How To Fix Our Government…

It’s time…. It’s time to call their bluff. Go ahead, shut the government down. This isn’t tolerable any longer, We are afraid of embracing chaos… this fear and resistance only causes it to continue on and on and on. I am choosing to embrace it… it’s only when we can embrace the chaos that would ensue from a government shut down that we can finally move forward in a more productive, honest, and ‘high integrity’ way. This is not a rant from a political position or ‘point-of-view’ from one side or another… our current party system and those who identify with it is only a distraction from the real issue. Corruption permeates through all parties and MUST be stopped; Integrity throughout the whole system MUST be brought in. To make that happen, it might get shitty for a while… so be it.

When it does happen, we must be careful to not identify with it… we cannot say, “It is bad that our government is shut down.” or “It’s their (democrat’s or republican’s) fault that we’re in this mess.” In fact, a massive overall of the current political structure (i.e. ‘the mess’) would be GOOD! That “mess” would signify that the old is being torn apart, which can only be how the new comes in. We all want the new, but how can it happen when the current way is in place?? It can’t. Which is why we must embrace it. We cannot be afraid of change any longer. No, it’s not change we fear….. We cannot be afraid of “the act of changing” any longer. We must step into the chaos if we hope to experience honesty and integrity in our government. There needs to be true accountability and leadership.

Right now, close your eyes and bring your awareness to your heart. Choose to align to our country who’s government is fair, honest, responsible, smart, optimistic, upbeat, friendly, financially sound, and who has strong, capable, well-communicating leaders who work together to solve issues gracefully and easily.

Yes, I know that we don’t have that now…. I just want you to align to the POTENTIAL of this new paradigm of living. It IS potentially possible, but we must believe it can be first. DON’T fall in to your chosen parties’ beliefs… this isn’t about being “right” and somebody else being “wrong”… this about allowing the ‘essence’ of what I mentioned above to begin to manifest. As long as our government has the qualities listed above, I don’t give a flying you-know-what if it comes in the form of ‘the Right’, ‘the Left’ or from God shimself, All I care about is that we are able to work together so we can experience a better system than we currently have… not just better, the Best Potential Outcome!

With Love and Crystalline Light…

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