Healing the Divine Feminine

What is the Divine Feminine?



The Divine Feminine is the core of creation.

The Divine Feminine is represented in the physical by the mother and her womb… they literally “bring life” into the world.  It doesn’t matter if you are a woman, a man, both, neither, can have children, can’t have children… anytime that we ‘hold a container for’ someone or something while it is doing what it needs to do, we are expressing our femininity.


It’s essences include patience, wisdom, listening, understanding, receiving.

In right relationship, the Divine Feminine means welcoming, including, and listening to one another, with understanding being the forefront intention.  It means that you support others, and look to the unique gifts that they have to offer and share.  It means accepting and respecting differences, and looking for ways to honor and affirm others.  It means using your creative gifts and abilities to build in alignment with nature and transformation, instead of to tear down or control.  It means looking at the greater picture, instead of a short or narrow experience.  It means compassionately and empathically opening your heart, especially when you’re being judged, or witnessing judgement.  It means expressing from your heart.  It means using your intuition and perception when you need to make decisions, while taking in to account what your head says too.  It means integrating a palpable sense of connection… to inherent good, to creativity and curiosity, and the oneness that exists everywhere. 


It is that which is creative, harmonic, joyous and expressive.

The Divine Feminine flows with the moment, listening and recalibrating with ease and grace.  It doesn’t make plans for the future, it doesn’t rehash the past at great length… it connects with the sacredness of the present moment and honors the wisdom that comes through it at that exact moment it’s needed.


It is innate deep internal knowing of what to do and when to do it, without mentally thinking or knowing it.  Clairgnosis.  Instinctual Knowledge.

It has been difficult to write down this wisdom, because it’s contained in the heart and in the soul.  Therefore it’s been lost in our heavily dominant masculine energy for centuries and centuries.  How do we put into words the beauty and magnificence of what our soul knows?


It’s strength is so powerful that it needn’t utter a word.

To embody the Divine Feminine has been difficult and tumultuous… the more ‘in-your-face’ masculine energy has ruled the planet for a long time now.  It has denied the power and wisdom of the feminine.  The masculine has tried to disconnect the feminine from her power and wisdom, because the masculine has viewed her as weaker, frailer, more of a ‘sinner’.  And… the feminine has allowed it, because she sees that it is all just part of the whole.  And when feminine energy has been cut off from it’s true connection for too long, it has tried to beat the masculine at it’s own game, to which the masculine replies “See! You don’t have the answers!”.  This is how we know the Divine Feminine needs healing… it cannot beat the masculine at it’s own game, at what the masculine does best.  The feminine must immerse herself in that sacred connected wisdom of her power, and speak her wisdom from that point.  Only then will the masculine witness and finally see the feminine for the incredible gifts and wisdom she brings forth.


The Divine Feminine does not speak from an ego standpoint… it speaks from a greater depth of soul-level knowing.  It looks past the loud, boisterous noise around us and listens deeply to its own innate wisdom.

The Divine Feminine struggles to be heard or understood in this world of technology and absolutism.  It’s getting harder and harder to share her wisdom when it sees others brashly and criticizingly expressing their opinions in a masculine way.  Expressing the Divine Feminine is something that is of the utmost importance, whether that be in the form of words, actions, or non-actions.


The Divine Feminine does not judge… she understands the interconnectedness of all life, and expresses this understanding through her actions and essence.

It is time for the power of the Divine Feminine and the power of the Divine Masculine to come to a greater resonance with each other.  It’s time that each recognize the importance of the other, and come to learn about and grow with each other.  It’s time to share the strengths and positive aspects of each other.  To combine the absolutism and science of the brain with the innate wisdom and strength of the core.  To marry consciousness and instinctiveness.


EVERYONE has the Divine Feminine within them.  EVERYONE has experienced Divine Femininity.  EVERYONE, at some point or another, has experienced traumas around their own Divine Feminine nature.

The Divine Feminine is… angry, in a way.  She is angry for being repressed for so long.  BUT, and here is what the Divine Feminine has to teach us… when she gives herself full permission, she chooses to express her anger in a healthy way, owning the anger, and shifting herself to transform it.  The masculine rages his anger… he becomes physical, loud, antagonistic, abusive.  He expects everyone else to shift, but does not own the emotion himself.  He projects on to others when he doesn’t understand, when his wounded side is hurting and aching.

When we identify with the suffering of the Divine Feminine, it’s easy to do the same… to project this pain and anger on to the masculine.  When we identify with the pain, we lose that connection to oneness, to nature, to Divinity.  We must go deeper into the mystery of suffering, of what it means to need transformation, and understand that this experience (of being wounded) is also part of the whole, not the absolute.  Birth, death, birth, death. Cycle, cycle, cycle.  Death (pain) is necessary for the next level of birth, for the re-birth.  And through that comes higher levels of innate wisdom.  When we can look at it from that perspective, we don’t identify with the pain or suffering… we identify with the process that we all go through, and re-connect with the higher levels of insight and understanding that come with each new level.


How do you know that your Divine Feminine is wounded and needs healing?

Feelings of disconnect, frustration, and struggle.

Not feeling heard for what you have to share.

Anxiety over dealing with the world.

Anger over ‘stupid people’.

Feeling creatively stunted or lethargic.

Feeling alone, isolated.

Overly critical.

Feeling ashamed of your body, thoughts, or decisions.

You always feel like somebody tries to peg you into a certain role.

You’re talked down to; patronized.



How do you know that your Divine Feminine is Healthy?

You feel empowered and connected.

You feel completely capable of anything.

You don’t feel the need to respond to others’ complaints or judgments.

You see the bigger picture, and choose accordingly.

You notice others listening to what you have to say more often and for longer periods of time.

Life seems easier to live.

Your creative juices flow.

You are more physically active and have more energy.

You have a greater sense of freedom, of being able to be whoever you want to be.

You feel respected and valued for who you are.


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