The 3 Phases of Transformation

There are three phases in the CCT Protocol:

Phase One (Opening)

Opening creates safety and trust so that the body can deeply relax, turning off any hyper-vigilant mechanisms such as learned fight or flight reactions.  During this phase, the energy body is brought into the frequency of 7.8 hertz, the most optimal frequency for healing.  This frequency allows the physical body to deeply relax and allows the brain to quit producing stress chemicals that are the underlying factor in aging and life-style illnesses such as diabetes and heart disease. The frequency range of 7.8 hertz also allows the emotional body to move from the fight or flight emotions of fear and anger to peace, joy and contentment. All of this prepares the body for deeper healing.

When used in a group context, Phase One creates a field of energy wherein we all connect from our Universal commonalities of belonging, creativity, and contribution to name a few. We remember that we are more alike then we are separate.  This Phase prepares us for healing.

Phase Two (Healing Chambers)

Healing begins in this Phase by bring in the beautiful sacred geometric shape (google them!) Healing Chambers to clear and release old patterns and distorted energy in our bodies. This occurs on the cellular level and therefore creates a more cohesive energetic component to anchor in our Intentions for transformation.  Creating and maintaining health depends on the body systems, organs and cells all communicating to each other.  This is best achieved through a highly coherent, unified energy field.  At this point in the session, the physical and energetic bodies are ready for the intentions of the conscious mind.

When working with group energies, Phase Two promotes greater communication among all parts of a group, just as it does within a body.

At this point in the session Conscious Intentions are voiced and brought in at the Conscious level. These intentions are then anchored in as the new blueprint or pattern for the body to organize around and we then align & move forward through this new dynamic pattern/direction.

Phase Three (Mastery)

The last phase in a CCT session further heals any area of the Self that may not yet be fully aligned with the new intentions, while also strengthening all inner core, vertical energies.  A sense of smoothness is often felt by the receiver.  As the healing from the session is anchored into the core of the body, the receiver feels grounded yet expanded at the same time. In group sessions, Phase Three strengthens the group’s sense of being linked to a higher purpose in what they are doing or creating.

During the three to five days following a session, receivers have noticed that old patterns, habits, and emotions that they no longer want lift out, leaving a greater sense of freedom or space throughout the whole body.  A sense of joy is often felt as intention manifest in surprising ways.  Click Here to find out more about ‘What to Expect After A CCT Session’.

In groups such as families, businesses or organizations the felt changes can be more subtle. Often there is a greater sense of renewed commitment, greater flow of creativity, and overall more harmonious work and play atmosphere.

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