Miles of Space…

Holding space for yourself is one of the first things you learn to do in this class… it doesn’t take any effort on your part. Connect easily, and start holding a strong space for yourself as you move through the world…


Deadline is this coming Wednesday, April 17th… only 8 spots left!

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It’s not easy being ourselves sometimes… especially when someone else doesn’t understand who we are or what we’re going through.  It’s easy to meet someone where they are when we understand them, but much more difficult when we don’t have a clue what they’re going through.  It can trigger all sorts of negative inward self and outward talk, and all because there is no seen basis of commonality.


Such was the case last night.  As a gay man, I posted a short article intended to help others understand what it is like for a gay person to come out.  I also included a message to those who might potentially be reading it who haven’t come out yet, offering words of encouragement and support, and a message to those who aren’t gay, and how they can best help someone who they think might be.  One of my assumed friends had a hard time with this… he was triggered.  He did not understand what I have gone through, nor what so many other gay people have gone through in their lifetimes.  Instead of finding the commonality, he chose to try and tear me down through the post I mentioned, plus an additional post, plus through instant messenger.  He was triggered so badly that he talked down to me immediately on each post, and told me numerous times, unprovoked, that if I “didn’t understand it (what he was sending to me), maybe I could have somebody read it to me.”


This, unfortunately, triggered the HELL out of me!  It’s one thing if he (or anyone) has an opinion on homosexuality… they’re allowed.  But it’s quite another to put me or anyone else down because they think you’re too stupid to understand something like the bible and the messages it shares.  AND… that if I only read the bible and understood it, I could somehow change who I am from a rational standpoint.  This is what I mean by ‘negative outward talk’… he didn’t (and doesn’t) understand what it means to be gay, and because of this lack of understanding, he was triggered and reacted in a negative way towards the source of what he doesn’t understand.  And as I said, I, unfortunately, was also triggered by what I didn’t understand… his behavior.


Here is where the transformation potential comes in… first, I need to own the fact that whatever I feel or felt during this exchange, is MINE.  It is not his.  It’s not anybody else’s but mine.  I am triggered.  I have emotions around this.  He showed me where I have emotions around this topic.  And when I can fully take ownership of how I felt during the conversation, I can transform it into something that is much more supportive to growth, instead of falling into the trap of blame and condemnation.


2016-10-12 Transformation


If I were to try to work through this by myself, it might take a while.  It’s REALLY hard to not want to blame or criticize someone else when you are being triggered by something they’re saying or doing.  It’s so EASY to lash out at them, to try to hold them accountable for the way you feel.  To get to a place of resolve, if that’s even possible, can take a REALLY long time… and it’s harder than all get out too!  So for me, I turn to what I have chosen to practice and teach, CCT.  Using a CCT Level 2 healing session, I am able to transform MY emotions from this event, so that the next time I find myself in a similar situation (IF I find myself in a similar situation), I have learned and grown from this experience, and can act and react in a different and better way.


I am not ashamed of how I reacted in this situation… I set a clear boundary for this person, and for anyone else who chooses to talk down to me.  There is nothing wrong with setting a boundary like that.  But if I don’t transform my emotional stance around it, I am doing myself a dis-service, an injustice.  I’m the only person who gets to be with me day in and day out… I’m the only person who is negatively effected if I hold on to the negative feelings I felt last night.  I am the only one responsible for how I feel about what happened, and I am the only one responsible for changing those feelings.


This is why I’ve chosen to teach CCT… we have all been there.  We are ALL triggered on a regular basis.  We ALL have the opportunity to transform and grow, to take each and every situation in our lives and ask what it is teaching us.  I want to help you do the same for yourself… I want to help you find resolve and peace from negative events and patterns that show up in your life.  I want you to discover how easy it is to move into the flow of transformation, and that choosing to rise above the situations in your life, instead of staying at the same level or going through the pain-stakingly long process of trying to transform without any or few tools, can be fun and enlightening.


If this resonates with you, consider learning CCT for yourself.  I have a Level 2 class coming up soon in Toledo, and will be teaching more next year.  Message me if you’re interested, or register on my website at:

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This blog post is designed to help you understand what we discuss in CCT Level 1; namely, what the heck is a Crystalline Energy Field?


