Is Your Child Shy?

I had a wonderful experience this past weekend, and wanted to share it with you. It has to do with one of the tools I use, which you can learn for yourself in the upcoming Crystalline Family Class on January 22-24th…

So, I got to spend the weekend with several AMAZING Crystalline kids, and boy did they teach me a LOT! Each of them have their own special gifts and abilities. They also have unique hang-up’s and distortions too. I’m going to give you an example of a special gift/ability, and an example of a distortion.

It was a birthday party for the youngest boy, and let’s just say the “chaos” was running rampant. Children playing with old and new toys, birthday cake, a campfire, adults enjoying their adult beverages, lots of boisterous noise and excitement… At one point in the middle of the chaos, the eldest boy, about 10 years old, decided to sit in front of the fireplace and meditate! No prompting by an adult, he just felt like that was what he needed, so he sat down and did it. Boy was I impressed! In the middle of the chaos, to choose to do something like that is a HUGE indicator that he is very clear about what his needs are, and how to meet them. This is an example of a special gift/ability… to not only know HOW to meditate, but to recognize the need and address it is very impressive!

Shy Little Girl

The youngest girl (turning 4 years next month) was EXTREMELY shy. She shied away from speaking to adults, and even tried to bury her face behind ‘Mom’ on more than one occasion. It typically took several tries to get her to respond to a question, and even her playing with the other children was reserved. According to her Mom, she is shy with EVERYBODY!

So, one of the things that I teach in the Crystalline Family Class is how to communicate with (young) children in a completely different way than using words. One of the unique characteristics of Crystalline children is that they don’t necessarily use a tool like “words” to communicate… they use what is called the ‘Crystalline Energy Field’, and they access this by using what is called their ‘Crystalline Energy System’.

It is similar to psychic communication, but the system they use (the Crystalline Energy Field and their Crystalline Energy Systems) is much different. If I can boil it down to a sentence or two, it’s like each child in today’s world has a brand spankin’ new phone, newer than new even, and they can connect to others who have their own brand new phone too. This new phone they have works with a very special cell service that only they can access, and it is so easy and convenient to use, that all they have to do is barely think about using it and they’re connected. It is kind of like using Facetime on an iPhone… If two people have their own iPhone’s, you can utilize this application. If one (or more) doesn’t, it won’t work. And let’s face it, using a video chat feature like Facetime is WAY more fun and easy than just talking!

So, for Crystalline children, using words can be very clunky and heavy. Luckily for me (and the young girl), I happen to teach people how to communicate like she does! So, I connected with her via the Crystalline Energy Field, and within 5 minutes, she grabbed my hand and off we went to play the day away! She was NOT shy anymore! She and I could communicate in a way that the adults in her life don’t know how to do, and this brought her a much needed sense of Safety and Connection that she needs in order to feel comfortable speaking. By the end of the night, she was’t a stranger to anyone, and I even heard that later that night as Mom was putting her to bed that ‘she loves her Uncle Scott’. smile emoticon

If you have a small child who is shy, or is uncomfortable speaking to adults or other children, this Crystalline Family Class is an absolute MUST for you! In the class, you’ll get your own brand spankin’ new “phone” (i.e. your own Crystalline Energy System), and I’ll show you how to communicate (through the Crystalline Energy Field) with your children and other young one’s so that you can help them shed their insecurities so they can shine like they want to!

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