Universal Need – Safety

CCT Definition:  Relates to the first energy center below the feet. Until we feel safe we are not free to learn, heal, or reach our fullest spiritual and human potential. The soul task relates to the soul feeling safe in 3rd dimension form on planet Earth.  (© gia combs-ramirez, www.CCTHealing.com)

It is easiest to notice Safety when it is absent from your awareness (when there is a lack of Safety in your life).  Think of a time when you were physically, verbally or energetically attacked.  When we are physically or “psychically” attacked as such, there is a sense of powerlessness that we feel (however minute) and we end up carrying that information and trauma with us.  This is where the absence of Safety comes in and prevents us from fully stepping into our empowered selves.

Solving the issue (or lack) of Safety can be handled two different ways… negative resolutions or positive resolutions.  Negative resolutions to satisfy our need for Safety include: over-eating, using drugs or alcohol (“liquid courage”), joining a gang, retreating to a ‘safe spot’, aggressiveness, etc.  (What do YOU do when you don’t feel safe?)  For me, I used to retreat and not express myself when I felt unsafe.  I can remember not saying things (participating in individual or group discussions) because I didn’t feel safe within the group, only to regret later not doing that.

The best way to positively affect your level of Safety is to first connect to the energy of Safety itself.  The pure, raw, emotion of Safety.  Where it is, what it does for you, how you tap into it, etc.  Tapping in to Safety brings a sense of ‘surety’ and stability.  It is an emotional state free from fear, loss, danger, depression, risk, etc.  It is a perfect vibration when you have a ‘fear’ about something…  tapping into it allows you to connect to what it provides, which will generally take care of the fear you’re experiencing.  Anxiety Disorders, PTSD, Borderline Personality Disorder, OCD, Panic Attacks, Phobias.

The Energy Center of Safety is located about 1 foot below your feet.  It connects us to the earth, so that we feel an overall sense of Safety.  It creates a ‘taproot’ of sorts that connects our human biology to the earth.  This is different than our Root or Foot Chakra(s), and is different than ‘grounding’.

What do you notice when you bring your awareness to that Energy Center?

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