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5 years ago, I was starting to hit some strides in life.  I had just celebrated my third year in business, I had clients in my private practice, was becoming a CCT Teacher (more on that below), and was a prominent member in the NW Ohio community.  5 years ago last month, however, my life took an unexpected turn, on a day when I least expected it.



On Valentine’s Day, 2014, a man that I had been deeply in love with for 10 years suddenly passed away.



It rocked my world, and sent me tumbling into a long bout of grief and devastation.  I was lost.  Didn’t know which way was up.  I was confused and scared and angry and sad.  I couldn’t connect.  If I wasn’t feeling a multitude of emotions, I was completely numb.  I cried myself to sleep every night, wishing I would have a dream where I could connect with him.  I couldn’t focus, I didn’t want to eat, and I had to sleep with the TV on all night so I could somehow keep a connection with the outside world and not feel completely alone.  It was horrible.



For most people who hold ‘regular’ jobs, working after a loss like this can be therapeutic.  You can put your attention on your work, and get out of your head and focus on something else for a while.  In the past, jobs I had allowed me to do this… I worked at a music store, a Subway restaurant, and a flower shop.  If life was terrible, I would dive into that work and forget my troubles for a while, which helped me have better a perspective and outlook on things.



But I couldn’t do that with this business.



What I do at Ray of Life Healing is hold an energetic container for others to shift their energy and transform into better and better versions of themselves.



And in the years following my 10-year partner’s death, I simply couldn’t do that very much.  For short bits of time, yes.  On occasion, sure.  But not in the way in which is required for long term growth and health for many people who are at varying stages of their own personal evolution.



I am very thankful to the people who have allowed me to help them over the last 5 years, and especially to those who have helped me.  Because despite my inability to truly hold a strong container for that transformation for any length of time, some miraculous things have happened regardless…


  • I have become a CCT Master Teacher 
  • I have been able to maintain a small clientele and keep my business running 
  • I have taught a handful of classes every year 
  • I have successfully managed a guest dude ranch in Montana for the last several years
  • I have helped a friend’s acupuncture clinic achieve higher and higher success
  • I helped a friend on TV movie and commercial production sets
  • I have traveled and connected with people whom I’m grateful to call friends
  • And I have healed and transformed into a much greater version of myself, who is ready to help others empower and enrich their lives in ways they never dreamed possible.



The miraculous things don’t stop with me, either.  The people in my life whom I’ve had the opportunity to help transform themselves have all achieved great things as well.  Too many to list.



I want to make this list grow.



And I want to invite YOU to have a miraculous story too.







First, sign up for my e-mail newsletter (here).  You’ll get a monthly message from me, with lots of great and helpful information, class updates, and transformational opportunities.


Second, book a session (here).  The very first transformational healing session I ever had completely rocked my world (in a good way!).  Let me hold a container of support for you.


Third, check out a class (here).  I LOVE sharing the tools and techniques that I’ve learned along the way.  It’s empowering!


Thank you for reading, and may your day be an awesome one!

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Holding space for yourself is one of the first things you learn to do in this class… it doesn’t take any effort on your part. Connect easily, and start holding a strong space for yourself as you move through the world…




Deadline is this coming Wednesday, April 17th… only 8 spots left!

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What the 2016 election has done for me…


It has reinvigorated my drive to become as conscious as possible.  I intend to work as diligently as I can to look at all sides of situations, to understand what is happening and why, and to step out beyond my ego’s perspective so that I can fully embrace what is being asked of me.


It has reinvigorated my drive to help others become as conscious as possible too.  There are many many people out there who have the drive and intense desire to become conscious individuals, just like me.  If I can help even one of them with their goal, I’ll be happy…. Even if that one person is just me.


2016-11-09 Conscious Eye


It is helping me look at where I still have traumas from my past, not only in this lifetime but in all lifetimes, and for that, I am grateful.  What I experience when I interact with the world is a reflection of where I am and what can potentially shift for me.  This election (not just the result, but the whole election process) has helped me understand where I still have issues that need resolving.  Whenever I’m triggered emotionally, there is something there asking to be transformed.


It is helping me begin to understand Groups at a whole new level.  Groups of people have been a source of trauma for me… I’ve had a lot of traumatic experiences because I’ve been in ‘Groups’ before, and a lot of those issues are coming up now, again, asking to be shifted and transformed.  I don’t have all the pieces in place yet, but I can feel it coming in energetically.  I trust that when it all assimilates, I will have deeper understandings about how Groups work… the good, the bad, and the ugly.  Deeper understandings will help me transform how I interact with and show up in Groups, which will also help everyone else involved.


