CCT Tree of Life Soul Chart

CCT Tree of Life Soul Chart


Tree of Life Chart (Sample)

This CCT Soul Chart is primarily used for balancing and synchronizing very
complex components, such as the effects of planetary energies on a person,
a business or organization with lots of working components, or balancing
all of the systems of the human body.


For a Group with Complex Components

When a business has lots of working components, most or all of which are ‘out of whack’, this is the chart you need.  A Simple CCT Group Circle Chart can be used for most Groups, but when multiple Groups need to work together towards a common goal, you need to pull out the big guns!  This chart is PERFECT for balancing complex components that need to work better together.  Synchronization is the key here, and as you can see on the chart, each circle works with each other circle via the connections that are created between them.

When you purchase this CCT Soul Chart, we first have a discussion about what the organization (or company or Group) has been experiencing.  We develop a full list of the components (Example:  …  ABC Company:  Marketing Dept.; Budget and Finance Dept.; Payroll; Supervisors; Management; Full Time Employees; Part Time Employees; Janitorial; etc.; etc.).  We then develop the intentions that the overall organization and each component/Group.  I then complete the chart, afterwards providing the original chart along with a full write up of everything that happened during the chart work.  This can be quite lengthy, but can provide a LOT of information!  All of the components are balanced and synchronized, so that the larger Group can be effective and harmonious.

Total Cost:  $350


Balancing and Synchronizing the Systems of the Human Body

The human body has 13 main Systems that must work together harmoniously in order for the body to function properly.  With this CCT Tree of Life Soul Chart process, each of the body systems are brought into balance and synchronized with each other for maximum potential.  The 13 systems include:

The Skeletal System – (Bones give support to the body and muscles)
The Muscular System – (Moves the body)
The Nervous System – (Collects and processes information from the senses via nerves and conveys to the brain, and returns the brains responses)
The Respiratory System – (The lungs and the trachea bring oxygen into the body to sustain life)
The Cardiovascular System – (The heart, arteries and veins circulate blood through the body to carry oxygen and nutrients to organs & cells, and carry waste products away from organs & cells)
The Digestive System – (Processes food with the mouth, esophagus, stomach and intestines to provide nutrients to sustain life)
The Excretory System – (Eliminates waste from the body)
The Urinary System – (Consists of the two kidneys, ureters, bladder and urethra.  Eliminates waste from the body)
The Endocrine System – (Provides chemical communication within the body using hormones)
The Immune System – (Defends against disease-causing agents)
The Lymphatic System – (Comprising a network of lymphatic vessels that carry a clear fluid called lymph towards the heart)
The Integumentary System – (Comprised of skin, hair, nails, with sweat and other exocrine glands)
The Reproductive System – (The sex organs that allow the opportunity to create offspring)

(*Note* The Circulatory System is made up of the Cardiovascular System and the Lymphatic System)

When you purchase this chart, we first discuss what you are experiencing within your body, and determine the overall intention(s) you have for the chart.  I then complete the chart, afterwards providing the original chart, along with a detailed description/write-up of what happened during the process.  Each system is discussed and what was needed to bring it into balance with the other systems.

Total Cost:  $250


Past, Present and Future

As we move forward in life, we draw on experiences (energy) from our past, which determines where we presently are at, and both of those define where we are moving in our future.  Sometimes, one of these periods of time can hold our attention, and we become ‘stuck’ there.  When we have a really traumatic experience in the past, we can get hung up on ‘what happened’ and we need to heal that trauma before we can move forward.  Sometimes we are ‘caught-up-in-the-moment’ too often, and never take the necessary steps to move forward in our present.  And when we are too worried about the future or a potential upcoming outcome, we either get afraid and don’t take the steps we need to take, or we try and manipulate the outcome instead of trusting that the Universe will provide exactly what we need.

This chart is perfect for healing and clearing what happened in our past, transforming where we are currently in our present, so that we can manifest the highest potential outcome in our future.  If you’re smiling right now, this chart is for you!

When you purchase this CCT Soul Chart, we first discuss what you have been experiencing, and what your intentions are for the chart.  I then complete the chart, providing the original to you, along with a write up as to what is being healed and overcome from your past, what is being transformed in your present, and what the future potential/outcome could bring.

Total Cost: $150


Balancing and Synchronizing the Planetary Effects on a Person

The Tree of Life is an ancient system of healing and information used by many cultures.  In Crystalline Consciousness Technique (TM), it is associated with 9 planets and the sun, but is not necessarily aligned with the more traditional astrology views.  In this layout, the planets and sun were muscle tested to determine which one associated with each circle, bringing surprising results!  In addition to the planets, the Tree of Life has a word associated with each circle.

When you purchase this CCT Soul Chart, you are brought into full alignment with the Planetary Effects that can wreak havoc on your sensitive awarenesses.  After I complete the chart, you are given the original, along with a full description (from the book, Alan Oken’s Complete Astrology) of the meanings within each circle, as well as information as to what was balancing and synchronizing for you within each planet/sun.

Total Cost: $350


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