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Here is the secret that not a lot of people know yet… your child is ‘Crystalline’.


– Is your child super smart, but sometimes struggles to show it?
– Does your child figure things out quickly and seem bored easily?
– Does your child seem to be wise beyond their years?
– Does your child have very specific needs?…
… Sometimes to the point that they cannot move forward until those needs are addressed?

– Does your child have special gifts or abilities that you can’t explain?
– Does your child really excel at one or specific things, but fail completely at others?
– Do you have to resort to unconventional ways to calm them down if they get over-stimulated or over-tired?
– Do they have their own special language or code words/phrases that only they understand?
– Can your child communicate effectively without getting overwhelmed or frustrated?
– Does your child have certain affinities for things that seem weird or unusual?
– Do you at times feel completely lost as to what your child needs?


If you answered ‘yes’ to more than half of these questions,
you need to take this Crystalline Family Class…

 If you’re sold already, skip the long explanation and sign up now!


Here is the background information about what it means to be Crystalline


The world is changing…. you’ve probably heard this throughout your life, but it may seem like it rings true right now more than it ever has in the past.  Well, the world IS changing, but not necessarily the way most people think…

Here is the predominate way the world is currently changing… it is developing what is called a ‘Crystalline Energy System’.  But in order to understand what a Crystalline Energy System (CES) is and how it’s changing the world, we have to understand where we’re coming from first.

Briefly, the world is full of “systems”… we have money systems, government systems, sports systems, food systems, etc., etc.  Systems can be very physical, like the one’s I described, and they can be etheric too.  One major etheric-type system is called the ‘Electro-magnetic System’… The planet has an Electro-magnetic System, and each person on the planet (and plants, animals, etc.) have an Electro-magnetic System.  Without this system in place, nothing would be able to survive on this planet.  There is a whole science behind this system, which involves the spin/rotation of the planet, our ever-shifting tectonic plates, and the magnetic field running through the planet…. too much information and science for this page!

One of the primary purposes of this Electro-magnetic System is to serve as our primary form of processing and assimilating our experiences in life.  Our brain, Central Nervous System (another system!), and body utilizes this system to process information that we receive and experience every second of every day.  But… (and this is where the change is happening) this system can no longer keep up with the demands of the information that is received every second of every day!  There is an over-abundance of information that we process today than we have in any other year in our history.  So, we need a new system, and that’s where the Crystalline Energy System comes in!

The Crystalline Energy System in humans is comprised of three parts… water, connective tissue, and mineral salts.  Every human on the planet has the potential to have a CES, because every human has all three components.  However… the difference between having a CES or not depends on our water and it’s ability to order and organize molecularly.  Normally, water molecules don’t have any order or organization to them.  They flow freely and stay relatively condensed (unless you introduce heat to them, where they expand and turn into a gas).  But for those people who’s water molecules have ordered and organized, an extraordinary thing happens… it turns into what is now recognized as the fourth stage of matter, ‘Liquid Crystalline’.  That’s right… in 2013, scientists agreed that there is a fourth stage of matter that they did not recognize until then.  Up until that time, we only understood matter to consist of solids, liquids and gasses.  Now, when liquid water (H2O) organizes at a molecular level to look like a solid form of matter, it is called Liquid Crystalline.

Now, the Crystalline Energy System is not something that we have personally, or rather ‘consciously’, developed.  We’re so good at inherently recognizing our own needs, that we began to develop this system a long time ago without consciously realizing it.  In the beginning, the problem that we had with this system is the problem that we have whenever a new gadget or electronic device comes out… a lot of times, a new gadget has issues, glitches, etc., and it takes a while to take off in a big way.  Well, this is what happened to the people who developed a CES early on… their water molecules started out as Liquid Crystalline, but because they lived in a world where most people’s weren’t like that, they generally very quickly lost that composition.  It has taken many many MANY years for it to ‘stick’, and that is why we’re seeing such a huge shift now.

So getting back to what is changing… as children are being born now, they are coming in with a Crystalline Energy System already in place.  And… their Crystalline Energy Systems are holding for longer periods of time.  At the rate we are seeing this transformation, in a relatively short amount of time (compared to the eons we’ve lived thus far), eventually everyone will have an intact CES.  But here’s the current conundrum… a lot of adults are still operating with their Electro-magnetic Systems, while their kids have a Crystalline Energy System!  As adults, it can be very difficult to understand our young one’s today.  Some stuff is the same as when we were kids, but the children of today are MUCH different than when we were younger.  The world itself is much different than it was when we were younger.  We need this new system if we intend on sticking around much longer, yet how do we work with something that we can’t see, smell, taste or touch?


Well, my answer is this class… the Crystalline Family Class.


In the Crystalline Family Class, you will learn about the Crystalline Energy System in a very in depth way… namely, you’ll get one!  Your own personal Crystalline Energy System will be activated in this class, AND you’ll spend 3 full days learning about it and how to work with it.  The primary way we work with our Crystalline Energy System is through a technique called Crystalline Consciousness Technique.  This technique (called CCT for short), is the world’s forefront modality for working with the Crystalline Energy System.  You’ll learn the 3-step CCT process that will unlock the answers you have about your kids, and help you work with them at a level that you’ve only dreamed about until now.  This 3-step process is the key to working with yourself, your spouse, and your kids to bring out the best of each person in your family, and finally get past the trials and tribulations you’ve experienced thus far.


Participants in this class will experience the following benefits:

– Understand the Crystalline Energy System and how to work with it –
– Create ‘quiet energy’ for yourself & your family, instead of typical noisy and distorted energy –
– Hold a strong container of love and support for your family –
– Help your child/children/spouse express themselves in healthy, understood ways –
– Help your child/children/spouse fully step in to their highest potential –
– Understand your childrens’ needs, and how to help them, even when they don’t –
– Connect and communicate with your family in a very deep and different way –
– Understand your child/childrens’ gifts and abilities, and help them cultivate them –
– Shift energy that blocks your family from moving forward after a strenuous or traumatic experience –
– Help your family find balance and stability –


If this sounds like something that could help you and your family,
take the next step and sign up for a future class today.
Dates and times are listed below.


If you have further questions or issues that you’d like to have a private conversation about,
please e-mail me at, call me at (419) 705-5384, or fill out the message box below!



Class Options


Friday, July 24, 2020
Deadline to Register:  Monday, July 20, 2020

9:30am – 4:00pm EST






Payment Options


 $195 for one parent

$295 for two parents


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