It is helping me step in to my Leadership as a Visionary and Energy Master.  I look at the world very differently than most people.  I see and read energy at a very high and masterful level, and because of this, I make decisions and choices that some or most don’t necessarily understand, but that turn out to be the right ones.  My next task is to help others step into their power and discernment.  And this election process has helped me understand where the masses are… there is much work to be done.


It is helping me understand my ego and when it is working against my intentions.  Everyone has an ego.  The ego is designed to protect us… to create a barrier between our core essence and what it perceives in the world as a threat.  Some call this an ego ‘sleeve’.  By understanding the ego, by evolving consciously to the point where I know if I’m speaking through my core essence or my ego, I can start to work WITH my ego, so that it’s not working against me or what I’m out doing in the world.


It is helping me be the kind of person I want to see and interact with.  The only thing I can control is myself.  Even in an election year, we only have perceived control of anything outside of us.  When we think, “My party won.” or “Your party lost.”, it is all temporary anyway.  Being in Groups is about the ebb and flow, the dance, of being heard and listening, of being in the majority and being in the minority.  But no matter what happens “out there”, I can still speak and act from my core essence in all things I do.  I am thankful that this election process has helped me clearly see when and where I speak through my ego and when and where I speak through my core essence.


It is helping me focus on what is important, and let go of what is not.  We have a tendency of focusing on things that are actually not important in our lives, and pretending (or believing) that they actually are.  This election has reminded me of what is important in MY life, and it is helping me re-focus on what I find important, and what I’ve just told myself is.  My health, my family, my friends, clients, teachers, life goals, etc., these are the important things to me.  I get to now let go of what I’ve though has been important and get to reconnect with what really is.  Everything is temporary anyway.

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It’s not easy being ourselves sometimes… especially when someone else doesn’t understand who we are or what we’re going through.  It’s easy to meet someone where they are when we understand them, but much more difficult when we don’t have a clue what they’re going through.  It can trigger all sorts of negative inward self and outward talk, and all because there is no seen basis of commonality.


Such was the case last night.  As a gay man, I posted a short article intended to help others understand what it is like for a gay person to come out.  I also included a message to those who might potentially be reading it who haven’t come out yet, offering words of encouragement and support, and a message to those who aren’t gay, and how they can best help someone who they think might be.  One of my assumed friends had a hard time with this… he was triggered.  He did not understand what I have gone through, nor what so many other gay people have gone through in their lifetimes.  Instead of finding the commonality, he chose to try and tear me down through the post I mentioned, plus an additional post, plus through instant messenger.  He was triggered so badly that he talked down to me immediately on each post, and told me numerous times, unprovoked, that if I “didn’t understand it (what he was sending to me), maybe I could have somebody read it to me.”


This, unfortunately, triggered the HELL out of me!  It’s one thing if he (or anyone) has an opinion on homosexuality… they’re allowed.  But it’s quite another to put me or anyone else down because they think you’re too stupid to understand something like the bible and the messages it shares.  AND… that if I only read the bible and understood it, I could somehow change who I am from a rational standpoint.  This is what I mean by ‘negative outward talk’… he didn’t (and doesn’t) understand what it means to be gay, and because of this lack of understanding, he was triggered and reacted in a negative way towards the source of what he doesn’t understand.  And as I said, I, unfortunately, was also triggered by what I didn’t understand… his behavior.


Here is where the transformation potential comes in… first, I need to own the fact that whatever I feel or felt during this exchange, is MINE.  It is not his.  It’s not anybody else’s but mine.  I am triggered.  I have emotions around this.  He showed me where I have emotions around this topic.  And when I can fully take ownership of how I felt during the conversation, I can transform it into something that is much more supportive to growth, instead of falling into the trap of blame and condemnation.


2016-10-12 Transformation


If I were to try to work through this by myself, it might take a while.  It’s REALLY hard to not want to blame or criticize someone else when you are being triggered by something they’re saying or doing.  It’s so EASY to lash out at them, to try to hold them accountable for the way you feel.  To get to a place of resolve, if that’s even possible, can take a REALLY long time… and it’s harder than all get out too!  So for me, I turn to what I have chosen to practice and teach, CCT.  Using a CCT Level 2 healing session, I am able to transform MY emotions from this event, so that the next time I find myself in a similar situation (IF I find myself in a similar situation), I have learned and grown from this experience, and can act and react in a different and better way.


