called the “Crown Chakra”.  This Energy Center is what connects us to the “oneness” in everything… in others, in nature, to the Divine…  When it is healthy, we feel at peace with the world around us, and feel a sense of Trust, Celebration and Stillness with everything.  When it is weak or closed, we feel isolated, alone, apart from the world.  When it is too strong or open, we lose our sense of self, of the Divine Nature we are connected to.

It is important for each of these Charkas to be working at a healthy level (not too strong, not too weak) and that they be working together.  Using this CCT Seed of Life Chart, your Chakras will be in Balance and working harmoniously.  When you purchase this CCT Soul Chart, we first have a discussion about what you have been experiencing, and we discuss what you would like to Clear, Heal and Balance your Chakras for (i.e. Physical Strength and Well-Being, Financial Abundance, etc.).  I then do the CCT Chart, which you receive the original copy of afterwards, along with a write up of what happened during the session.

Total Cost:  $95


Clearing, Healing and Balancing the Four Subtle Bodies

Each human on this planet has ‘Four Subtle Bodies’.  They are: Physical (ok, not so subtle!), Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual.  Each of these bodies control their own aspect of ourselves.  Sometimes there can be traumas that exist within each of them (i.e. a physical trauma, mental abuse, emotional turmoil, spiritual confusion, etc.).  When one of these bodies is ‘out of whack’, it can affect the other bodies as well.  For instance, when you slip and fall, your physical body can be hurt, damaged and/or traumatized.  So a Physical Healing could be needed.  But… because of the SAME incident, your Mental Body starts to feed you stories of “You’re getting old, this kind of thing is going to happen more and more…..”, so now your Mental Body is ‘out of whack’.  Then obviously, your Emotional Body starts to grieve for not only the initial incident, but also for the fear of the ‘impending doom’ your body is to face, so now your Emotional Body is out of whack.  And if left unchecked, your Spiritual Body says, “Why ME God??!?” and bitterness and anger ensue.  The older we get, the more this scenario plays out in our heads.  As kids, we experience a minor physical trauma that doesn’t take us down that rabbit hole, but as adults, we realize our physical mortality and these scenarios play out more and more.

When you purchase this CCT Soul Chart, we first have a discussion about you have been experiencing, and what you want to Clear, Heal and Balance your Four Subtle Bodies for (i.e. for Strength, Unity and Trust).  I then do the CCT Chart, which you receive the original copy of afterwards, along with a write up of what happened during the session.  Also included with this chart is a “Clearing Transitional Elements Between the Subtle Bodies”, which ensures that the relationship between each body is cleared and working appropriately.

Total Cost: $95


Balancing Vertical and Horizontal Energies

We experience two different energy flows… one Vertically and one Horizontally.  The Vertical Energy flow is our connection to the Earth (down) and our connection to the ‘Heavens’ (up).  We receive information from above and sustenance from below.  Proper physical alignment in our spine helps the energy flow from above and below correctly (picture the Lotus Position in Yoga).  When we are in proper alignment vertically, we feel grounded and connected at the same time.  The Horizontal Energy flow is our connection with the world around us.  We can be pulled in many MANY directions in this world, by many MANY sources.  When this happens, we are pulled quite literally “left-of-center” and can lose our ability to remain calm in a chaotic world.

This chart Balances the two Energies, so they can be working together to create a strong, centered place for you to live your life.  When you purchase this CCT Soul Chart, we first have a discussion about you have been experiencing.  I then do the CCT Chart, which you receive the original copy of afterwards, along with a write up of what happened during the session.

Total Cost:  $95


21 Day Treatment

This chart is used when you want to break major patterns or have a need for sustained energy for a length of time.  3 Individual Seed of Life Charts are used during the 21 days of Sessions.  When breaking a pattern (or anchoring in a new pattern of living), it is important to have energetically clear intentions for the pattern to shift.  For instance, if you want to stop drinking soda (which is a pattern), then we discuss what new pattern you want to see happen (I want to drink water).  We discuss your intentions for your 21 Day Treatment, and each and every day of the length of treatment, you receive a CCT Healing with those intentions anchored in.  If you are in need of sustained energy for a couple weeks, this chart works great too!  For instance, if you’re having surgery and need an extra boost of transformative healing during your recovery, this is the PERFECT chart for you!  Again, we discuss your intentions for this length of time and EVERY DAY you receive a transformative CCT Healing Session with your intentions anchored in.  The great thing is that you don’t have to be present to receive either of these types of healing sessions… it is all done with the CCT Seed of Life Chart!

When you purchase this CCT Soul Chart, we first have a discussion about your intentions for the 21 Days (as described above).  We select a ‘start date’ and I begin the CCT Chart then.  Each week, you receive an e-mail update with a written description of what happened that week (broken down day by day).  You also have the opportunity to add to or update your intentions as you go, so if a new intention is needed, or you have a new realization about one of the intentions we already discussed, you can let me know and update it accordingly.  After the 21 Days are completed, you receive the original charts, along with a printed write up of what happened during the entire 21 Days.

Total Cost:  $525

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