It is very important to remember that while CCT and Reiki are fantastic ways to better your life, they are not replacements for traditional medicine, health remedies or other forms of mental/emotional well-being.  CCT and Reiki are meant to compliment other healing modalities, so it is important to always consult your doctor and other health care providers with any medical problems.  CCT and Reiki do not provide diagnosis of any diseases or ailments.

With that being said, I work closely with many health care providers and professionals that offer an array of things that can help better your life in a variety of ways.  The following list meshes really well with what I can provide.  By having this list posted, I hope that you remember me when you are in need of somebody or something, and know that I can get you who and what you need to make your life better, even if it’s not directly one of my services.

If you are interested in connecting with any of the following professions/services, please contact me directly at and I will connect you with the person or service you are in need of!

List of Health Care Professions
Applied/Behavioral Kinesiologists
Arbonne Consultants
Beauty/Style Experts
Dance Instructors
Estheticians/Make Up Artists
Hair Stylists
Home Health Care Aids/Nurses
Massage Therapists
Meditation Specialists
Nail Technicians
Personal/Life Coaches
Personal Trainers
Physical Therapists
Weight Loss Specialists
Work Out Instructors/Gym
Yoga Instructors

Sometimes, when you start to make energetic changes in your life, you find you are in need of people and/or services to activate and change things you want changed.  For example, let’s say you wake up every morning and walk into your bathroom and look up at the wall and there is a crack in the drywall.  You have looked at this crack every day for years, and every time you look at it you feel guilt for not fixing it yet.  Every time you have guests over for a visit, you feel embarrassed for not having it fixed.  You spend every day of your life expending a little bit of energy towards it in a negative way.

When you use CCT and Reiki to raise your vibration level and balance your energy, feelings and emotions such as “guilt” and “embarrassment” are not in your repertoire anymore.  Therefore, when you start to make these energetic changes, you may find yourself being strongly motivated to fix things such as the crack in your bathroom wall!  And believe me, this is a good thing!! Just think about it; when you fix something such as this in your life, you now get to spend your energy on things that are positive and uplifting, not on the same darn crack in the wall!

When you feel motivated to make changes such as this after your CCT or Reiki Session, you may need or want help to achieve these things.  I want you to remember that the following list exists, designed to help you accomplish the things you need to accomplish while you are motivated to make those changes!  Again, please contact me directly at and I will get you connected right away!

Appliance Repairmen
Business Coaches
Car Repairmen
Car Salesmen
Computer Repairmen
Flooring Specialists
Heating and A/C Services
Home and Personal Security Specialists
HR Consultants
Insurance Providers (All Forms)
Landscape Architects
Mortgage Lenders
Promotional Products/Marketing Specialists
Quickbooks Specialists
Real Estate Agents
Retirement Specialists
Space/Organization Specialists
Website Providers

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