I am not ashamed of how I reacted in this situation… I set a clear boundary for this person, and for anyone else who chooses to talk down to me.  There is nothing wrong with setting a boundary like that.  But if I don’t transform my emotional stance around it, I am doing myself a dis-service, an injustice.  I’m the only person who gets to be with me day in and day out… I’m the only person who is negatively effected if I hold on to the negative feelings I felt last night.  I am the only one responsible for how I feel about what happened, and I am the only one responsible for changing those feelings.


This is why I’ve chosen to teach CCT… we have all been there.  We are ALL triggered on a regular basis.  We ALL have the opportunity to transform and grow, to take each and every situation in our lives and ask what it is teaching us.  I want to help you do the same for yourself… I want to help you find resolve and peace from negative events and patterns that show up in your life.  I want you to discover how easy it is to move into the flow of transformation, and that choosing to rise above the situations in your life, instead of staying at the same level or going through the pain-stakingly long process of trying to transform without any or few tools, can be fun and enlightening.


If this resonates with you, consider learning CCT for yourself.  I have a Level 2 class coming up soon in Toledo, and will be teaching more next year.  Message me if you’re interested, or register on my website at: www.RayofLifeHealing.com/classes/CCT-Level-2/

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By now, you’ve probably read a bit of information on Individual Crystalline Energy Fields (if not, click here).
This post will help you understand how Crystalline GROUP Energy Fields work.
Let’s say you’re in a meeting… as many of us typically do!  Whether it be at your job, or in your children’s school, with your financial planner, with your doctor, a therapist, a long term care provider for your parents… we all experience meetings at some level or another.  For some of us, meetings are a part of every day life.  For others, you maybe only have a meeting every so often.  No matter who you are though, by the time you’re a small child, you’ve probably been in your fair share of meetings.
So, what happens when meetings are chaotic?… all over the place?… unproductive?
I remember a meeting I was attending once… it was a Home Owners Association meeting.  There was a relatively new board, a new president, and they were in over their heads.  The last HOA board had not done several things that they needed to do before they stepped down, they had neglected to do other things, some for years on end… the meeting was strenuous, tiresome, and heated at times.

This particular “group”, the Home Owners Association group (members and board), was in crisis.  No one knew which end was up.  I hate when things are in crisis around me… it makes me feel like I have no control… I feel the animosity and unrest from everybody.  I feel it in myself.  It causes me to fall out of my usual grounded centered place.  I don’t feel calm.  I don’t feel caring or loving.  And neither does anybody else.
What to do… what to do…….
For me, I silently set up a ‘Crystalline Group Energy Field’, right there in the meeting.  I learned how to set up a Crystalline Group Energy Field in 2010, and it has served me MANY times since then!  I followed the protocol that I learned (and now teach), and slowly over the next 5 minutes, I watched the mood of the HOA group change.  I watched as people started taking deeper breaths between sentences.  I wanted the furrowed brows start to soften.  I listened as the languaging became gentler; more inclusive and supportive.  I felt a sense of calmness in the air.  The new president relaxed in his seat a little bit, not on the edge like he had been.  Within another 10 minutes, there were smiles on the faces of most of the people there.  What had been cause for bickering or fighting half-an-hour ago was now resolved.  The agenda was quickly covered, and additional items were discussed and figured out with more grace and ease.  By the time the meeting was done (it ended only 3 minutes after it was scheduled to end), more had been accomplished than the previous 6 months!  People left feeling hopeful, energetic, optimistic.

2016-10-08 Crystalline Groups

THAT is the result of a Crystalline Group Energy Field.  It does the same thing that an individual Crystalline Energy Field does, except it does it for a group of people instead.  It reflects back to the group what the group inherently and ultimately wants at a core level.  For this particular group, it wanted resolve.  It wanted to be heard; to be seen.  It wanted answers.  It wanted to know it was a healthy group.  It wanted Leadership.  It wanted nurturing.  The only problem was that everybody was trying to get it in their own, in-cohesive way.  It didn’t have the direction, only a bunch of people desperately trying to get their own needs met, forsaking the group.

