March 26, 2012

Good Day!

Energetic healing, such as the type of work that I do, is a very complex and intriguing concept.  There is no physical basis that one can hold on to when learning about energy work and what it can do for you, and let’s face it, we live in a very physical world!  It’s difficult to grasp concepts that you get mixed information on.  The media, internet, and general public points of view can cloud your own personal ideas and I hope to offer you the ability to decipher for yourself your own personal truths.  This is why a huge part of my business is going to be focused on the education of energetic concepts.

If you have a question, I encourage you to post it here, and I will be sure to answer it.  Or, you can click on the ‘Contact Us’ page and submit your question privately if you prefer.  Either way, I will be sure to address your questions to the best of my ability and get you the answers you need.

Check back often to see new posts and new thoughts and ideas.  There will be a great deal of good information posted, so let me know what you think!


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