21 Day Treatments

21 Day Treatments are a great way to really dive in to an intention and healing process over a length of time.  Whenever we need extended assistance with either healing something from out past, or moving forward in a different way into the future, this is a great option.



When we dive into a 21 Day treatment, what we are transforming can really shift energetically.  It’s also important to know what’s happening on a conscious (aware) level too.  That’s why, when you’re receiving a 21 Day treatment with me, you’ll get daily updates about the healing that is taking place on that day.  The information provided will help you know and understand what is going on energetically, so that you can experience the fullness of the session and it’s benefits.



To read more about potential 21 Day chart options, click on the different topics below to read more and book your own 21 Day Treatment!



Healing the Divine Feminine



For more information on CCT, visit the national website at: www.CCTHealing.com



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