I have watched Crystalline Group Energy Fields work MAGIC in different groups and situations that I find myself in.  It helps to enhance the the purpose and goals of the group so that the purpose can be realized and so that the goals can be reached.  It helps groups tap in to their common bonds; their collective wisdom; their highest potential.
To learn how to set up your own Crystalline Group Energy Fields, look for the next CCT Level 1 class available.

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This blog post is designed to help you understand what we discuss in CCT Level 1; namely, what the heck is a Crystalline Energy Field?


2016-10-07 Crystalline Grid

There are two different main aspects to what is known as the ‘Crystalline Energy Field’…
1) THE Crystalline Energy Field

2) YOUR Crystalline Energy Field
THE Crystalline Energy Field is a field of energy, much like any other, but that has very unique characteristics to it.  Most energy fields are contained within our planet earth, such as the electro-magnetic energy field.  This particular field of energy uses the magnetic grids on the planet (contained by the north and south poles), and the electric grid fields, maintained by our earth’s spinning rotation and the movement of our tectonic plates.  Our electro-magnetic energy field does not extend much farther out that our planet does.

The Crystalline Energy Field, however, is a grid of energy lines that run up and down and across, and that stretches all the way out into the galaxy.  It is not dependent on the planet or any other central location.  This field of energy vibrates at a much higher vibration than other fields of energy, and as a result, is much more ‘cleaner’ energetically.  It does not hold on to lower vibration energies like other fields of energy do.  Also, because it’s a higher vibration, it helps us order and organize energy in a much quicker and easier way.  When we work with it here in the 3rd dimension, it stimulates all energetic bands of energy between the two realms, which means that it is much more complete than working with other vibrational fields of energy.

YOUR Crystalline Energy Field is the other aspect that you learn how to work with in this class.  “Your” Crystalline Energy Field is when you actively choose to stimulate ‘the’ Crystalline Energy Field to ‘prime’ the Crystalline Energy Field around you, to create a field of energy that is special to you and whatever you’re doing in a given day.  When you learn the protocol, you learn how to work with ‘the’ Crystalline Energy Field, to tailor it to become ‘your’ Crystalline Energy Field.  This field travels with you everywhere you go, and you can adjust it to support you with whatever you are doing during your day or night.
Sounds interesting, right?
By having your Crystalline Energy Field set up day and night, you create an extra layer of energy around you that reflects back to you what you intend for yourself.  You know the saying, “You receive what you put out there”?  This helps make that happen.  It’s like singing a song to yourself all day and all night… whatever you intend, you receive in experience through your Crystalline Energy Field.

To learn more about the (and YOUR) Crystalline Energy Field, check out the next available CCT Level 1 class.  Experience it for yourself.  See what life can become when you choose to use this tool throughout your day.  Better interactions with others… more peace and harmony… deeper more restful sleep… the benefits are too endless to count.

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My experience with ‘Creating’ today…

~ Become still as your purpose aligns with what you want to create.
~ Feel a deep reverence as you realize what your creation can become.
~ Know that what you are creating is contributing to your life’s mission.
~ Integrate this new understanding to look at your creation through all perspectives.
~ Become empowered as you own your purpose and let it radiate through your creation.
~ Move into your heart and feel the love you have for your creation before you release it to the world.
~ Be open to how your creation will interact with the world.
~ Know that you are safe in what you create if you align your actions with your highest values and stay consistent.
~ Feel a deep sense of appreciation as you watch your creation inspire others.
~ Honor your divine gifts and purpose by using them appropriately, which protects yourself and others.
~ Let your creation move out into the world, knowing that it will continue to evolve.
~ Allow what you’ve learned to radiate out to the world, and responsibly receive your needs from the collective.
~ Receive the serenity of accomplishment and know that you are growing into the next cycle of Creating.

(Written in part with the CCT 13 Steps of Creation Fruit of Life Soul Chart Process)

2016-05-31 Creating

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This blog post is an adaption from a talk I gave at the Center for Conscious Living in Toledo, Ohio in January, 2016.  The goal is to help give you some hope today… not just hope, but an understanding, my understanding, of our future here on Earth…

 2016-03-10 Group Kids

I’ve always had a ‘different’ sense of perception of the world, from as far back as I can remember… I can remember knowing things that I hadn’t been told, and I also remember knowing what was appropriate to share with others and what wasn’t.  For instance, I remember knowing that I couldn’t say that I had a “crush” on a boy in kindergarten, but somehow I knew that it WAS ok to say that I had a “crush” on a girl in the 1st grade.  I knew, even at 5 years old, that people wouldn’t understand what I meant, and that it was best for me to keep my thoughts about “all that” to myself.  I asked the question, “Why?”


