What the 2016 election has done for me…

What the 2016 election has done for me…


It has reinvigorated my drive to become as conscious as possible.  I intend to work as diligently as I can to look at all sides of situations, to understand what is happening and why, and to step out beyond my ego’s perspective so that I can fully embrace what is being asked of me.


It has reinvigorated my drive to help others become as conscious as possible too.  There are many many people out there who have the drive and intense desire to become conscious individuals, just like me.  If I can help even one of them with their goal, I’ll be happy…. Even if that one person is just me.


2016-11-09 Conscious Eye


It is helping me look at where I still have traumas from my past, not only in this lifetime but in all lifetimes, and for that, I am grateful.  What I experience when I interact with the world is a reflection of where I am and what can potentially shift for me.  This election (not just the result, but the whole election process) has helped me understand where I still have issues that need resolving.  Whenever I’m triggered emotionally, there is something there asking to be transformed.


It is helping me begin to understand Groups at a whole new level.  Groups of people have been a source of trauma for me… I’ve had a lot of traumatic experiences because I’ve been in ‘Groups’ before, and a lot of those issues are coming up now, again, asking to be shifted and transformed.  I don’t have all the pieces in place yet, but I can feel it coming in energetically.  I trust that when it all assimilates, I will have deeper understandings about how Groups work… the good, the bad, and the ugly.  Deeper understandings will help me transform how I interact with and show up in Groups, which will also help everyone else involved.


It is helping me step in to my Leadership as a Visionary and Energy Master.  I look at the world very differently than most people.  I see and read energy at a very high and masterful level, and because of this, I make decisions and choices that some or most don’t necessarily understand, but that turn out to be the right ones.  My next task is to help others step into their power and discernment.  And this election process has helped me understand where the masses are… there is much work to be done.


It is helping me understand my ego and when it is working against my intentions.  Everyone has an ego.  The ego is designed to protect us… to create a barrier between our core essence and what it perceives in the world as a threat.  Some call this an ego ‘sleeve’.  By understanding the ego, by evolving consciously to the point where I know if I’m speaking through my core essence or my ego, I can start to work WITH my ego, so that it’s not working against me or what I’m out doing in the world.


It is helping me be the kind of person I want to see and interact with.  The only thing I can control is myself.  Even in an election year, we only have perceived control of anything outside of us.  When we think, “My party won.” or “Your party lost.”, it is all temporary anyway.  Being in Groups is about the ebb and flow, the dance, of being heard and listening, of being in the majority and being in the minority.  But no matter what happens “out there”, I can still speak and act from my core essence in all things I do.  I am thankful that this election process has helped me clearly see when and where I speak through my ego and when and where I speak through my core essence.


It is helping me focus on what is important, and let go of what is not.  We have a tendency of focusing on things that are actually not important in our lives, and pretending (or believing) that they actually are.  This election has reminded me of what is important in MY life, and it is helping me re-focus on what I find important, and what I’ve just told myself is.  My health, my family, my friends, clients, teachers, life goals, etc., these are the important things to me.  I get to now let go of what I’ve though has been important and get to reconnect with what really is.  Everything is temporary anyway.

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Do you know what I love to do?  I LOVE to help individual people and groups of people move into Mastery.


What does this mean?  How do I do that?  Why do I love doing this?

Every day, we go through and experience any number of the phases of what is known as ‘The 3 Phases of Transformation’ (kind of sounds like the next Transformer’s movie title, doesn’t it?)… The 3 Phases included ‘Opening’, ‘Chaos’ (otherwise known as ‘Transformation’), and ‘Mastery’.  I am constantly writing about the 3 Phases of Transformation, where I break down each phase in several ways, so check out my other blog posts for more information!

In short, ‘Opening’ indicates the “start” of something new.  We can either choose what is in Opening for us (“I’m going to go take a cooking class.”) or Opening chooses us (“I was just laid off from my job, and now I have to go find another one.”).  ‘Chaos’, or ‘Transformation’, happens immediately after Opening, where we go through the action of whatever we were just in Opening with.  I.e. taking the cooking class, or applying to and obtaining a new job.

Here’s where we get stuck though… what happens when the second phase is overwhelming?  Or when we don’t have the tools we need to get past it?  The ‘chaos’ phase is NOT a phase you want to get stuck in!!  Yet, it happens every day.  I bet you can think of at least a dozen things that you have been stuck in the chaos phase with for some time now.  Well, this is where I can help.

I help people move into the third phase, which is called ‘Mastery’.  Mastery is the completion of the circle; the place you reach after you’ve learned, grown, obtained, etc.  How do I do this?  I use an energy technique called Crystalline Consciousness Technique (CCT), to move the “energy” of what is in chaos.  When we move (or shift) the energy of what is in chaos, Mastery is the next phase that happens.  To understand the in’s and out’s of this, I suggest you take the first two levels of CCT, so you can Master the protocol for yourself.  Once we have shifted the energy out of Chaos and into Mastery, I can also use my own gifts of keen energy-reading and discernment to help your mental body (brain) understand why you were stuck in the Chaos phase to begin with.  Is it a pattern that continually comes up?  Is it a trauma that existed from childhood?  Is it something from a past life?  Is it an agreement or belief you have?  These questions and more are what I answer for you as we move forward into Mastery.

So getting back to why I LOVE doing this… I love doing this because I love seeing people Empowered.  I love seeing people who have been in tremendous Chaos for days, weeks, months, even years, FINALLY move into Mastery.  I love seeing the relief on people’s faces when they can finally relax and Celebrate their success.  I love seeing people get answers to questions that they’ve had for years, or to questions they didn’t even know they had.  I love seeing people transform and grow and move on to bigger and better things.  I love seeing people re-connect with themselves at levels they thought were lost.

But this isn’t my intention for my life… I don’t want to be the ‘saving grace’ for everyone on the planet.  Instead, what I want to do is teach you how to work with the 3 Phases of Transformation on a daily basis so that the intense or prolonged phase of Chaos doesn’t overwhelm and exhaust you.  I want to teach you how to shift the energy BEFORE you’re in Opening, so that you can move through the Chaos phase (of whatever you’re doing) with grace and ease.  I want to teach people how to spiral this energy on a regular/daily basis so that you don’t get ‘stuck’ anymore.  I want to teach people how to evenly experience every phase so that one is not dominate over another.  When you can Master the 3 Phases of Transformation, you Master working with energy, and you can move into Mastery throughout your whole life.

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