Scott Profile Pic Hi!  I’m Scott McBride, owner of Ray of Life Healing, LLC.  I started Ray of Life Healing in 2011, after working with energy in a very conscious way for several years.  At the time, I was a Certified Crystalline Consciousness Technique ™ (CCT) Practitioner, and Reiki Master, and saw a few local people who came to my home, with varying needs or issues plaguing them.  I found I had a passion and talent for helping people get to the root of their problems, and the people I helped were finding answers to things that had been in the dark for them for years.  Initially starting Ray of Life Healing, I didn’t know what it would end up becoming, but with the steady increase of people calling and messaging me, asking for help, it has turned in to much more today, and continues to transform into higher and higher levels every day.


Today, I am an Crystalline Transformation Coach, Certified Crystalline Consciousness Technique Master Teacher, Crystalline Lightworker, and Crystalline Earth Advocate.  I work with people all over North America, and I get to travel extensively, teaching classes and helping people with their energy needs.  I absolutely LOVE helping people find their own Truth; their own Empowerment; the highest Expression of themselves; their own LIGHT… nothing beats watching someone access their inner gifts and have profound ah-ha! moments!


There are MANY things that I help people with… it’s hard to pinpoint exactly how I work, but using a combination of the profound energy modality I work with (CCT), along with my own energy reading abilities (that I’ve developed using CCT), I am very VERY good at getting to the root of whatever problem you may be encountering.  Throughout this website, I have information that helps explain how I work and what I do, as well as testimonies from people I have helped.  If you are interested in finding out more, I break down several of the main services I offer below.  Feel free to read about them, and if you would like to contact me directly, there is a link at the bottom of this page where you can message me.  If you’d like to learn about how I help people with specific issues, click here to skip to my “I Need…” list.



Thank you for checking out my website, and I’m looking forward to meeting you soon!



Scott McBride
Crystalline Transformation Coach
Certified CCT Master Teacher








To learn more about the types of tools I use in personal sessions, click the link below:






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Thank you!


For more information on CCT, visit the national website at:



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