Why Choose To Work With Crystalline Consciousness?

Why should I choose Crystalline Consciousness?
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What is the benefit?
How does it work?

There are many energetic healing modalities out there… you could spend lifetimes learning them all.  I’ve had quite a bit of experience with the array of options available, but the one that I focus my attention on is called Crystalline Consciousness.  “Why?” you ask?  Well I’ll tell ya!

Every energetic healing modality comes from some place… most of the time, it comes from personal interaction and someone’s own power/energy/knowledge…. i.e. somebody uses their own energy to help someone else.  Other modalities draw on energy from the world around us… i.e. somebody taps into energy around them and either focuses it, manipulates it, or works with it to help someone else.

Crystalline Consciousness falls into the second category.  But here’s what makes it unique… Crystalline Consciousness Energy exists in the 12th dimension, and is the only energy to do so!  So when you choose to work with it, some amazing things happen.

First, you need an outline and structure to work with energy this high… this is where the technique of Crystalline Consciousness Technique comes in.  Crystalline Consciousness Technique is the BEST technique on the planet to work with Crystalline Consciousness Energy.  For more than a decade now, a dedicated team of practitioner’s and experts have devoted their lives to developing this technique, and continue to work with it to make it the BEST it can possibly be.  I was lucky to join this team in the last 5 years, and I LOVE watching how Crystalline Consciousness shapes itself to suit humankind’s needs every day, and how we use the technique to bring out the best of it.  There is NO other energetic modality out there that has a consistent and persistent studying and tweaking as CCT does, and to my knowledge, no other energy modality works with energy in the 12th dimension.

Second, when you choose to work with Crystalline Consciousness Energy through the technique of CCT, an AMAZING thing happens… because we are here on the planet in the 3rd dimension, AND choosing to work with energy that is located in the 12th dimension, the partnership that we create between these two ‘places’, and through EVERY one of our selves in each dimension, shifts every aspect of ourselves in each of those dimensions.  So… instead of working with only ‘part’ of ourselves, we are choosing to work with every single part of ourselves, which in turn makes our transformation(s) so much more powerful than anything we’ve experienced on this planet to date.

Lastly, CCT works with what is called the ‘3 Phases of Transformation’.  As I’ve mentioned in other blog posts, the 3 Phases of Transformation is the most powerfully transformative process on the planet.  In the first phase, you connect to a new potential of healing… you release fears around transforming and moving forward, and prepare yourself for the transformation you’re about to go through.  In the second phase, you release the trauma that’s being held in your body, mind, energetic or spiritual body, or all of them, and bring in your intention to move forward.  The third phase is like hitting ‘save’ on your computer after typing out a document… it ensures that you don’t go back from where you just came.

There are many more reasons why I choose to work with Crystalline Consciousness, and I’ll be sharing them in future blog posts.  If you like what you just read and would like to receive direct notification of future blog posts, be sure to subscribe to my blog at the top of the page.  You can also e-mail me at Scott@RayofLifeHealing.com.

With Love and Crystalline Light!

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