Riding the Wave/Detachment

Many people, maybe even including you, are experiencing tremendous shifts and changes in your life. You may perceive these shifts as chaotic and can’t seem to grasp what’s going on. You may be experiencing a break-up or divorce, losing a loved-one, or general dissemination throughout business, groups or organizations you are in or belong to.

There is a very real reason you are experiencing this! We, as a human race and planet, are increasing in vibrational energy to a higher resonance. This is TREMENDOUS to our overall health and well-being. The higher a resonance or vibration there is, the better we will feel and more ‘in-tune’ we will be with each other, thus creating greater peace for us to experience, internally and externally!

Old energy patterns (paradigms) that are stagnant in the older energies must do one of two things: fall apart and dismantle, or… shift and transform into bigger and better things!

Think of it this way… for centuries, we (the proverbial “we”… human beings) have been the caterpillar, slowly slumbering along, waiting, gathering and preparing for our metamorphosis. We have slowing and unknowingly entered the cocoon phase over the last several decades. Now we are struggling to let go of our confines and blossom into the beautiful butterflies we all are. Some of us are staying attached to our cocoon’s, which are no longer serving us! Let go! Take a leap of faith!

The best way to do this is detach from the outcome you “think” you want. If you have broken up with someone or are going through a divorce, let go of your attachment to the other person! If you’ve lost or are losing a loved one, trust that they will be alright on the other side. If your business is failing and you’re not sure what to do, either make healthy, positive changes, or look for a new and exciting venture! If a group you belong to is experiencing chaos, ride the wave and let changes happen… don’t be attached to the outcome! Relinquish your need to be in control of an outcome; abandon your reasoning “why” you should do a certain thing; repudiate your claim to the way things were or used to be… YOU WILL FEEL BETTER! =)

The better we can do to ‘ride the wave of change’, the better we will all feel. To paraphrase a passage in Neale Donald Walsch’s Conversations with God, “(I am not attached to results)… My joy is in the creating, not in the aftermath. Renunciation is not a decision to deny action. Renunciation is a decision to deny a need for a particular result.”

I hope you have a fantastic month!

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