Trust is a concept and vibration that is especially difficult for many people to grasp, including myself.  It is something that I specifically and consciously have been working with for almost a year now, and even though my perception of what it means to trust has evolved, every once in a while I find myself reverting back to an un-trusting state.  Life events, new experiences, and abrupt changes try to steer us back to this un-trusting state.  Trust has its own very specific energy that goes against our learned fight-or-flight response to life events, but that doesn’t mean our fight or flight responses are what’s best for us.

The reason that Trust is such a difficult concept for people to experience and work with is that it demands an acknowledgement of something we can’t physically grasp, see, or control, and that freaks us out sometimes.  We, as human beings, like to have a concrete concept to grasp hold of whenever possible.  Even when we are happy or sad, enthusiastic or angry, we can physicalize our emotions so they are ‘easier to deal with’.  When you work with Trust, it is very difficult to bring it into our three dimensional world.

At different points of time in our lives, we have heard people say, “Trust me, it will be alright” or “Trust me, I know what I’m talking about” or “Trust me, it will work”… but what are they actually saying?  They are giving us the opportunity to allow ourselves to feel what it’s like to not worry, judge, hate, or hold an attachment to an outcome we want.  By making these statements, we are given the opportunity to acknowledge that we can feel confident that someone else knows better than we do and that they are communicating that to us honestly and reliably.  We are then able to allow ourselves to grow, change, thrive, and manifest freely.

So……  Why is it up to others to enact trust in our lives and not our own responsibility?  Why don’t we do this for ourselves?!  The answer is simple: we don’t allow ourselves to Trust.  We think it’s easier to trust in other people or things because they tell us to, but when it comes to trusting ourselves we struggle.

How often do you say to yourself…  “Self?  Trust me!  I know what I’m talking about!” or “I trust myself; I know what I’m doing.”  The rare times you think or say these things are usually in defense of your own ego to others (think back to when you were a teenager!).  This is much different than maturely stating, calmly and with assuredness, “Self?  Trust.  Trust Yourself.  You know what’s right.  You can do it.”  By thinking or saying this to yourself, you can bring Trust into your three-dimensional world, and allow it to grow safely and easily in your life!

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