CCT Level 5

The Golden Spiral


CCT Level 5 works with the natural patterns that Nature uses to Transform. Specifically, what is known as the Golden Spiral and the Golden Ratio (also known as the Fibonacci Sequence). The 3 Phases of Transformation that is taught in CCT Levels 2-4 gets the rhythm going of Opening, Chaos, and Mastery, but there can be sidetracks and conditions that arise during this process that can create distortions in the process. In this class, we take what we’ve learned in the prior classes and align our intentions and state of being to the Golden Spiral of Transformation.


Golden Spiral Rose


In taking this class, you step into becoming a ‘Master of Transformation’. Your energy knows how to transform, you consciously know the 3 Phases of Transformation, and this class takes all that you know to the next level. As a Master of Transformation, you’ll…:


–Commit to your growth and transformation everyday in every area of your life–

–Align to your one unique purpose and highest potential with an easy heart. You may express it in many ways but won’t be in conflict with it–

–Pay attention to the patterns and phases of Transformation around you and through all areas of your life–

–Master your mind and promote positive emotions–

–Pay attention to what stirs your curiosity. That is the beginning of a new spiral of Transformation–

–Commit to staying the course of Transformation after starting something new–

–Understand that setbacks, obstacles, and challenges are temporary and a natural part of phase two. Use your creativity for problem solving, not for emotional drama–

–Set your GPS (Intention) and resolve where you want to be after chaos–

–Bring in your sense of a Higher Plan, Picture, or the Divine to be the riverbanks for your creative flow–

–Connect the parts to the whole–


There are new techniques to setting up your Crystalline Energy Fields (as there are in each and every class), you’ll explore a new way to connect to Crystalline Consciousness, there is a new Healing Chamber that you begin to work with, and you’ll learn about the CCT Chakra System (which is very different than the traditional electro-magnetic chakra system!). You’ll also learn how to do CCT Mini Sessions and 21 Day Soul Charts in a new way too, along with other new tools and techniques!




Friday-Sunday, April 24 – 26, 2020
(Deadline to Register: Wednesday, April 15)




9:30am – 4:00pm EST




Payment Options


One time Payment: $550
Two Payments of $280 each
Four Payments of $145 each

Already taken this class and want to audit it? ($95)



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