CCT Level 4

Tree of Life Healing Series

Integrating the Crystalline Body


This Series is primarily used when a person or animal goes through a TREMENDOUS transformation in their lives.


The CCT Tree of Life Healing Series is one of the most powerful and ‘Core Transforming’ processes in Crystalline Consciousness Technique to date.  The CCT Tree of Life Healing Series works with your Sacrum, which holds a tremendous amount of core energy.  When you go through a major life change, this ‘core’ energy that sits there needs to shift with you, so you can fully step into whatever is transforming.  Whether you preemptively go through this series, intending to have a major transformation, or the major transformation caught you off guard and you’re trying to catch up to it, this series of sessions is for you!

This CCT Tree of Life Healing Series is comprised of 6-7 Individual CCT Sessions, and in all of them we work with your sacrum to release energy that is stored at either the Physical, Mental/Emotional, Spiritual, Energetic or Crystalline bodies/levels.  Each of these bodies has energy that defines who you “were”, and needs to be released and transformed to who you are “becoming”, so they can continue to support you fully.

You don’t speak any actual intentions during the sessions in this series, however, you’re overall intentions for your major transformation are necessary and absolutely important.  We call these “Meta Intentions”.  Meta Intentions are larger and more universal than normal intentions you have for your life.  For instance, a normal intention would be to have a happy, peaceful day.  A META intention is “When I’m born, I will be a (male/female).”   See the difference?  META is HUGE; Life-changing.


Also, there are MANY additional benefits to receiving this CCT Tree of Life Healing Series:

Resets original homeostasis of balance.

Enhances immune function.

Can benefit the healing of auto-immune disorders.

Helps with spinal, hip problems.

Helps with “female problems” including cramping.

Centers energy in the bones for proper alignment to gravity.

Prevents injuries.

Creates a “centered into yourself” feeling.

Releases psychic suffering at the mental/emotional level.

Releases energetic distortions that the human body has experienced from spiritual and energetic levels.

Can really help a pregnant woman’s sacrum prepare for birth, or help re-set it after giving birth.


As mentioned above, this CCT Tree of Life Healing Series is either 6 or 7 sessions long.  The reason for this, is that sometimes it is necessary to first do what is called a “Lower Leg Session”.  When working with this sacral energy, it is important to ensure that there is a clear and open channel of energy that connects you to the earth.  Before we begin the series, I will Muscle Test to determine if this Lower Leg Session is needed.  If so, it will be done as a separate session, approximately a week before we begin the 6 session series.  There is no additional cost for this session if needed.


Total Cost for Tree of Life Healing Series: $700

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Learn how to do this processes for yourself and others!

(CCT Level 1 & 2 for Personal or Professional Use pre-requisite)


Available CCT Level 4 Classes



Thursday – Sunday, July 30 – August 2, 2020
(Deadline to Register: July 26)
(All 4 days required)

9:30am – 5:00pm EST

Toledo, Ohio



Payment Options


One Payment: $650
(Includes a Tree of Life Session with Scott!)

Two Payments: $330 each

Four Payments: $170 each


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Participants in the year-long study program, ‘Expanding Your Empowerment for Core Transformation
get to take this class for free!


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