Energetic Integrity

I recently had an experience which taught me about Energetic Integrity, so I thought I would share it.  Energetic Integrity is something that I am actually quite familiar with, but I learned about it in such a powerful way recently that it reminded me how much further this topic goes!


You might be scratching your head, wondering what I mean by Energetic Integrity… and you’re going to need to scratch a little longer I’m afraid.


In order to understand a concept like this one, I first need to talk a little about three specific energy centers located in your body, called the ‘3 Primary Energy Centers’.  The first one is your Sexual/Creative energy center, located in your “low belly”.  This energy center is in charge of ‘Creating’ through either a sexual act (ex: ‘procreating’) or via a creative action or endeavor.  Think of famous artists, like Vincent Van Gogh or Mozart; musicians/performers like Madonna or Justin Timberlake; and athletes like Serena Williams and Peyton Manning.  Strong S/C Energy Centers can create amazing things (not always good, I might add), and weak S/C Energy Centers will create weakness in the body, with little-to-no motivation either.


The second energy center is located at the heart, appropriately named ‘The Heart’ Energy Center.  This spot is in charge of emotional feelings that range in frequency from Fear and Powerlessness (low) to Joy, Enthusiasm and Love (high).  Think of people like Mother Theresa, Mohammed Gandhi, Oprah, Princess Di, Toni Morrison, Abraham Lincoln, and Judy Garland.  Strong Heart Energy Centers are open and loving, and can really hold space for others.  Weak Heart Energy Centers can result in circulation problems, heart issues, and spinal and back issues.


The third energy center is located in the forehead, and is called the ‘Psychic’ Energy Center.  The Psychic Energy Center is in charge of what is called ‘Intuitive Knowing’… you know how you sometimes just KNOW something even though you have no idea how you know it?  It’s because your Psychic Energy Center picked up on it.  Think of intellectuals and innovators like Leonardo Divinci, Albert Einstein, George Lucas, Henry Ford, Galileo, Benjamin Franklin, Walt Disney, and Sylvia Brown.  Strong Psychic Energy Centers help us increase our intuition, while weak ones will create pessimism, headaches, and all around detachment.


Now that we’ve gone through that mumbo jumbo, we can talk about Energetic Integrity.  What happens is that sometimes (actually, most times) we project any or all of these 3 Primary Energy Centers at other people, and other people project their energy centers at us!  This will happen if someone has intense needs that aren’t being fulfilled, or when we want to manipulate (intentionally or unintentionally) to do something we want them to do.  If there is a distortion that exists, then the distortion will be what is projected, but even the act of projecting that energy onto someone else is a distortion in and of itself.  An example of a distortion in the S/C energy center would be if someone experienced sexual abuse or trauma (either as the person causing the distortion or as the person being violated), or someone was trying to use their ‘charm’, physical appearance, or seduction techniques to get what they want.  An example of a distortion in the Heart energy center is when a healthy amount of ‘mothering’ moves into ‘smothering’… A “you WILL love me!” attitude sums it up nicely.  An example of a Psychic Energy Center distortion is a ‘psychic attack’… when someone tries to use their “power” to get their way.  Intense yelling/screaming, over-compensating assertion, and dominating abuse are indicators that a Psychic Energy Center is out of alignment.


When any of these 3 Primary Energy Centers are out of alignment and we’re projecting them inappropriately, we are NOT in Energetic Integrity.  To have Energetic Integrity means that I am not using ANY of my energy to distort, disrupt, corrupt, or otherwise affect someone else’s energy.  When I am out of Energetic Integrity, other people can REALLY be negatively affected by it.  The result?  Utter confusion, pain and suffering.


Luckily for me, one of the programs in CCT helps with EXACTLY this issue… it’s called, “Healing the Earth”.  In this class, the VERY FIRST thing we do is align these 3 Primary Energy Centers to something that helps us stay connected to our path and our Life Purpose, and so that we’re not spewing our Primary Energy Centers all over everyone else and the world around us.  This is such an important first step in creating what we want to create in the world… if the energy that helps us feel passion towards creating something (Heart) can’t be expressed (S/C) with your intuitive knowing (Psychic), then it’s not creating what you really WANT to create!  It’s out mixing with other people’s distorted energy centers, and you’re not able to even come close to reaching your FULLEST potential.  You start to feel like a hamster on a wheel… either going, going, going with no enthusiasm or drive (and usually with quite a bit of bitterness or dissatisfaction), or you try and fail over and over and over again.  If this describes you, then this class is an absolute MUST.


Look for my upcoming blog post… “Why Energetic Knowledge Doesn’t Make You An All-Peaceful Saint, and Why That’s Ok!”



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