I remember being VERY young, and playing with some little plastic ‘people’… I had one plastic person that was white, and another one that was black, and I remember comparing the two side-by-side… my mom, who remembers this story much better than I, says that I had the two little peoples on my fingers, and (looking at the black one) I said, “This peoples…… Has a hat.”  Much to my mom’s relief, I didn’t say any of the ‘typical’ color-associated comparisons that, let’s face it, most of us think of when comparing two people with two different skin pigments.  Even though I could perceive the color differences, I chose to look at it differently, and instead commented on a different aspect that I saw.  It was a pretty big deal for my mom, but… from my perspective later on… Why should it be a “big deal”?…


As time continued, I started to feel a push to share what I KNEW I knew… but still didn’t know how I knew it.  I remember hearing a church sermon with my Dad and sisters that was about ‘living one and only one life’, and I remember the fight that my Dad and I got in to afterwards when I said, “But that’s not true!  We live lots and lots of lives!”  Of course, I didn’t have any sort of conscious understanding to support me with my perception, but I KNEW that I was right!  Again, I asked myself a question, even if it wasn’t quite this eloquent… “Why is my perspective met with such criticism, but somebody else’s isn’t?  Why can’t I have a discussion about this with my Dad without being yelled at and told to go to my room?


2016-03-10 Goth Hippie

As a teenager, and as I started to step into manhood, I KNEW that I was gay.  I didn’t know how I knew… it was just something that I understood and could easily perceive.  I KNEW that it wouldn’t always be an easy journey for me, and I was fully aware of what happened to some people who came out.  I KNEW that there were many actors and actresses who were gay, but had not told the world, and I KNEW the reason why they hadn’t come out.  They would be (at least they thought they would be) mocked, ridiculed, shunned from Hollywood… a lot of people have experience a LOT worse, just because they say, “I’m gay.”  Basically the same reasons that I didn’t come out for so long.  Why would somebody choose to hate somebody else for being who they are? 


Throughout this entire time, and with thousands of additional and similar experiences that I had, there was an underlying current that bugged me, and I remember FINALLY coming to understand it in the form of another question… “Why can’t we all just get along?”  I saw a world that struggled to see my perspective, and people who struggled to see other peoples’ perspectives… I saw people in the world who couldn’t understand what it was that I saw…. couldn’t understand what other people saw .  I continued to have experiences with other people that were utterly astounding and completely confusing to me… and it didn’t matter if I was directly related to the experience or not.  Even in history class, I learned about events where people fought and killed each other, racial hatred, bigotry, gun violence, prejudices, ‘killing in the name of the Lord’, the holocaust… and all the while, I continued to ask myself… “WTF?? Why can’t we all just get along?!?!” “Why is it so difficult for people to ‘put themselves in someone else’s shoes??”  “Why don’t people realize that each and every one of us have our own unique perspective, and honor that?”

I felt, a lot of times, and especially as I continued to get older, that I was in a world where relatively few people actually “got it”.  As a result, friends were hard to come by for me for a good majority of my life…  I did find more friends as I got older, but in order to do that, I had to “come down” to their level… I had to become a participant in the world and it’s current, and let’s face it, it’s more ‘popular’ viewpoints.  In all honesty, I found more happiness being in my room, listening to music, or reading a book than I did being around other people.  But… in order to connect with others, I had to quiet my perspective… I had to hide my viewpoints, I had to hide my true self.  On more than one occasion I can remember thinking that I had been born into a world that… I don’t know, wasn’t ready for me yet…. Or that it didn’t have the capacity to get out of its own way.


2016-03-10 Can't We All Just Get Along

Through all of this time though, something was happening that I didn’t realize until just last month… in all of my despair and misery, I was actually setting an intention for myself, and for the world.  The mind has this funny little way of having entire conversations with you that you don’t even realize are happening at the time.  The question that was occupying the front of my mind, and if I were a betting man, I’d say that most of you had this question too… “Why can’t we all just get along?”… took center stage to everything in my life.  But what was happening in the background was something much stronger…  the question I continuously asked myself, day in and day out, IT was the source of the intention that all of us share.  It’s because of these experiences, that I was able to formulate, even in the back of my mind, my intention for life…. For the world I’m living this life in… “I want everyone to get along with each other!”


