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Individual Sessions are amazingly powerful energetic transformative healing expreiences.  Click the button below to learn more about them!





CCT Soul Charts are AMAZING transformative healing sessions, that work differently (and yet similarly) to Individual CCT Healing Sessions.  CCT Soul Charts provide in-depth insight into a problem or situation, while healing and transforming in multiple dimensions at the same time.  They can be very simple and profound, or complex and deep.  Clicking the button below will take you to the CCT Level 3 page, with information on each of the charts and chart processes I offer.





The CCT Tree of Life Healing Series is an incredibly deep and powerful healing series, that works with what is known as ‘Kundalini’ energy in the body.  Located in the sacrum, Kundalini energy is stored there, and releases over the course of our lives.  If all goes to plan, the energy rises through the spine, releases through the crown of the head, and returns to it’s ‘starry home’.  If there is a problem in the pathway, though, the energy can get stuck and can create many problems.  Check out the Tree of Life Healing Series if you have severe physical issues, such as back, neck, spine, hips, or leg issues, headaches, menstrual issues, severe emotional swings, chronic low energy, or any other chronic issue.





The CCT protocol is the most profound transformative healing protocols in the world, and one of the reasons is how it works with ‘Groups’ of people.  We are all in ‘Groups’ every day of our lives… all humans are!  We have family groups, friends, acquaintances, neighbors, work groups… the list goes on and on.  A lot of times on an individual level, we can be pretty happy and “good”, but when we get into or around a group of people, we aren’t.  Group dynamics create a lot of intricate energetic distortions, which show up in arguments or disagreements, pettiness, back-stabbing, apathy, passive-aggressiveness, etc.  If you find yourself in groups that you know are not operating at the level they could be, this CCT Soul Chart series is for you!





One of my favorite applications for the CCT protocol is how it is used in business.  For this series, you must have taken at least CCT Level 3 or higher.  If you are interested in either starting your own CCT business, or want to use CCT to enhance a different business, this is the series for you!





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