2016-10-07 Crystalline Grid

There are two different main aspects to what is known as the ‘Crystalline Energy Field’…
1) THE Crystalline Energy Field

2) YOUR Crystalline Energy Field
THE Crystalline Energy Field is a field of energy, much like any other, but that has very unique characteristics to it.  Most energy fields are contained within our planet earth, such as the electro-magnetic energy field.  This particular field of energy uses the magnetic grids on the planet (contained by the north and south poles), and the electric grid fields, maintained by our earth’s spinning rotation and the movement of our tectonic plates.  Our electro-magnetic energy field does not extend much farther out that our planet does.

The Crystalline Energy Field, however, is a grid of energy lines that run up and down and across, and that stretches all the way out into the galaxy.  It is not dependent on the planet or any other central location.  This field of energy vibrates at a much higher vibration than other fields of energy, and as a result, is much more ‘cleaner’ energetically.  It does not hold on to lower vibration energies like other fields of energy do.  Also, because it’s a higher vibration, it helps us order and organize energy in a much quicker and easier way.  When we work with it here in the 3rd dimension, it stimulates all energetic bands of energy between the two realms, which means that it is much more complete than working with other vibrational fields of energy.

YOUR Crystalline Energy Field is the other aspect that you learn how to work with in this class.  “Your” Crystalline Energy Field is when you actively choose to stimulate ‘the’ Crystalline Energy Field to ‘prime’ the Crystalline Energy Field around you, to create a field of energy that is special to you and whatever you’re doing in a given day.  When you learn the protocol, you learn how to work with ‘the’ Crystalline Energy Field, to tailor it to become ‘your’ Crystalline Energy Field.  This field travels with you everywhere you go, and you can adjust it to support you with whatever you are doing during your day or night.
Sounds interesting, right?
By having your Crystalline Energy Field set up day and night, you create an extra layer of energy around you that reflects back to you what you intend for yourself.  You know the saying, “You receive what you put out there”?  This helps make that happen.  It’s like singing a song to yourself all day and all night… whatever you intend, you receive in experience through your Crystalline Energy Field.

To learn more about the (and YOUR) Crystalline Energy Field, check out the next available CCT Level 1 class.  Experience it for yourself.  See what life can become when you choose to use this tool throughout your day.  Better interactions with others… more peace and harmony… deeper more restful sleep… the benefits are too endless to count.

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My experience with ‘Creating’ today…

~ Become still as your purpose aligns with what you want to create.
~ Feel a deep reverence as you realize what your creation can become.
~ Know that what you are creating is contributing to your life’s mission.
~ Integrate this new understanding to look at your creation through all perspectives.
~ Become empowered as you own your purpose and let it radiate through your creation.
~ Move into your heart and feel the love you have for your creation before you release it to the world.
~ Be open to how your creation will interact with the world.
~ Know that you are safe in what you create if you align your actions with your highest values and stay consistent.
~ Feel a deep sense of appreciation as you watch your creation inspire others.
~ Honor your divine gifts and purpose by using them appropriately, which protects yourself and others.
~ Let your creation move out into the world, knowing that it will continue to evolve.
~ Allow what you’ve learned to radiate out to the world, and responsibly receive your needs from the collective.
~ Receive the serenity of accomplishment and know that you are growing into the next cycle of Creating.

(Written in part with the CCT 13 Steps of Creation Fruit of Life Soul Chart Process)

2016-05-31 Creating

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Crying Eye with World

Are you sick and tired of all the violence beset on this world from terrorist and radical organizations, and disenfranchised and disconnected individuals?? I know I am!  The earth has changed, but there are many who are not transforming with it. It is high time we move into a better and more loving world.


One of the reasons I have devoted my life to an energy modality like Crystalline Consciousness Technique (CCT) is because I want to DO something about this problem. At first, I primarily used the tools available through the Crystalline Consciousness Academy to help myself and individuals around me. I then started to work with larger groups of people, and now, I’m working with world-wide groups. And… YOU CAN TOO!