But this isn’t the only intention I had rolling around back there… in fact, there were many many layers there that, as I said earlier, I’ve only just begun to realize recently.  Of course, at the time, it was something that was happening completely subconsciously, but as I look at the energy now, I can finally put words to what I was only able to feel back then…..


“I want to be able to express myself completely.”  “I want to feel like I belong.”    “I want to not worry that I’ll say the wrong thing, or piss someone off because of what I’ve said or done.”  “I want others to see MY perspective, and if they’re unable, to allow me to have it without shame or ridicule.” I want to see other people’s perspectives.”   “I want to live in a world where people understand each other.”  “I want to be accepted.”


As I realized recently that this was playing out WAY back then, I suddenly could see that I wasn’t the only one who was going through this!  There have been loads of people who have shared this perspective… and they’ve wanted the same things that I wanted!  Each of us have had similar intentions in our own lives.  Each of us yearns to be accepted, to be able to express ourselves, to feel a sense of belonging, to be able to share our own perspective and not be ridiculed for it.


Suddenly I felt a surge of energy… and what followed next was nothing short of extraordinary… “It’s because we collectively shared these experiences and conditions, that we actually have put in motion the shift in consciousness needed to actualize these intentions!”  It is because YOU asked similar questions of the world… It’s because WE saw a world that we KNEW could be better… It’s because we were tired of ‘the way things are’.  And that leads me to the hope… no, the belief… the perspective… I have about the future, and I’m not afraid to share it anymore.


2016-03-10 Smart Kid

Most of you have heard about the young children who are being born on this planet right now.  We have many names for them… Rainbow children… Indigo’s… I call them Crystalline’s.  Some, if not most of you, were born as such, and even if you weren’t, you are now! =)  It’s because you share this perspective with me and others that makes you such.  One of the predominant characteristics of this group of people is that we do not follow the path that ‘the world’ has set for us.  We can step back and say, “Hey now, wait a minute, hold on a second…”  The children being born now not only have a different perspective… they’re not afraid to express it!  It is because EVERY child who is being born today, tomorrow, the day after… they are ALL Rainbow Children, Indigo’s, Crystalline’s.  They march to the beat of their own drums for sure!  They are not only able to have a different perspective themselves, they are much more open to other people’s perspectives too.


As these young Crystalline’s are being born and raised, an interesting thing is happening within “Groups” of people… Because of the sheer number of Crystalline’s being born and raised, they are redefining Group contrast, and are turning the tide of the closed-mindedness of the generations before them.  They are riding the wave of this shift in consciousness, and are taking Group Energy to a level that we have NEVER experienced on this planet in our recorded history.  They are free to be social and express themselves in their world without restriction, and they are met with joy and acceptance from each other.  They aren’t afraid to try new things, to be creative, or to master difficult tasks.  And because of the support they are creating for themselves with the sheer number of them being born, they are coming up with extraordinary advances in technology, health, and global needs.


2016-03-10 Possible Kid

There is a 19 year old boy who has developed a way to clean up our oceans!  There is another boy who developed a solar panel based on the Fibonacci sequence, which is able to collect more energy than any other solar panel in existence.   A 9 year old recruited people and started a non-profit that is leveraging the power of digital media to engage children in the United Nations Millennium Development Goals project, which includes more than 24,000 people in 41 different countries.  By then time a girl named ‘Alexandra’ was 8 years old, she raised over one million dollars for cancer research by organizing lemonade stands!  EIGHT YEARS OLD.  A 6 year old named Ryan was shocked to hear that people and children in Africa didn’t have access to clean drinking water, so he started giving seminars on the subject, and by the time he was 20, he has developed wells in over 650 projects, in 16 countries, bringing clean drinking water to over… get this… 714,000 people!  I could literally go on and on and on, and I encourage you to google, ‘extraordinary’ or ‘amazing’ children, and you can read hundreds, thousands of articles, see pictures, and even get involved yourself.


