Become An Empowered Being Program

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9 Month Program


You will experience true transformation…
as nature has intended it.


The program includes:

6 Individual Coaching Sessions

CCT Level 1

CCT Level 2

CCT Expressing Your Creative Purpose


and monthly live calls focused on a variety of topics
to help you become Empowered!





In the first session, we discuss what your intentions are for taking the program.  We develop the most powerful intentions possible based on what you want to see for the following year, and they are anchored in using a Fruit of Life Soul Chart.  This chart is left open, so if you have additional intentions that you would like to anchor in they can be added throughout the program.

In the following 5 coaching sessions (booked at your convenience),
we discuss a variety of different topics, based on what is going on in your life and what you want to see shifted.

A CCT session is used to heal, transform and manifest your intentions.

Sessions are approximately 90 minutes long.

Additional sessions may be purchased at $95/session (appx 46% discount).






In the CCT Level 1 Class, you will learn about intentions through the lens of vibration, as well as the different fields of energy and how they affect us.

You will learn how to feel these different fields of energy, and most importantly, you will learn how to set up your own Crystalline Energy Field,which will become a powerful tool to help you filter outside energy.

You will also learn how to set up powerful Group Energy Fields, which will help the groups you are in to function at a higher level and provide more support for you and every member of the group.




In the CCT Level 2 Class, you will learn the protocol that is the foundation for all CCT healing, transformation and manifestation potential.

You will be able to use the CCT protocol on yourself, to help you heal past traumas and manifest what you want in life.

You will also learn how to work with others using a Table (Full) Session, a Mini Chair Session, or a Distance Session.

Lastly, you will learn the process that will allow you to work with groups (your own personal Groups, as well as others’ groups)
using the Group Healing Process

This class is a VERY powerful class!




In the CCT Expressing Your Creative Purpose Class, you will learn how to work with your
Creative Energies in a new and exciting way!

Every human on the planet is extremely creative,
but we don’t always create in our highest potential.

With this class, you will learn about the blocks that can prevent us from creating with our highest potential, and you will learn a simple and easy-to-use protocol that will allow you to shift into your own personal highest potential.

It’s so easy (and utterly amazing), you will use it all the time!

 And… You can take any of these classes an unlimited amount of times for the entire program!




Live Calls

Throughout the course, you will be invited to participate in a monthly Live Call, where we will discuss topics of relevancy and answer any questions you may have. This is exclusively for Become An Empowered Being program participants.

One of my gifts is to be able to bring in needed information for individuals or groups, that are important and necessary to the growth and conscious awareness of the people involved.

These calls focus on a variety of topics including, but not limited to:


– Discernment and Observing Energy –

– The 3 Phases of Transformation –

– New Energy Paradigm –

– Phase 1 of Transformation: Opening –

– Phase 2 of Transformation: Chaos –

– Intentions –

– Phase 3 of Transformation: Mastery –

– Releasing Expectations –

– Grounding/Assimilation –

– Trauma/PTSD –

– Creativity –

– Purpose –

– Energy Fields –

– Empowerment –

– Flow –

– Timing –

– Vibration vs. Intention –


All Live Calls will include either a CCT Healing Session tailored to fit the topic discussed, or helpful tools and practices, or both.

ALL Live Calls are fun and throught-provoking!

Recordings of the Live Calls can be listened to, downloaded, and/or watched throughout the 9 months or well after the program!




Total Value:  $2500

Your Total Cost:  only $1550!

Save Almost 40%!!


$200 Deposit to Start Program

$150/mth for 9 months




(Click Here to read the Cancellation/Refund Policy)


This is a very in depth program, and should not be considered lightly.  When you begin to work with transformation, your life changes… YOU change.  People, places, things begin to shift, and it’s important to be open to these shifts.  If you’re not open to things changing in your life, this program is NOT for you.

To help you determine if this is a program that will benefit you, I have provided a short questionnaire.  Please answer the questions thoroughly, save the .pdf, and e-mail it to me at when done.  After reviewing your application, I will contact you with what steps we can take in moving forward!



Online Application


Be sure to submit it along with your deposit to be considered in the program!


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Here’s what participants of the program are saying!


I was going through a week of absolute chaos the week before my CCT session with Scott. Even my environment was falling apart around me. After working with Scott I was immediately grounded and filled with a new found sense of clarity and poise. The very next day I manifested $1,500! Plus, a deal that I thought was completely dead in the water contacted me today and gave me the go ahead! He is absolutely incredibly amazing!!! It has been three days since my session with Scott and I feel like a new person. I can not even imagine facing these struggles without his work and guidance. His assistance was crucial to turning my situation around.

Thank you Scott!!!!

A.T., Toledo, Ohio



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