Self Responsibility

Self Responsibility keeps coming up for me in my life, and it seems to be the case for a lot of people too.  I feel called to write about it now in hopes that this post may set the mood for the New Year.  I hope you find that you resonate with my words, and participate along with me!    — Scott


2013!  A New Year.  A Fresh Start.  Time to set some goals, right??  Not necessarily!  Time to set some Self Responsibility!  Too many times during this time of year, we over-set our sights on goals that are too lofty or complex to achieve (in a new years resolution kinda way).  Our preverbal eyes are too big for our Goal Lists!

So you’re probably doing one of two things right now… you’re either saying, “Not me!  I have Self Responsibility.  I don’t know what he’s talking about!”  or you’re saying, “I know a couple (other) people who could use that!”  I assure you, my statement is not meant to send you flying into defense-mode OR stress you out.  No matter where we are in our lives, we could all stand to take a moment and check in with first, what Self Responsibility truly means, and second, if we have the right amount of it in our lives.

Now, Self Responsibility does not have to have a “bad” connotation…     no, indeed!  Self Responsibility is a wonderful way of grounding yourself; it has a very centered energy to it.  It can be strong and stable and sure-footed.  When you are accountable for your own actions as often as possible, the more stable your energy is, the more you can recognize, and then satisfy, your own needs, and give others the opportunity to satisfy their own.

First, what does Self Responsibility truly mean?  You might first think about “doing things we’re ‘supposed’ to do”, or that we eat, dress, bathe, clean, work, have friends, etc. and we’re “responsible” people when we can do all of these things successfully.  Well, this is only part of my view of the whole vibration of Self Responsibility.  There are many levels of Self Responsibility that you need to look at, and when you’ve mastered one level, it’s important you keep going!

When I look at the vibration of Self Responsibility, I see a deep level of stability that helps us keep our heads on straight during all of those things we do in lives.  I see that the most important level of Self Responsibility is when we FULLY own ALL of our emotional, mental and energetic responses.  I see us being responsible for our soul’s needs, our soul’s purpose… those deep, embedded spiritual morés that govern our conscience.  Too many times we overlook the deeper levels of Self Responsibility and convince ourselves that we are “self-responsible” because of the above-mentioned superficial things.  But when it comes down to it, our ONLY responsibility when it comes to our emotional, physical, spiritual and energetic well-being is to ourselves, and to ourselves alone.  Part of living fully in the vibration of Self Responsibility is releasing our attachment that we can (and should) be responsible for other people’s total well-being, as well as, or instead of, our own.

Now is the best time for you to start setting some strong intentions for self responsibility.  Just start to be aware when you neglect your own needs in lieu of others…  Is it your responsibility or is it theirs?  Are you doing something because it “will make (somebody) happy”, or are you doing something because it fulfills YOU too?  Is it a real responsibility, or have you written a contract you shouldn’t?


Tell me what you think!  =)

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