Last night I was triggered… a story of transformation.

It’s not easy being ourselves sometimes… especially when someone else doesn’t understand who we are or what we’re going through.  It’s easy to meet someone where they are when we understand them, but much more difficult when we don’t have a clue what they’re going through.  It can trigger all sorts of negative inward self and outward talk, and all because there is no seen basis of commonality.


Such was the case last night.  As a gay man, I posted a short article intended to help others understand what it is like for a gay person to come out.  I also included a message to those who might potentially be reading it who haven’t come out yet, offering words of encouragement and support, and a message to those who aren’t gay, and how they can best help someone who they think might be.  One of my assumed friends had a hard time with this… he was triggered.  He did not understand what I have gone through, nor what so many other gay people have gone through in their lifetimes.  Instead of finding the commonality, he chose to try and tear me down through the post I mentioned, plus an additional post, plus through instant messenger.  He was triggered so badly that he talked down to me immediately on each post, and told me numerous times, unprovoked, that if I “didn’t understand it (what he was sending to me), maybe I could have somebody read it to me.”


This, unfortunately, triggered the HELL out of me!  It’s one thing if he (or anyone) has an opinion on homosexuality… they’re allowed.  But it’s quite another to put me or anyone else down because they think you’re too stupid to understand something like the bible and the messages it shares.  AND… that if I only read the bible and understood it, I could somehow change who I am from a rational standpoint.  This is what I mean by ‘negative outward talk’… he didn’t (and doesn’t) understand what it means to be gay, and because of this lack of understanding, he was triggered and reacted in a negative way towards the source of what he doesn’t understand.  And as I said, I, unfortunately, was also triggered by what I didn’t understand… his behavior.


Here is where the transformation potential comes in… first, I need to own the fact that whatever I feel or felt during this exchange, is MINE.  It is not his.  It’s not anybody else’s but mine.  I am triggered.  I have emotions around this.  He showed me where I have emotions around this topic.  And when I can fully take ownership of how I felt during the conversation, I can transform it into something that is much more supportive to growth, instead of falling into the trap of blame and condemnation.


2016-10-12 Transformation


If I were to try to work through this by myself, it might take a while.  It’s REALLY hard to not want to blame or criticize someone else when you are being triggered by something they’re saying or doing.  It’s so EASY to lash out at them, to try to hold them accountable for the way you feel.  To get to a place of resolve, if that’s even possible, can take a REALLY long time… and it’s harder than all get out too!  So for me, I turn to what I have chosen to practice and teach, CCT.  Using a CCT Level 2 healing session, I am able to transform MY emotions from this event, so that the next time I find myself in a similar situation (IF I find myself in a similar situation), I have learned and grown from this experience, and can act and react in a different and better way.


I am not ashamed of how I reacted in this situation… I set a clear boundary for this person, and for anyone else who chooses to talk down to me.  There is nothing wrong with setting a boundary like that.  But if I don’t transform my emotional stance around it, I am doing myself a dis-service, an injustice.  I’m the only person who gets to be with me day in and day out… I’m the only person who is negatively effected if I hold on to the negative feelings I felt last night.  I am the only one responsible for how I feel about what happened, and I am the only one responsible for changing those feelings.


This is why I’ve chosen to teach CCT… we have all been there.  We are ALL triggered on a regular basis.  We ALL have the opportunity to transform and grow, to take each and every situation in our lives and ask what it is teaching us.  I want to help you do the same for yourself… I want to help you find resolve and peace from negative events and patterns that show up in your life.  I want you to discover how easy it is to move into the flow of transformation, and that choosing to rise above the situations in your life, instead of staying at the same level or going through the pain-stakingly long process of trying to transform without any or few tools, can be fun and enlightening.


If this resonates with you, consider learning CCT for yourself.  I have a Level 2 class coming up soon in Toledo, and will be teaching more next year.  Message me if you’re interested, or register on my website at:

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2015-04-30 Image 1


I’ve had a very interesting path through understanding and working with energy.  When I first discovered energy work (Reiki), it was cool in and of itself, but I found myself (at the beginning) feeling a little uneasy about practicing something that I couldn’t see, hear or touch.  I felt very vulnerable and open, especially when I received energy healing from others, because I didn’t understand how sensitive I was to it.  What ended up happening is that I blocked a lot of what was being provided to me, because the first thing that needed to happen in order to receive energetic healing wasn’t happening.