And the amazing thing, is that they can easily take a leadership role in a group or with a project, and are just as happy and successful in a supporting role too.  They don’t have the limits and conditions that their elders had.  They don’t say, “This can’t be done.”  Or  “We don’t have the money for it.”  There are NO ROAD BLOCKS in their eyes.  They are forming what I call, ‘Crystalline Families’ all over the world.  Whether their parents and other relatives are part of these Crystalline Families or not doesn’t matter.   If they don’t have their own Crystalline Family via blood relatives, they’ll find their own with other Crystalline’s.  They tap in to the JOY of doing what is right, what is good, what is fair, and just.  They “get it”.


The only thing standing in the way of a completed shift in to the new energies, is the rigidity that most of the people in charge in the world have.  The struggle that Crystalline’s face, the issues that come up for them, are similar issues that we faced back in the day… the problem is that the change isn’t happening overnight, and there are some Crystalline’s who are affected in the same way we were.


It’s our job now to support these young Crystalline’s, as they are here to do some pretty amazing things.  We need to listen… DEEPLY listen to them and their perspectives.  We need to foster environments that allow their gifts and talents to be developed.  We need to let them lead us down a better path than was created for us.  We need to let them be creative and inspirational to others, and guide them along their purpose.  We need to be sure that we are not giving them the blocks that we have, or that we were given by others.  And when we see that someone is doing that, we need to address it directly.


The best way to do this, is to remember that perspective you have had throughout your life, and connect to it often.  Remember that feeling that YOU felt as a child or young adult, or maybe even as recently as yesterday or this morning, that feeling of ‘I want things to be better.’  The feeling of ‘Things CAN be better.’  Take a moment, close your eyes if you like, and imagine a world where EVERY individual person is operating at THIS level.


Imagine waking up every day, and having a perspective that ANYTHING is possible.  Imagine being able to collaborate with everyone around you to accomplish things that were only just a dream the night before.  Imagine being supported… Imagine that your perspective is not only valued, but sought after.  To me… this is PURE JOY!  THIS is how I want to wake up and live this life.  THIS is the joy of being in “Groups” in the New Energies.  This feeling of peace, and openness, and safety, and trust, and harmony… this is what can happen… what WILL happen… as we continue to move forward.


Remember this when you hear about bad things that happen in the world.  Remember this when people try to give you their own negative perspective about life.  Remember this feeling of connection that you have right now, when you see a young child who is in need of connecting with other Crystalline’s.  Remember to look at situations from these young one’s point of view, to see what they see, their perspective.  The joy of Groups in the new energies is that each person in the group can have a higher perspective, which allows us to step out of our ego’s enough to see the similarities in each other.  The more we can do this, the faster we will achieve what we’ve been wanting… intending… all of our lives…. To be accepted for who we are, and appreciated for the perspective we bring to the world.


2016-03-10 Group Kids 2

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Do you struggle to “hear your own voice”?
Does the noise and chaos of the outer world make you feel like you’re drowning?
Do you want to be able to wake up every day and focus on what YOU want to focus on?
Unable to FocusI used to be unable to focus in life. To be honest, I never even knew why I couldn’t, I just knew that “life was hard” for some reason. Things wore me out VERY easily… I was tired all the time, I didn’t want to do much, and even though I had a job and was going to school, the effort it took to do all of that left me wanting to sleep constantly. I started to be really affected by other people too… If I was around people too much, I would retreat inward and not participate in conversations and events. I kept realizing that I would rather spend all my time at home in my “nest”, rather than out “being social”.
But then, I stumbled across a class that changed all of that… I didn’t realize it for some time after I took it, but slowly and surely, life started to change. The class I’m talking about is (now) called “Expressing Your Creative Purpose”. We all have a “purpose” for being here, BUT… If we’re struggling to express it, as I was, it can be exhausting! And not only exhausting… I was getting downright jaded and pessimistic about EVERYTHING! That’s what happens when we’re not able to express our own unique voice. Imagine knowing that you have a voice, but feeling like everyone around you is keeping you from speaking… I bet ANYONE would feel more than frustrated!
I now teach this class, because it has helped me grow and express myself in ways that I couldn’t even imagine! And  because I know what it feels like to be pushed to the side by life, I want to help people who experience this to find their source of empowerment too!
If what I’ve said makes sense to you… if you, even sometimes, feel this way too… lets have a conversation about how this class can help you! Don’t stand by and watch life pass you by… Take one small step towards your life’s goals and schedule a free phone consultation with me.  Find out how this amazing tool can help you grow and express yourself without disruption!
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