The Story of The Red Moth

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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Today was a particularly rough day.  You see, I lost my partner in life, Larry on Valentine’s Day, 2014.  So it has been a rough year to say the least.  I am staying at the Diamond J Ranch in Ennis, MT., for the summer.  The Diamond J is home to the CCT (Crystalline Consciousness Technique) energy modality, and I am a CCT teacher, so I knew that coming to the ranch this summer would be therapeutic, and would provide me with the healing I need to continue to move forward with my life.  I’ve been here two weeks as of today, and this story is the first of many to come.

Butterfly 2So I was walking from the lodge back to my room, called ‘The Dorm’, and I stumbled across this little guy!  At first I thought he was a butterfly, but upon closer look I realized he was a moth.  He was absolutely BEAUTIFUL!  A dark, maroon color, with amazing black, gray, white and brownish markings… even a touch of silver, especially underneath his wings.  I immediately put my stuff down and sat down next to him, not getting to close, but close enough that I could hold my phone out and take pictures.

As I was looking at him, a thought popped in my head… “Do a CCT session with him!”.  So I did!  I set up fields, and did the first two phases of the CCT protocol on him.  As soon as I did the second phase, he started moving like CRAZY!  Wiggling his legs, his antennas started twitching, his wings were moving quite a bit.  His back and wings were moving like you would if you were trying to flex your shoulders and move your shoulder blades back and forth…  It felt like he was releasing tension in his wings and back muscles!

So the moving continued, and I couldn’t believe it when he started walking!  Right over every blade of grass, twitching the whole time, his little antennas moving back and forth…

Then… he started to turn towards me!  Moving his little legs over the grass, DIRECTLY at me.  I couldn’t believe he was not afraid or didn’t fly off…

Butterfly 3      Butterfly 4      Butterfly 5      Butterfly 6

Before I knew it… he was AT my leg (he was moving FAST!), and he continued his climb, right up on my leg!!

Butterfly 7      Butterfly 8

And he kept going…

Butterfly 9

And going…

Butterfly 10      Butterfly 11

And finally stopped….

Butterfly 12

Right DIRECTLY on my Heart!

I couldn’t believe it… I held my shirt out a little bit, not wanting to shake him off, but a little nervous that he moved so fast and climbed right up me!  He stopped when he got to the pocket in my shirt, and just clung on.

I didn’t really know what to think, then all of a sudden it hit me… this wasn’t just a moth, this was Larry.

You see, earlier today, I was having a bit of an emotional melt-down.  It’s what I expected to do out here in Montana… cry, grieve, let it out.  During my morning cry, I was really upset that I couldn’t see him, or feel him like I used to be able to.  I was really upset that I couldn’t have a physical connection with him.

I talk to Larry every day… we have conversations, we’ve worked through some things that we needed to work through, and we are coming to a time where we can understand ‘why’ all this has happened to us.  We still have a long way to go, and I, feeling like I was ‘left behind’ or abandoned in some way, have the grieving process to continue to go through.

As I had this realization that this was Larry right directly on my heart, my friend Sue came up to the Dorm behind me, and I called her over… She got a couple GREAT pictures!

Butterfly 13      Butterfly 14      Butterfly 15

Butterfly 16      Butterfly 17

After Sue left, I started to cry…     and cry and cry and cry.

For over half an hour, I let out a lot of my emotions and sadness.  I shifted energy like crazy, breathing deep once a minute for quite a long time.  I felt this little guy working with my heart energy, as I released some of my grief.  I completed the second and third phase of the CCT session he was in, which, at this point, I realized I was in as well, and wiped my eyes.

Not sure how this was going to end, and needing to get off of my now numb foot, I heard the message, “When you’re ready…”.  I gently stood up, and walked over to a nearby bush, holding a branch steady for him to crawl on.  He gently stepped onto the branches, and making sure he was on and stable, I stepped back.

Butterfly 20      Butterfly 21

A little while later, I returned, and he was still there!  He actually stayed for quite some time, as I checked on him throughout the day.

Then, right at dusk, I was walking by, back to my cabin, and he was fluttering his little wings like crazy!  RIGHT as I got to the bush, he took off.  He flew around me, up over my head, and as I walked closer to the Dorm, he flew up in a pine tree over the building.

I am so lucky to be able to have had this experience.  I believe this was a divine message from Larry and the powers that be, to let me know everything is ok, everything is going to BE ok, and to help heal my heart.

THANK YOU LARRY, for everything you have done for me, and for helping me become the man I am today.

I am blessed.

Butterfly 18

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6 responses to “The Story of The Red Moth”

  1. MelRae says:

    Oh my goodness, oh my goodness, oh my goodness!! Scott, this is so amazing and heartwarming and healing!! So amazing what can happen when you slow down and pay attention to your surroundings. I am so happy to hear that your heart is healing. May your journey continue to be filled with the most abundant surprises and give you the support and clarity needed at this time. Many, many hugs from both myself and April!! And thank you for sharing this wonderful moment. We will continue to have you in our hearts.

  2. Donna Kamann says:

    Hi Scott…wow!..great story and what a testament to cct. I am wishing for you during your time there some peace..and whatever else you may need or want for yourself ..:)

  3. Leah says:

    Incredible, moving, powerful… such a blessing that you are writing and sharing your healing process Scott. It is another way you are blessing the world. Thank you.

  4. Tina ferner says:

    Thanks Scott for your open heart and authenticity. In your healing process you help others to heal and to open to vulnerability and the magic that surrounds us. We are all in this together and all have hearts that need mending. I wish continued healing and blessings to you, on your journey!

  5. Teresa says:

    So beautiful

  6. Kim Collins says:

    Scott, how awesome of an experience and insight. So beautiful way to heal your heart and to let go. Thank you for sharing you gift. Much love and light, Kim

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