When to do a CCT Session

One of the most important parts of learning CCT is knowing WHEN to do a CCT session on yourself, which you learn how to do when you take the Level 2 class… here is my process:

Step 1: I notice that I have a negative emotion about someone or something.

Step 2: I ask myself “Why do I have that negative emotion?”

Step 3: Once I answer that question, I ask the question again and again, and keep going back in my linear timeline to the root of what caused that emotion.
(EVERY negative emotion we have is rooted in our childhood, from pre-birth to puberty.)

Step 4: I go as far back as I can, as the more I understand about “why” I feel a negative emotion the more my consciousness will be on the same page with my energy. If I’m not sure where in my childhood it shows up, that’s ok, I just go back as far as I can.

Step 5: I do a CCT Session on myself and anchor in the intention to release the root cause (“I ask to anchor in the following intention as stated: Release the (negative emotion) around (event) on any and all levels of my being. I ask to anchor in (positive emotions/vibrations).”

The most original ‘trauma’ that exists will be released (the energy blueprint that dictates what the trauma is) and the new intention is anchored in it’s place.  If a similar negative emotion happens with a similar event, I know that there was an event that happened further back (earlier) than what I released with the first session, and is my indicator that I need to re-look at the process to get to the root of it.

To learn more about how you can learn this process for yourself: http://www.rayoflifehealing.com/classes/cct-level-1-and-2-combined/

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