Expressing Your Creative Purpose – April 2, 2016

Do you struggle to “hear your own voice”?
Does the noise and chaos of the outer world make you feel like you’re drowning?
Do you want to be able to wake up every day and focus on what YOU want to focus on?
Unable to FocusI used to be unable to focus in life. To be honest, I never even knew why I couldn’t, I just knew that “life was hard” for some reason. Things wore me out VERY easily… I was tired all the time, I didn’t want to do much, and even though I had a job and was going to school, the effort it took to do all of that left me wanting to sleep constantly. I started to be really affected by other people too… If I was around people too much, I would retreat inward and not participate in conversations and events. I kept realizing that I would rather spend all my time at home in my “nest”, rather than out “being social”.
But then, I stumbled across a class that changed all of that… I didn’t realize it for some time after I took it, but slowly and surely, life started to change. The class I’m talking about is (now) called “Expressing Your Creative Purpose”. We all have a “purpose” for being here, BUT… If we’re struggling to express it, as I was, it can be exhausting! And not only exhausting… I was getting downright jaded and pessimistic about EVERYTHING! That’s what happens when we’re not able to express our own unique voice. Imagine knowing that you have a voice, but feeling like everyone around you is keeping you from speaking… I bet ANYONE would feel more than frustrated!
I now teach this class, because it has helped me grow and express myself in ways that I couldn’t even imagine! And  because I know what it feels like to be pushed to the side by life, I want to help people who experience this to find their source of empowerment too!
If what I’ve said makes sense to you… if you, even sometimes, feel this way too… lets have a conversation about how this class can help you! Don’t stand by and watch life pass you by… Take one small step towards your life’s goals and schedule a free phone consultation with me.  Find out how this amazing tool can help you grow and express yourself without disruption!
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