Energetic Traumas

Crystalline Consciousness Technique can sometimes be a difficult concept to grasp… there is nothing physically tangible to describe.  If I held up a basketball, for instance, you could describe it to someone fairly easily… it is spherical; it is approximately 14″ in diameter; it is orange in color; it has dimples around the entire outer surface; it is made out of rubber and has black rubber lines running around it; you can bounce it on the ground and throw it through a hoop that is suspended up in the air; and so on.  Describing something that has a physical presence in the world is easy to do, because you’re using your 5 senses to describe it and essentially ‘judge’ it against other things you know.  But how do you describe something you can’t see, touch, smell, taste or hear?

One of my gifts is being able to explain CCT in a way that is easy to understand.  This blog post is intended to help you understand how energetic traumas ‘appear’ and how CCT helps release them!

In order to explain how energetic traumas show up in your body, mind, emotions, etc., I must first establish a ‘control’ of sorts, that will help you understand the energetics.  When someone wants to build a house, they have an architect draw up the blueprints of the house first.  The blueprints help to lay out the floor plan, ensure stability, allow proper flow, lighting, heating and a/c, amongst many other things.  Without the blueprint, you technically could build the house, but the likelihood that mistakes and issues would happen would astronomically go up, and if the house was ever successfully built, it would probably not last as long as if you had planned it out a little at first.

Blog Post - Energetic Traumas


Now that we have established that baseline understanding, I want you to imagine that you have a set of blueprints yourself, which are the instructions that determine what makes you YOU.  But instead of it being just a few blueprints (like most houses have), your ‘set’ of blueprints looks more like an Operations Manual!  The blueprints necessary to bring you in to ‘form’ (your body) are WAY more complicated and intricate than what could fit on a few pages. 


So, when you experience a traumatic experience (an Energy Trauma), one or more of the pages (blueprints) in your proverbial Operations Manual develops a set of instructions that cause you operate in a negative or ‘traumatic’ way.  Whenever you come face to face with this page, you react the same way each time because that is what the instructions say!  Over the course of time, you will make little addendum’s and subtractions and slowly change the ‘formula’ that’s written out, but it takes a really long time to officially make a major change.  This is exactly what Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder is… it is a page in your Operations Manual that says “When (this) happens, I react in (this) way.”  It can be as broad as “When ‘life’ happens, I am depressed.” or as acute as, “When someone yells at me, I run away and hide.” or “When I hear what sounds like gun shooting, I hit the floor.”

When you receive a CCT session, you get to do something MUCH different than slowly update your pages…  When you receive a CCT session, you get to rip out the page or pages (blueprint(s)) that are no longer serving you, and insert a new page with the written instructions of what you want, need, or intend in your life.  You essentially can re-write your Operations Manual!  Exciting, isn’t it?!

One of the things you learn in the ‘Become An Empowered Being’ study course is how you can release these Energetic Traumas and re-write your ‘Operations Manual’ throughout the rest of your life.  You learn how to recognize when these energetic blueprints are indicating something that isn’t what you want anymore, and you have the ability to change them.  To learn more about the program, go to www.RayofLifeHealing.com/Become-An-Empowered-Being/, or call me at (419) 376-3740 and we can chat about it!

In Love and Empowering Crystalline Light,


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