The first thing that ANYONE must do in order to practice energy work is to be and feel Safe while doing it.  If you don’t feel safe, you won’t be able to do the healing work that you intend to do.  The very first thing you need to do is create a safe, sacred space to do your healing work in.  Most of the time, the way this need is met is through a welcome and protected environment, free of noise and potential distractions or issues.  Also, you can talk to yourself, using what is sometimes referred to as a ‘mantra’ or ‘pep talk’, trying to mentally convince yourself that you are, indeed, safe.  But both of these ways do not address the ‘felt sense’ of being safe, which stems from your emotional body.  If you don’t FEEL safe, then it won’t matter where you are or the condition of the location you’re in, or how much you talk to yourself, you just plain won’t feel safe.


For anyone who has practiced energy work before, you have probably learned techniques that help achieve this.  The main issue with most techniques, though, is that it requires a tremendous amount of your own personal energy to achieve the result you need in order to move forward.  And for some people, that amount of energy can mostly or completely deplete you from doing your work.  The awesome thing is that with Crystalline Consciousness Technique (CCT), you don’t need to use your personal energy to create that essential level of Safety!  In the CCT Level 2 class, the very first thing you learn is how to utilize Crystalline Consciousness energy to create this for you, so you can devote ALL of your attention on more important things.


2015-04-30 Image 2If you’ve read or know anything about CCT, you may be saying, this sounds a lot like CCT Level 1?… and, well, it kind of is.  But when you take the CCT Level 2 class, your ability to create a safe, sacred space for yourself and others is amplified ten-fold, if not more!  Without going too in depth (you’ll have to take the class to find out the details), the first thing you learn is how to hold what is called “Energetic Space” for yourself and others.  I can’t begin to tell you how HUGE this is, and with CCT, doing this is as easy as pie!  Being able to hold a strong energetic “container”, as it is sometimes called, is essential to maintain balance and stabilization as you and others go through changes in your life.  The whole point of doing energy work at all is to shift and change things that are unsatisfactory in your life.  As things shift and change, though, it can create instability.  The first thing you learn in this class is how to remain stable as things shift for yourself.  And ‘Stability’ = ‘Safety’.


How this is achieved may be a little difficult to grasp completely, without understanding the in’s and out’s of how it works, so let me see if I can explain a little further… there is a great big, MASSIVE even, field of energy called Crystalline Consciousness.  This field of energy contains ALL information, ALL potential, and ALL consciousness that has ever or will ever exist within it.  It can be (and is) accessed by people, animals, and other living things all the time, although 99% of the time it is done sub or unconsciously.  Crystalline Consciousness Technique (CCT) is one way to consciously work with Crystalline Consciousness energy.  When you learn CCT Level 2, you learn how to align your own personal energy to Crystalline Consciousness energy using the Crystalline Consciousness Technique.  When you do this, it creates a resonance that is so strong, you can literally feel it.  In fact, it is so strong that many friends, family, and clients ask me to ‘hold space’ for them on a regular basis, to help them with whatever chaos they are going through.  I use this technique quite often, when I see someone in distress, or read about something bad that happened, or see an unfortunate news event.  I have found that when I do it often, I can hold space for myself and many MANY people around me at the same time.  The result is that those around me typically feel welcomed, calm, and at peace while they’re around me.  People comment all the time about it, but the best compliments I receive is that when I’m NOT around (after making regular appearances somewhere), others can really notice a difference.


All of this that I’ve described is so very important to your growth and understanding of how to work with energy.  Being able to appropriately and adequately hold space for yourself and others is a foundational requirement to practice energy work, especially now that the planet is shifting so dramatically.  If you feel unsafe in the world, or not at home in your own body, this class is of the utmost importance for you.  If you notice that you are often depleted, helping everyone else and never having enough energy to do what YOU need to do, this class is essential.  If you want to help others at the ULTIMATE level possible, sign up for the next CCT Level 2 class right now!


The next post will be on how we Contribute to ourselves and others, and how CCT Level 2 amplifies our ability to Contribute to levels you can’t even imagine yet!

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