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I absolutely LOVE animals. Chances are, if you clicked on this page, you like them too! Animals, specifically our pets, represent the innocent part of ourselves; the part that we wish we could share with the world always, and in all ways. We see in them the love that they return back to us, and we want to protect and help them as much and as often as we can.


“Each animal operates with their own type of perception to the world.

To understand them is to view the world through their eyes.”


This relationship is not always an actuality though. Through a wide array of situations and circumstances, animals can have odd quirks and/or characteristics that can affect how they interact with the world. Sometimes the ‘quirks’ can be harmful or dangerous; other times they can cause the animal to be scared or run away. If you ever noticed an animal that seems different… can’t stop barking at strangers; pee’s on the rug or carpet; chews up the furniture or clothing; has an odd physical ailment; seems overly… aggressive, needy, shy, etc.;
these are all things that can affect your relationship with your animal.


Puppy, Kitten, Gerbil


Animals can’t use the English language to tell you what’s wrong with them. They use other forms of communication, such as: eye contact; using their paws or feet to move something or get your attention; auditory cues like barking, meowing, chirping, etc.; body language, such as ears pinned back, growling, purring or nuzzling; some animals even use forms of telepathy to communicate. Usually when we perceive something as being “wrong” with our animal companions, there is some form of communication that will help us understand what is going on beneath the surface.


The Crystalline Animal Class is the perfect class to work with your pets and other animals in a completely new way. We will activate and develop what is called your ‘Crystalline Animal Family’. The relationship(s) you will develop with your animal(s), even if it’s already a great one, will enhance and deepen as you study and use the tools provided. Crystalline Animals are very gifted at psychic, heart, and creative levels; operate best in high vibrational containers with ordered and organized energy; very sensitive to environmental changes; and become healing and teaching animals. The following is a list of benefits that YOU will receive by taking this class:


–Have a Crystalline Energy System and know how to work with it–

–Communicate with your animals via the Crystalline Energy Field–

–Set up Crystalline Energy Fields for protection, connection, and communication–

–Create effective Intentions for your family and animals–

–Muscle Testing, which helps you understand what your pet is communicating and what you can do to help them–

–Use Sacred Geometry Healing Chambers to heighten and quicken healing from traumas, surgeries, or other issues–

–Deepen your animal communication skills–

–Introduce new animals to your Crystalline Animal Family quickly and easily–


Long Pic


If you are interested in developing your family as a Crystalline Animal Family, and want to learn the healing and communication protocol taught, sign up for the next class below!




Saturday, February 22, 2020
Deadline to Register: Sunday, February 16

9:30am – 4:00pm EST





Payment Options


Cost: $250 for one ‘pet parent’

$350 for two ‘pet parents’


Already taken this class and want to audit it? ($75)



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