{Expressing Your Creative Purpose] When I first took the Expressing Your Creative Purpose class, I wasn't sure what to expect. I took it because I enjoyed every other Crystalline Consciousness Technique class that I had taken, and wanted to experience this class and learn about this tool as well. I was utterly amazed at what I learned... I had no idea how much I wasn't using my creative energies! I thought I was pretty creative but I didn't have any clue that I could access such a higher potential of myself, and create from that level. I've taken every level of CCT, but the Expressing Your Creative Purpose protocol is one that I use EVERY day of my life, because it helps me that much. Things that I do in life are easy! I find tremendous amounts of joy in every moment. I access my Spiritual Gifts in ways I could only have ever dreamed of, and am surprised every day how this tool works with me. Expressing Your Creative Purpose is my favorite CCT tool, and I believe it is a tool that EVERY person on the planet should have.

-- Collin W.,
Asheville, NC

[Expressing Your Creative Purpose] I am so happy I have taken the CCT Level 1 and especially Expressing Your Creative Purpose classes again! The guided meditation was amazing… I want to thank you so very much and in case you didn’t know your spiritual gifts keep growing and there are no limits! I can’t say enough about CCT and the Blessings that the energy brought into my life...and will continue to. Since the meditation and setting up my Expressing Your Creative Purpose session… I am feeling great and taking care of myself. Since that meditation… I just KNOW EVERYTHING will be ALRIGHT… better than alright. I know and feel so strong that I am on my path. I so get it!! I believe that manifesting will become less difficult because I am letting go of attachments to “junk” and the outcome. Wow!! This is everything I have read in books, on webinars, on TV, yet now I truly feel it and I owe it all to CCT. Thank you so much for listening to your higher self and guides, because the brighter your light shines the more we all benefit. That is one thing I learned in the meditation... my light will only help not hinder others. I actually saw the time you were trying to explain to me, that it is not linear. I see that and accept that! I see that the potential for All of us is limitless... we are all one. Thanks again!

-- Michelle M.,
Toledo, OH

Dear Scott, This thank you is overdue! I’ve been assimilating all the energy work from these last two sessions and noticed so much aligning with my purpose! It makes me smile just thinking of it. I feel I can handle things with a confident approach whereas before I could be upset and react out of frustration knowing it was not true to my nature. CCT has really help me align with my purpose, even though I was not sure exactly what my purpose was or how to describe it. You have really helped me with clarity, focus, technique and most of all assimilation- the rest just falls into place.

-- Juli S.,
Temperance, MI

I was going through a week of absolute chaos the week before my CCT session with Scott. Even my environment was falling apart around me. After working with Scott I was immediately grounded and filled with a new found sense of clarity and poise. The very next day I manifested $1,500! Plus, a deal that I thought was completely dead in the water contacted me today and gave me the go ahead! He is absolutely incredibly amazing!!! It has been three days since my session with Scott and I feel like a new person. I can not even imagine facing these struggles without his work and guidance. His assistance was crucial to turning my situation around. Thank you Scott!!!!

-- Amanda T.,
Toledo, OH

Scott is very giving. He likes to be able to share his strengths with others, as he grows and recognizes he realizes these gifts in himself. He understands his direction and can help others with their needs for balance and calmness plus clarity in their lives. As he works in his chosen modality he brings forward new insight to his friends and their perspective on themselves. Reiki and CCT are both valuable tools and Scott can use both to free you and/or bring you into a deeper understanding of yourself, so you can appreciate your gifts more fully. He is talented, gifted and a very caring professional who I highly recommend.

-- Cathy S.,
Perrysburg, Ohio

WOW! Where to begin... A couple of interests allowed Scott McBride's life path to cross mine. I am thankful. For the first time I understand what the name "healer" means from the olden days. I had gone to experience Scott's practice to learn what it was about, after the first time I met him. It was interesting. I experienced a couple realizations. Nothing earth shattering. The second visit was another teaching session for me still trying to grasp the concept of energy work coming from a traditional medicine background. I followed his instructions faithfully. Then as I set my third appointment I was hurting in all ways. I felt mentally ill. We talked. He asked questions. He did some thorough explaining, which I need because I am new to holistic healing. The session took 2 hours in total. I relaxed comfortably on a table made up like a bed. It was cozy. There was no pain associated with this practice. He did his practice and my small part was to relax and state my intentions. Which he had worked on with me prior to his work. The difference in me afterwards was incredible. The prior feelings of anguish and mental illness were gone. The experience of my life now was opposite from the way I was feeling when I had called to make the appointment. This experience rocked my world. I had been mentioning how I was feeling to others, looking for answers, but without receiving any understanding or suggestions. Then I thought of Scott! Scott is a Healer and I am thankful...I was miserable and now I am even better than I ever have been before. A healing blessing!

-- Catherine F.,
Columbus, OH




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