Available for the next month or so, YOU can learn a stripped-down version of CCT in an accelerated way from the comfort of your own home, AND you can participate in helping to shift these radical groups and individuals into alignment with GROWTH and Harmony, not death and destruction.  The Earth has transformed, but there are many groups and individuals who are severely lagging behind and are resisting change and growth.  As a ‘Citizen of the Planet’, you have the power to help effectively change the climate of the world we live in.


The great news about this Homestudy program? YOU get to decide what you spend on it! For the next month or so, simply make a donation and get the information you need to learn and work with a basic-level introduction of the first two levels of CCT, AND learn how to participate in shifting the negative actions and reactions of terrorist and hurtful activist groups around the world.




To make your donation and get more information about this incredible offer, go to:


This Homestudy WILL be available in the future, but it will ONLY be available on a donation-basis til the end of December.  Do not wait!!
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Why should I choose Crystalline Consciousness?
FB Class Image 4

What is the benefit?
How does it work?

There are many energetic healing modalities out there… you could spend lifetimes learning them all.  I’ve had quite a bit of experience with the array of options available, but the one that I focus my attention on is called Crystalline Consciousness.  “Why?” you ask?  Well I’ll tell ya!

Every energetic healing modality comes from some place… most of the time, it comes from personal interaction and someone’s own power/energy/knowledge…. i.e. somebody uses their own energy to help someone else.  Other modalities draw on energy from the world around us… i.e. somebody taps into energy around them and either focuses it, manipulates it, or works with it to help someone else.

Crystalline Consciousness falls into the second category.  But here’s what makes it unique… Crystalline Consciousness Energy exists in the 12th dimension, and is the only energy to do so!  So when you choose to work with it, some amazing things happen.

First, you need an outline and structure to work with energy this high… this is where the technique of Crystalline Consciousness Technique comes in.  Crystalline Consciousness Technique is the BEST technique on the planet to work with Crystalline Consciousness Energy.  For more than a decade now, a dedicated team of practitioner’s and experts have devoted their lives to developing this technique, and continue to work with it to make it the BEST it can possibly be.  I was lucky to join this team in the last 5 years, and I LOVE watching how Crystalline Consciousness shapes itself to suit humankind’s needs every day, and how we use the technique to bring out the best of it.  There is NO other energetic modality out there that has a consistent and persistent studying and tweaking as CCT does, and to my knowledge, no other energy modality works with energy in the 12th dimension.

Second, when you choose to work with Crystalline Consciousness Energy through the technique of CCT, an AMAZING thing happens… because we are here on the planet in the 3rd dimension, AND choosing to work with energy that is located in the 12th dimension, the partnership that we create between these two ‘places’, and through EVERY one of our selves in each dimension, shifts every aspect of ourselves in each of those dimensions.  So… instead of working with only ‘part’ of ourselves, we are choosing to work with every single part of ourselves, which in turn makes our transformation(s) so much more powerful than anything we’ve experienced on this planet to date.

Lastly, CCT works with what is called the ‘3 Phases of Transformation’.  As I’ve mentioned in other blog posts, the 3 Phases of Transformation is the most powerfully transformative process on the planet.  In the first phase, you connect to a new potential of healing… you release fears around transforming and moving forward, and prepare yourself for the transformation you’re about to go through.  In the second phase, you release the trauma that’s being held in your body, mind, energetic or spiritual body, or all of them, and bring in your intention to move forward.  The third phase is like hitting ‘save’ on your computer after typing out a document… it ensures that you don’t go back from where you just came.

There are many more reasons why I choose to work with Crystalline Consciousness, and I’ll be sharing them in future blog posts.  If you like what you just read and would like to receive direct notification of future blog posts, be sure to subscribe to my blog at the top of the page.  You can also e-mail me at

With Love and Crystalline Light!

