Basic Level Classes and Programs



Become An Empowered Being

‘Become An Empowered Being’ is a nine-month study program. It includes CCT Levels 1, 2, and Expressing Your Creative Purpose, as well as 6 Individual Sessions, plus 9+ video tutorials ranging on a variety of topics. This program is great if you want to learn the basic transformational healing protocol for yourself and others, as well as learn how to integrate the 3 Phases of Transformation into your daily life.



CCT Level 1

“Awaken to Your Energetic Self”

CCT Level 1 is a great introductory class in which you learn about energy and the differences between electromagnetic energy and crystalline energy. The world has been based in electromagnetic energy for a long time, but Crystalline Energy is here to help take humanity to the next level of being.



Expressing Your Creative Purpose Button

“What Are You Here To Do?”

Expressing Your Creative Purpose is one of my favorite tools to use for myself. It helps me tune out the outside world so that I can focus on what I want to create. It helps me tap in to my creativity and purpose so that I can bring out whatever is waiting in me to be expressed. If you are a highly gifted ‘creative’-type person, this class is for you. If you don’t consider yourself creative at all, this class is for you. If you’d like to connect with your creativity in a deeper, stronger, way, this class is for you!



CCT Level 2

“Discover the Map of Transformation”

If there is one class I could recommend, it would be this class. This class helps you step into alignment with what are known as the 3 Phases of Transformation. These 3 Phases are what nature uses to grow and transform. Humans have gotten away from the natural flow of growth, which results in disorganized and unharmonious energy. Using the protocol learned in this class, you can re-connect with the natural flow and rhythm of growth and harmony.



CCT Level 1 and 2 Combined

This class option allows you to roll both CCT Levels 1 and 2 together into one class, for your own personal use. You can begin working with the powerful transformation protocol right away!





Intermediate Level Classes and Programs



Expanding Your Empowerment for Core Transformation

This is the second study program offered by Scott and Ray of Life Healing. This program combines both CCT Levels 3 & 4 (as well as audits of any CCT class), 6 Individual Sessions, and 9+ video tutorials on a variety of topics. This program is recommended for those who have taken the first study program (Become An Empowered Being), but is not a requirement. Anyone who has taken CCT Levels 1 & 2 is eligible for enrollment in this program.



CCT Level 3

“Arising to Crystalline Consciousness”

CCT Level 3 is a really fun class for many reasons. First, you learn what is known as the ‘Advanced Protocol’ for healing and transformation. Second, you get to work with some amazing CCT Soul Charts, which increases your ability to understand and transform very complex situations and circumstances. Third, using the tools in CCT Level 3 helps you work over longer periods of time, which results in stronger and deeper healing and transformation.



CCT Level 4

“Integrating the Crystalline System”

CCT Level 4 is a really powerful class. In it, you learn how to work with Kundalini energy via the body’s sacrum, the bone and energy center located at the base of the spine. The sessions learned in this class are powerful in that they take long standing chronic issues and transform them into greater levels of living and being. The sessions in this class are done as a series of sessions, which all work together for a tremendous transformation.





Advanced Level Classes and Programs



Master of Transformation Button

‘Becoming a Master of Transformation’ is the third study program offered by Scott and Ray of Life Healing. Participants in this program get to take CCT Levels 5 & 6, along with audits of any of the prior CCT classes. You also get 6 Individual Sessions, and 9+ video tutorials on a variety of topics. You do not need to have taken any of the prior study programs to be considered into this program… the only requirement is that you’ve taken CCT Levels 1-4.



CCT Level 5 Button

“The Golden Spiral”

CCT Level 5 is an amazing class, in which you start to become what is called a ‘Master of Transformation’. The class focuses on aligning energy and transformation to what is known as ‘The Golden Spiral’ (also known as the Fibonacci Sequence, The Golden Mean, and The Golden Ratio).



CCT Level 6 Button

“New Group Systems”

CCT Level 6 steps out beyond the individual person or animal and focuses primarily and exclusively with couples and groups of people. Groups include 3 or more people, who come together to enhance and work cohesively to attain common goals or interests… unless they don’t! This class looks at groups and uses the culmination of the information learned in the prior 5 classes to work at a Group Level. If you are a fan of being in groups of people, but don’t like all the ‘bureaucracy’ that comes with them, this class is a great class for you!





Crystalline Family Classes



Crystalline Family Class Button

The Crystalline Family Class is a class designed for parents of children who are anywhere from pre-birth to adolescents. Learn the basic CCT protocol and how to work with your children, to support them as they grow and mature. Your child is Crystalline… know how to help them release traumas, perform better at school, and communicate with them in an amazing way!



Crystalline Animal Class Button

Some of us do not have children, or our children are already grown. BUT! We have animal companions that we get to nurture and take care of (when they’re not taking care of us!). This class teaches you the basic protocol for working with your pets, to support them as they grow and mature. Help them release traumas, connect with them at a deeper level, and communicate with them in an amazing way!





Reiki Classes



Reiki I

Reiki energy works with what is called ‘Universal Life Force Energy’. it is an electro-magnetic based energy healing modality that funnels the infinite energy around us and directs it to specific spots for healing and restoration. In this class, you learn how to work with yourself and others using Reiki energy.




Reiki II


The Reiki II class builds on the foundation created with the Reiki I class. Learn how to do a Reiki healing session on someone who is far away (Distance healing session), as well as learning and practicing how to work with emotional traumas and patterns.




Reiki III


Reiki III is the Master Level training provided by Scott and Ray of Life Healing. In this class, you become a Reiki Master, which gives you the ability to attune others in Reiki. We discuss what it means to be a teacher, how to help students (in addition to clients), and how to give Reiki attunements.





Other Classes and Programs



These programs are currently in development. More information will be available soon!


Shifting From Ego to Soul Perspective


Finding Your Spiritual Gifts and Soul Purpose


For more information on CCT, visit the national website at:



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