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Refund/Cancellation Policies

Your Spiritual Free Will and Choice is honored in each and every area of Ray of Life Healing.  Here is a detailed refund and cancellation policy for Study Programs, Classes, and Sessions/Charts.  Below is our Privacy and Security Policy.


Study Programs

If at any point throughout the Become An Empowered Being, Expanding Your Empowerment for Core Transformation, or Mastering Transformation Study Courses you would like to stop participating in the program, you may do so.  However, depending on your drop date, there may be additional monies owed before receiving a credit for the remainder of the program.  Alternatively, you may receive a refund if you have overpaid for services rendered.

Each payment plan is designed to spread out the cost of the classes and individual sessions over the course of the program.  If you have already taken classes or received sessions, or both, that part of the program will be not be refundable.

If you decide to stop the program before your end date, you will be e-mailed a detailed list of what components you utilized and what components you did not, along with a breakdown of the prices of each.  Depending on what has been paid for and what services have been rendered at the time of your drop date, you may owe additional funds to bring the account to a ‘zero’ balance, or you may be owed money back.  The amount due or credit owed is fully dependent on the classes you’ve taken and sessions you’ve utilized at the time you decide to stop the program.

All deposits are non refundable, unless your application for the program is denied for some reason, in which case your deposit will be returned 100% refunded.  All deposits are used to cover the cost of the manuals you receive.  You will not receive a refund for returned manuals.  Your balance (positive or negative) will be based on the balance due after the deposit is made at the start of your program.



All deposits for classes must be received before the ‘deadline to register’ date.  You may receive a full refund for an individual class deposit only if you cancel before the first scheduled day of class (including webinars).  If you cancel after the first scheduled day of class (including webinars), your deposit will not be refunded, but can be used for a future or upcoming class.

All classes must be paid for in full before the first scheduled day of class (including webinars).  If full payment for a class has not been received before the first scheduled day of class (including webinars), you will be ineligible to take the class, but your deposit can be used for a future or upcoming class.

If you choose to not attend a future or upcoming class that you were ineligible for due to non-payment for the remaining balance, your deposit will not be refunded, even if you return you return your manual.

If for some reason you are dis-satisfied after taking a class, you may receive a refund for any monies paid, minus your initial deposit, even if you return your manual.  Any sessions or activations received during class will be nullified, and the material learned will not work as it is intended.



All sessions and CCT Soul Charts must be paid for prior to receiving the session or chart.  If you cancel your appointment prior to it’s scheduled date, you may receive a full refund.  You may also choose to postpone or reschedule your session or chart for a future date… there is no additional charge for this option.

If for some reason you are dis-satisfied with a chart or session that you receive, you will receive a 50% refund for any monies paid, and your session or chart will be nullified.

If you have any questions about a cancellation or refund policy listed above, please call me at (419) 705-5384 or e-mail me at Scott@RayofLifeHealing.com.


Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to us. We do not sell, give away or distribute any personal information in any way.  All web servers track basic information about their visitors. This information includes, but is not limited to, IP addresses, browser details, timestamps and referring pages. None of this information can personally identify specific visitors to this site. The information is tracked for routine administration and maintenance purposes only.

If you choose to fill out your information into one of our ‘Contact Us’ or ‘Comments’ forms, you may receive a call back or e-mail regarding your inquiry.  Again, any information you share via one of these forms will not be sold or given to any third party, and will only be used to contact you about your inquiry.


Our site utilizes a standard technology called “cookies” to collect information about how this site is used. Passive Information gathered may include the date and time of visits, the site pages viewed, time spent at this site, the sites visited just before and just after this site. Passive Information is collected on an aggregate basis without any association to your personal information so that you remain anonymous. If you do not wish to transmit “cookie” information about yourself, you may turn off the cookie function in your web browser; please consult the “Help” section of your browser to correctly do so. We use Passive Information to gather information about our users and to enhance and design this site to make it easier, faster and friendlier to use. Additionally, cookies help LVFD Inc know information about how many people visit this site, when they visit and how they use this site. We do not connect any of this information to your personal information or email address.

Opting Out

If, at any time, you wish to cancel your subscription to the blog(s) or e-mail subscription(s), you may do so.  An unsubscribe button is available on all e-mail subscriptions, and to cancel your subscription to any blog, please e-mail us at Scott@RayofLifeHealing.com, and you will be removed immediately.

Security Policy

We use 128 bit SSL encryption technology, on secure, high encryption credit card processing servers to process credit card transactions.  For you this means that your credit card information cannot be stolen, hacked or anything else. It is 100% safe. We do not store your account or banking information.



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