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I am BIG on having my own choices and free will.  Anyone who knows me for even a short period of time knows that I do NOT like to have my Free Will & Choice taken away from me… Heaven help the poor soul’s who try!  =)

For a long time, I didn’t feel like I had much to choose from in life.  I’m pretty empathic… Being empathic means that you pick up on the thoughts and emotions (specifically emotions) of people around you.  If someone is happy, you’re happy.  If someone is sad, you’re sad.  Angry, you’re angry, etc.  Life is hard for empathics… when I was in school, I would pick up on the frustrations and tribulations of my school mates.  I almost failed my freshman year of high school because I couldn’t concentrate and used almost all of my energy for protection.  If that isn’t having your Free Will & Choice taken away, I don’t know what is!

The other thing I noticed was that I could not Contribute in the way in which I wanted (and sometimes needed) to… Because I was overwhelmed all the time, I couldn’t participate in the things I wanted to participate in.  I was fairly athletic, but I would get exhausted all the time, and thus stayed out of sports for most of my teen years.  It is SO frustrating to not be able to participate at the level I knew I was capable of.

But then came Crystalline Consciousness Technique (CCT).  Someone suggested I look at this ‘energy modality’ as a way to fix the problem that I still had as an adult.  And boy has it changed my life!  Not only did it help me discern what were “MY” feelings compared to everyone else’s, but I was finally able to participate in life at the level I knew I could!  I was finally able to choose my own thoughts, feelings, actions and reactions around everyone else, but I could Contribute day in and day out and not get tired from using all of my energy to defend myself.

The biggest thing I noticed?…..   CELEBRATION!  I was finally able to Celebrate my accomplishments, my incredible-ness, and my ability to choose what was right and not right for me.  No longer did I fall and fail trying to make myself ‘do good’… It came with grace and ease, and I haven’t looked back.

If this sounds like you, if you’ve had similar experiences, the CCT Level 1 class is for you!  This class teaches you how to set up what is called a ‘Crystalline Energy Field’, which is a container of energy that supports and protects your own personal energy.  You learn how to set up your Crystalline Energy Field for yourself, AND you learn how to set up a ‘Group’ Crystalline Energy Field for the groups of people you are around on a daily basis.  And the best part… once you take the class, you can use this tool every day for the rest of your life, which means you get daily support for your own wants and needs in life!

The next class is Saturday, September 5, 2015.  The cost is only $125, and it includes a free followup class on October 7th, 2015.  There are only three more opportunities to take this class in 2015… Saturday, November 21st, Wednesday, December 9th, and Saturday, December 12th.  Sign up at today!

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If you knew that you have the power to create a life for yourself that is happy and fulfilling, what would you do?  Would you OWN it?  Would you wake up every morning motivated to make the most of everything you experienced throughout the day?  Would you create, love, appreciate, give, cherish, trust and inspire?  Most of us would say “Yes!”, but that’s not always easy to DO, is it?

I believe it IS possible to take what you know and see in the world and have the power to create a better environment for yourself (and others) to live and grow in.  I have a strong calling to assist others in empowering themselves every day to be better and more positive people, happy with all the benefits of living a good and giving life.

This is the foundation for Ray of Life Healing!

Scott Profile PicHi, I’m Scott McBride, and I’m a Crystalline Consciousness Technique Master Teacher and Transformational Energy Coach.  I am drawn to transformational energy healing because I believe in the overall and inherent good in people.  I believe that you possess the power and the desire to bring about change in your own world, and thus, the larger world around you, by doing and creating good.

Ray of Life Healing is one source that you can turn to that will help you experience life in the way in which you want.  I work with a system of energy called Crystalline Consciousness, and I want to teach you how to work with it too, so you can empower and enrich your life.  Heal what you’ve been carrying with you, transform your current experience, and experience life to the fullest extent possible. 

If this resonates and you want to learn more, take the first step towards a better life and explore my site a little.  There are three main pages that I encourage you to check out: 1) The Sessions Page, 2) The Classes Page, and 3) my Blog.  Each page contains important information on what I do and how I can help YOU!

I hope you find this site inspiring and return often to see and learn more.  There will be many updates and changes, as well as new classes and blog posts.  Thank you so much for reading thus far, and feel free to send me a message and tell me what you think of the site!

With Love and Crystalline Light… Scott McBride

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